From the Desk of John Rourke – January 13th, 2015

I have had a heck of a time finding cell phone chargers that will work with all the different phones that are in my family. I bought some off eBay but they worked for a short time and then crapped out. I ordered one off Amazon a few weeks ago and so far it works great. In fact – it has a 2.1 amp port which will charge devices twice as fast as most normal chargers. My wife loves it.

The other issue we have had are the cables themselves. The eBay ones have not worked well at all. Again – on Amazon – I ordered a cable for my wife’s iPhone 5 and it has worked great. Both the charger and the cable were more expensive than the cheaper ones but they work. BTW – wouldn’t be so much of a problem but both my boys keep loosing them.

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I have not watched  NBA basketball since Jordan retired – for the second time. There were some incredible teams players back then. For those old enough to remember – the Dream Team was just incredible to watch.

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Reality Check: I am not a very good shot. Every gun I own is capable of far more accuracy than I. Maybe it is my aging eyes.

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Remember “Cash for Clunkers”? In the end it cost $1.4 million dollars for every job created. Wonderful.

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I will be finalizing the judging of this last Survival & Preparedness Guest Post Writing COntest this weekend.

Anyone have a favorite?

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Remember – Redundancy is buying two cases of beer instead of one.


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  1. I agree the Dream team was a dream to watch. The older I get the less sports that I watch and the less I care about the overpaid jocks! Think my aging eyes see differently than they once did. Thanks and Keep Looking UP

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