From the Desk of John Rourke – February 6th, 2015

How in the hell can Obama compare radical Islamic violence and terror to Christianity?

“Unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,”

Given any group of people you can find a nut or two but to even remotely suggest that ISIS is somehow related to Christianity is pathetic. Lets remember – the Crusades started over 900 years ago. We don’t need a history professor in the White House – we need a leader.

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The theme song to M.A.S.H. brings back many memories from my childhood. What a great show. It is now on Netflix and I started watching it from episode #1.

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If you have sent me an email recently and I haven’t responded please be patient as I am running way behind. I will catch up over the weekend. If you haven’t received a response by Monday please resend.

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Had a great conversation with the Operations Manager of a new company here in the States. This company manufactures awesome “illumination” products – not flashlights. These are high end products generally used in the industrial and manufacturing industry. We discussed the possibility of bringing their products to the preparedness market. I will be reviewing one of their floodlights shortly. Stay tuned!!

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Tomorrow I will be testing a new rifle I picked up and taking a few pictures. Full review coming soon.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have been so looking forward to it.

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  1. Regarding his comments regarding the crusades etc….guess we just need to consider the source. His WH confidant (a lady) is a muslim (as we understand) and his father, half-brother and probably just about all his kinfolk are muslim. He’ll not find anything good to say about Christianity. He’s hard pressed to say “God bless America” … he’d love to say “May Allah bless…” And the worst part of all of it? There’s still about 40% of our population that still ride in his chariot 🙁

  2. After watching the President’s prayer breakfast speech this morning I was left dumbfounded and dismayed. After many months of ISIS beheading and butchering people (including Americans), raping, killing and torturing women and children and just 48 hours after the world watched the video of ISIS setting a man on fire the president thought it justified to say this- “lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”- So…. I guess we should not judge ISSI’s barbaric treatment of others so harshly, after all 1000 years ago Christians did some “terrible deeds”….. This guy’s moral compass must spin like a blender set on liquefy…… and lets not bring up Islams extensive involvement in the slave trade, after all, apparently we are all somehow morally equivalent……judge not lest ye be judged to be judgmental….

    • Thanks Mr. Gault. I listened to it on the radio and could not believe the gall. He must need a wheelbarrow to carry his nads around to say the things he said n front of a group of Christians. They should have walked out.

  3. Maybe someone should let Obozo know America wasn’t a country during the Crusades or the Inquisition for that matter. He’s bordering on schitzophrenia, if not there already. It would appear he can say anything he wants to and have no qualms about it. He’s a muslim and he can’t deny it! Doesn’t want to offend other muslims. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  4. The difference between Islam and other religions is not what adherents have done in their faith’s name. Christians have certainly committed terrible acts over hundreds of years of history. Th difference is that the Bible, the core instructions of their religion, does not support any of these acts. Burning witches, pogroms against the Jews, slaughtering “heretics” over small differences in doctrine, and other such activities are not in the New Testament at all. Murder, rape, enslavement, conversion by force, are part of Islam and are specifically permitted and required in the Koran.
    There is no moral equivalency here.
    The past brutality of Christian history taught our nation’s founders the danger of letting the church become the state. Which is why they insisted on the political separation of the two. In Islam, the church is inseparably the state by the Koran and that will always lead to tyranny.

  5. Amen everyone. Mark I agree .I believe hes a Muslim .He has never attended a Christian church with his family as he didnt want to be a “distraction” No other Presidents were ever a distraction.I am not a Biblical scholar but I believe Obama is the ANTI Christ.I call the WH comment line 1-202 -456-1111 and our Senators etc. We need to use shock and awe on these evil ISIS members.The burning of this pilot and the prayer breakfast(which he refused to have the first year he was in office ) was a mockery of Christianity.

    Rourke thanks for all of your hard work.

    Everyone please pray and reach out to your representatives constantly . How dare Nancy Pelosi is organizing a boycott of PM Benjamin N.
    Who does she think she is- she represents the people not vice versa.
    Prepping is more important now then ever before. God bless us all. Arlene

  6. Rourke, A few quick thoughts, probably dis-jointed.

    Bad behavior cannot be rationalized by comparing it to other bad behavior.

    1000 years ago, all of mankind, not just religions and churches, were less civilized and more barbaric. Humanity, (and Christianity), have evolved. Islam is still in the 3rd century.

