From the Desk of John Rourke – January 12th, 2015

American Sniper” will hit theaters Saturday. Can’t wait.

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VA wants personal information in order to get “free” gun locks. Wonderful.

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Polymer AR lowers. I know – traditional folks will scoff at the idea. Change is difficult and back in the 80’s when Glock first brought to market their “plastic pistol” people laughed. Laughing now? It works. An AR lower is certainly a different entity. They are becoming more and more popular and problems have been few. The reality is the lower receiver does not undergo very much stress – compared  to the upper.

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I think the idea that we “survivalists” should only stock up on common calibers has been proven less than ideal. In fact – it may be advantageous to have firearms NOT in common calibers as those less-common calibers will be more plentiful when there is a sudden increased demand on ammunition. Just reflect back after Sandy Hook – no .22LR but .22 Magnum was plentiful.

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Just want to say “Thank You” to Burton and Samantha who sent me donations. Appreciate your helping keep MSO going.


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  1. Guys, Ive been building AR’s from 80% lowers for the past 8 years. The polymer ones looked attractive to me too because they are much faster to finish then the traditional aluminum lowers. You can literally finish one in under an hour if your know what youre doing, as opposed to about 3 hours work on an aluminum one. That said, me and a friend decided to give a couple of them from ARES a try. They did finish off easily and nicely with the jig but neither of them held up. One lasted about 1200 rounds, and the second one lasted about 700 rounds. Both broke in the exact same place: by the rear take down pin and the top of the receiver just in front of the stock mount. The second failure was nasty and sent the bolt flying past my buddies face. Could have been a real mess had his face been just a little more to the right. Now there is a company called James Madison Tactical who claims to sell a re-inforced lower that does not brake at that point. But seeing a bolt go flying past my buddies face, would I be tempted to try one? Hell no. I’ll stick to the aluminum ones. I have a hard time trusting the polymer ones with my safety let alone in a battle / crisis situation. I would urge you to stick with the aluminum ones. Rumor has it theyre going to be outlawed alltogether in the forseeable future as our “ghost guns” have even been on a documentary on NatGeo. So, Id say stock up now. I personally have 6 on hand and plan to buy and finish some more as these could become quite valuable if there is ever another assault weapons ban.

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