From the Desk of John Rourke – Ferguson Verdict

As  I type this I am watching the announcement of the Grand Jury verdict finding that there was not sufficient evidence to charge Officer Wilson with a crime in shooting Michael Brown.

Police in riot gear pouring out of the building in preparation of rioting/violence/whatever. I suspect it will be a long night in Ferguson and I hope peaceful. The Grand Jury heard the facts and next to Officer Wilson are the best positioned to make a decision on what really happened. For what it is worth I accept their decision.

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So far I have received very few entries to the current MSO Guest Post Writing Contest. The contest will continue through December 31st.  If you have something you would like to write about feel free. You might just win some awesome prizes.

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This relentless attack on Bill Cosby makes me sick. He might be guilty. He might be innocent. What I do know is he is one of the most beloved actors of my lifetime and currently is living in his twilight years. It is amazing that ALL of these women wait decades to come forward to say something. Look at Janice Dickerson. A washed up “supermodel” who was supposedly drugged and raped by Bill Cosby decades ago – and she never told anyone. No one. Not one single person. Possible? I guess. Likely? No. Like I said he may be guilty – but based on the “evidence” thus far I will consider him innocent until proven otherwise.

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Marion Barry dies at 78. Good riddance you crooked, crack smoking, corrupt politician.

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I recently spotted a new pistol I had never seen before – called the Strike One. Looks pretty interesting. Video reviews show it to be very reliable, accurate – and inexpensive.



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  1. FERGUSON = I found it interesting that as soon as the announcement of “NO ENDICTMENT” was made that network news immediately went back to the previously scheduled programming. The online live streaming broadcast, however, remained on the announcement while they detailed the evidence and such that the Grand Jury had used to come to their conclusion. Having experienced similar events (on a smaller scale) in 2001 Los Angeles, I was watching for the impending indicators of trouble. Those being the people who had no interest in justice and only wanted to see violence, and fear take over. In less than an hour things were already devolving, even with the National Guard already standing by. Watching police cruisers and businesses start to burn it was all very familiar. I feel for the residents of Ferguson, especially those who have been harmed in some way by those emboldened by our current administrations representatives.

  2. Around work I’ve heard “no accountability”, “can shoot anyone without fear”, etc. Anything can happen, at any time, including when the Nat. Guard is out in force, people in riot gear, etc. Lesson: always try to be prepared.

    As usual.

  3. Bullcrap, Nixon did not deploy the Guard. I live 3 hour’s from Ferguson here in Missouri. The media is full of it. I took some crap in Memphis today because of the crap. I’ll have collect my thoughts and post in a day or two.
    The media is full of it as is Gov. Nixon!!!

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