    Today, the most despicable “Christian” group I can think of is the westboro baptist church. Their actions are sick, disgusting, and follow none of Christ’s teachings I’m aware of. However as bad as they are, they have yet to behead, crucify, or immolate anyone in the name of their church.

    Loved M*A*S*H

    Have a good weekend

  7. Some people don’t know their geography.
    The “Inquisitions” were held in European countries not the USA.
    If he had a better writer he may have mention the Salem ‘Witch Trials’ instead. However, Governments, (kings or president) are the biggest threat to life and limb.
    I’ve also heard that one political party was big in the KKK.

  8. Research says that for the 400 years of the Inquisitions ( which were certainly outrageous) approx. 5 people per year were killed.
    Hmmm how many did the Radical Islamic terrorists kill in one day at the World Trade Center and How many African girls were kidnapped etc etc etc.
    I am not a biblical scholar but these times sure do seem to be representative of Armageddon and Tribulations and Obama appears to have the
    anti-Christ persona.
    Maybe with enough prayers and combined military and political efforts of Christians, Jews, non-religious moral people and good Muslims we will be able to defeat this evil enemy. Future generations are depending upon us . Arlene

  9. Eric,Obama has never to my knowledge used the name Jesus.He says he is a CHristian but I believe hes Muslim.
    We are getting hammered hard with snow and cold. Should have 18 inches by Mon night or Tues am. Its great to be stocked up when the roads are this bad.
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 45th anniversary soon.I always get him something in the sporting goods area for every special occasion.During our marriage I have bought him a few guns. So for the guy who has a lot of good stuff-in the hunting ,fishing,camping dept. please give me some suggestions please. Thanks. Arlene

  10. I’m just a random Canadian Christian who found this thread last night, some questions occurred to me last night to ask some of you:

    To James Nelson: Have you read the Koran? I have, and I don’t remember any parts where it excuses murder, rape, or conversion by force. A quote from it seems appropriate here:

    “That was why We laid it down for the Israelites that whoever killed a human being, except as a punishment for murder or other villainy in the land, shall be looked upon as though he had killed all mankind, and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as though he had saved all mankind.” – From Surah 5: The Table (N.J. Dawood translation)

    To Arlene, who said: “The burning of this pilot and the prayer breakfast(which he refused to have the first year he was in office ) was a mockery of Christianity.” You do know that the Jordanian pilot (Muath al-Kasasbeh) was a Muslim? How is his death a mockery of Christianity?

    To DesertRatJak – Muhammad was not born until approximately 570 AD, just to let you know (it would be hard for Islam to ‘be in the 3rd century’ when it wasn’t founded until hundreds of years later)

    And does everyone in this comment thread get their news exclusively from FOX?

    • Brent – you have some good points however I think you get the gist of what people are relaying.

      Here is a quote for your religion of peace which you are so aptly defending:

      Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…
      but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

  11. To Rourke: Cool, I like the fact that you quoted accurately! However, I think it is important to include the verse just previous to the one you quoted, to give context:

    “Fight for the sake of God those that fight against you, but do not attack them first. God does not love the aggressors.”

    To me it seems to be talking about defensive warfare… but I might be wrong.

    In any case, I would certainly agree with you all that ISIS are a bunch of scumbags – I am not trying to defend that particular group. But I think it is a mistake to portray the actions of radical fundamentalists as representative of the entire religion. And I would guess that was what Obama was cautioning against, by implying that it has happened and could happen with any religion. Do the Crusades or Westboro Baptist represent all of Christianity? No. Does ISIS represent all of Islam? No.

    It seems that the ‘gist of what people are saying’ is a whole lot of dislike for Obama and Muslims. So… ok, he isn’t my president so it might be inappropriate of me to comment on your dislike of him.

    You, Rourke, say “We don’t need a history professor in the White House – we need a leader.” I’m curious, what do you think Obama should do about ISIS?

    • Brent – I will tell you exactly what I think Obama and the rest of the world – including Canada – should do about ISIS:

      Kill ’em. Every single last one of them and those that help them and support them.

      I recently had a friend mention that we should not get involved in other countries problems and most often I agree. I used the analogy that if there was a house on the other side of the neighborhood and the guy living there was killing children, I suspect you would not just sit by and do nothing.Minding your own business may end up finding yourself with your child dead.

