From the Desk of John Rourke – February 5th, 2015

Guess my prediction wasn’t too far off for the Super Bowl. Great game regardless who won. Yeah – stupid call at the end but if he had caught that ball Seattle’s coach would have been called a hero.

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5.5 million illegal immigrants not entitled to Green Cards were given them over the last 6 years. Those that say that this administration has not created an incentive for illegals to cross the border are, well…..uninformed at a minimum.

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Just picked up a Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag – nice.  Two fellow group members have this same bag and after looking at theirs had to get one. Once I fill it with goodies I will do a review. Will be used as a “Get Home Bag”.

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May have noticed that I have brought back some past articles from the archives. There are tons of posts (almost 3,000) that have been published here. