From the Desk of John Rourke – February 9th, 2015

Does anyone truly own their property anymore or are we all just allowed by the government to live wherever we are via a yearly “fee”? These fees are called taxes. Hell – same goes for a vehicle as well.

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I owned a Beretta 92 years ago. Smooth firing and 100% reliable – but I could not shoot groups for anything. Strange was my brother had a Taurus 92 and loved shooting it. Found it to be more accurate and comfortable than the Beretta. Probably just me. Really.

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I am discovering that beyond my obtaining guns for specific preparedness/defensive reasons – I just want them. More of them. All kinds of them. These days are a great time to enjoy the freedom most of us have to own what we want. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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I have never been a big fan of horror movies. Sure – I have watched my fair share of horror movies that consist of a group of teengers at a lakeside camp and fail to just get in their car and drive away when a serial killer starts taking them out one by one. Would rather spend my time watching action and sci-fi movies.

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  1. Wife has said I am a go to buy a Springfield M1A as soon as we have the money saved…. I’ll be working a couple overtime shifts to do so. She’s excited to be obtaining my AR as soon as I get the M1a. So yea I definitely know what you mean about just wanting or having weapons.

    On I side note, I wonder if that is how a swordsman felt about blades…. Hmnnn

  2. >>>I am discovering that beyond my obtaining guns for specific preparedness/defensive reasons – I just want them. More of them.

    And that, my friends, is why we are able to tell people when they ask why we need whatever new gun, that it’s not called a Bill of Needs, but a Bill of Rights!

  3. Rourke, I also own a Baretta 92 and when I was an instructor more than one person including a young women outshot me with it. I found the grips to be to large for my hand and with the 92 there is no fix for that.

  4. I understand JR I am the same.
    If women can never have enough shoes or purses, us guys can never have enough tools or guns, IMO.
    I never cared for the Barreta 92, having qualified for it. It didn’t feel right in my hand, having a tendency to move in my palm. I preferred back in the day to carry P-35, 1911 or 1911 commander.

  5. Ralph,

    Women know best, at least yours does. That M1A is derived from the M14, our nation’s premier main battle rifle. Unless you plan to stay in dense woods or a jungle type close range environment, the larger caliber/heavier bullet will provide longer range man stopping ability. What’s more, in that dense environment, heavy bullets tend to be deflected less by a vegetative encounter. The M1A with AP ammunition will likely be fatal to someone hiding behind a tree as well, because shoot right through it, it will. What’s more the 7.62×51 NATO round is more than capable of taking any North American big game whereas that 5.56×45 just might make a big bear mad, at least long enough to literally eat your lunch.

    My wife has both a top end M4 and an FN P90. Of the two, she shoots the P90 best but understands the limitations of the anemic 5.7×28 – more so in a SBR. Me, I have those main battle rifles including two M1As.

    Given a choice between either M1A or M4, I would choose the latter however the situation you describe is optimal.


  6. Yes Rourke, the land is yours only as long as you pay your property taxes….. It’s for the greater good don’t cha know. Governments also use the tax code in never ending attempts to control what you can do with your land. Where I’m at the property taxes are ubsurdly high, but you have the option of taking a Conservation Act discount which lowers our taxes considerably. Unfortunately doing this greatly limits what we can do with our land… OUR land. Anything other than agricultural use is banned. I built a fairly we equipped welding/machine shop, it would be nice to hang a shingle and offer my services to the local farmers, not allowed. We have a rental house which we rent for a conciderable amount, though this also is not allowed. I can only assume that these are also for the greater good….

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