      I believe that the world has a morale responsibility to stamp out this evil. ISIS is not the only evil that exists and others should be dealt with as well. The current actions being taken against ISIS is not enough. Our military is handcuffed and not allowed to do what they are trained to do. Let them get the job done and then bring them home.

  12. While I appreciate your candor, Rourke, I am extremely skeptical that military intervention on the ground by Western powers would be an effective solution. My reasoning is this:

    ISIS is fighting in Iraq and Syria, but their headquarters is in Syria, where they originated from. Forcibly removing ISIS from Iraq would be good, but they would probably just retreat back across the Syrian border (that they so desperately want to eliminate, ironically) and still be a threat. From their Syrian areas they could continue to attack Iraq whenever they wanted. So, that leaves us with the question of Syria, which is… messy.

    Firstly, Syria is a sovereign state that has not asked for (and is not likely to ask for) Western military assistance.

    Should we go into Syria just to remove ISIS? Or all the jihadist groups operating there? Should we collaborate with Assad, do joint military operations, that sort of thing? If so, we would be propping up a nasty dictator whose douchbaggery caused his country to revolt, spawning this whole mess in the first place. This also puts us in the strange position of agreeing with the Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah – maybe we could all do operations together! A big happy family all against ISIS.

    (Side question – do you think Hezbollah is better than ISIS? It has also been listed by the US and Canada as a terrorist organization. Why does the world have a moral responsibility to go after ISIS specifically, instead of Hezbollah?)

    Or not – do we go after Assad too? Remove him, ISIS, the other jihadists, and make Syria into a ‘democracy?’ Well, if we do that the Russians will throw a huge fit and you will never get UN approval. Also, it would be hideously costly in terms of time, material and probably lives. Assad has demonstrated that he does have some popular support and he isn’t a pushover militarily.

    There is also the very real possibility that a Western military intervention could in some ways strengthen ISIS – it gives them huge potential for more recruiting, and a whole bunch of handy targets right at their doorstep. In some ways it might be what they want – perhaps they are using brutality to goad Western nations into a military response.

    And lastly, how exactly do you define getting “the job done?” Because you are never going to be able to kill every single jihadist, no matter how much military force you bring to the table. Will it be done when Iraq and Syria have good, democratic governments? That could potentially take decades. Are we prepared for that sort of commitment? We should think about these things before going to war, not after.

    It seems to me that saying the solution ‘just kill all the ISIS members’ is a simplistic way to look at the problem.

    • Brent – My solution is simple and the objective clear.There are many in positions with knowledge much better than mine that can determine the best course to take to reach that objective. Another option would be to build a wall around the US and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world – no aide, no funds, no armament, no protection. I do not see that as an answer as Israel would soon be taken over and I believe that evil would spread much faster.

      No doubt you are correct that every cockroach can be terminated however certainly their numbers can be decreased substantially. Supporting enemies of the the radicals is certainly another method to deal with them albeit slowly.

      There are numerous terrorist organizations and I believe that the United States – and other Western countries fail to take enough corrective action against them.

      Of course I may wake up tomorrow and believe it would be just dandy to build a wall around the country watch the show as to how the rest of the world reacts.

  13. Very interesting… thank you for your response.

    It appears that we have drastically different worldviews and so we are unlikely to come to any sort of agreement on this matter.

    But, it was cool to talk to you! Have a good night!

  14. Brent, Canadians are good neighbors !!! Yes I do know that the Pilot was Muslim. We have some Muslim friends. The good,non-radical extremist Muslims MUST voice opposition to ISIS and Al quada etc. all over the world in order for people to start viewing the good Muslims as not agreeing with the radicals.

    My husband studied Eastern and Western philosophies and religions in college and grad school. Our son has always wanted to learn about all religions and we have visited synagogues, other churches, Native American spirituality etc. When our son visited a mosque(he was invited by a Muslim friend and when he wanted to go a second time the Imam said no.Many months later that same Imam
    was arrested on terrorist charges. Our churches are open to anyone to visit obviously not mosques.Christians now in the USA and in the world generally tolerate other faiths but radical Muslims insist that one must be Muslim or be killed.Even a convert is never truly a ” real” or equal Muslim -unless one is born a Muslim .Why arent Muslims speaking up in disgust that Israel is told they should be WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH !!!!
    Obama made a mockery of Christianity at the prayer breakfast by being so negative toward Christianity.Obama cannot name the
    terrorists – as radical Islamists. For him to say that they just randomnly happened to shoot people at a deli (which was a
    Jewish deli- selling Kosher food) denies the fact that the terrorists attached that deli BECAUSE it was JEWISH .
    Obama refuses to protect Americans and Israel from this barbaric evil terrorsists.
    We watch and read our news from several sources and Fox is the only station that has the courage to tell the truth about Obama.

    Its good to see that you are reading this fine site that Rourke works so hard on. Its good to read your comments
    even if we may disagree. Arlene

  15. Arlene – thanks, we try to be decent neighbours 😉 I have always enjoyed my visits to the USA.

    That is cool that your husband and son have such an interest in world religions; learning about them is one of my hobbies as well.

    I think that there are Muslims who are speaking out against terrorist activities – perhaps this is not being reported in FOX News? I have serious reservations about the quality of journalism from FOX – may I suggest the BBC? I usually find them to be a very good source of news. For example, the following stories from BBC show how some British Muslims are speaking out against extremism:

    I also just found this webpage, which contains many relevant news stories about Muslims condemning ISIS:

    (I didn’t check all the links in the above page, but it seems to be legit)

    Although, from what I have read about the Jewish Deli shooting I do agree with you – Obama was pretty foolish to say it was random. Seems to be a targeted anti-Semitic act to me.

  16. Oh my all the christains are so upset.
    Lets Look back into our U.S. History.
    Lets look at a time from 1866 to present.
    Christains were burning and hanging and mutilating people of color all across the nation.
    Now it the police that shot first and we pay them to do it and alot of them are christain or so they say.
    But You call the sitting president of the USA a muslim.
    But every time he ends a speech he says God Bless America. Christains with harden hearts
    you have to wonder who is bigger Devil.

    • It’s amazing how people don’t get it. This is the year 2015 not 1866, nor any other time in history – 2015. There is a big difference between the radical Islamic terrorist and Christians – Christians are not killing, mutilating, raping, etc.people IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY. Radical muslims invoke the name of Allah and behead children because of Islam’s teachings – so they themselves say.

      How anyone – atheist or not – could possibly compare the evil of ISIS to a police officer who MIGHT have a case improper discharge of a firearm and MIGHT be a Christian is beyond me.

      So – modern day Christianity might be the bigger Devil? Some forgot to take their “Happy Medicine”.

  17. Rourke
    if you were a minortiy having been raised in the USA.
    you would know the history of the USA and see there has been little change from when columbus came.
    I mean in peoples attuides.
    lets take 1 example.
    people wear and fly a rebel flag.
    That flag lost but people still display it as some type of honnor.
    not because it lost but because there hate for others is so seared in there heart.
    you should get a book called 100 years of lynching
    and read it.
    you will see there is nothing new that isis is doing that has not already been done by christians in this country.
    you can be cloed minded and you more than likely will
    that is your choice.

    • Fred(talkingbear) – I live in the South and not everyone who wears or shows the Confederate flag is a racist and hates blacks. Just not true. Additionally to suggest that little has changed in this country – attitudes or whatever – since Columbus came is ludacris. I am not closed minded at all. I am always willing to listen to others and their beliefs and am willing to learn and change my opinion. This is not one of those cases that my opinion will change.

      My opinion as from my original post – To compare Christianity to the actions of ISIS and say they are similar in anyway is insanity. Period. That is what Obama did and he is rightly getting ridiculed from coast to coast over it.

  18. Rourke-my husband was thrilled with his St .Valentines gift that you recommended-the book The Evolution of the Black Rifle !!!
    Snowing here with bitter cold temps. Arlene

  19. RE Predudice in our nation. While volunteering at a School and Mission for Native Americans many years ago-I had NEVER witnessed such prejudice and poverty toward others as I did toward Native Americans. Very sad and unjust.

    RE ISIS I do not believe that any nation has ever witnessed the brutal atrocities that ISIS is perpetrating.
    Crucifying children-beheading civilians-using mind torture on relatives of the captured-etc etc etc.

    Obama was wrong to make the comparisons he did. Then again hes wrong about everything except helping to save our natural resources. Arlene

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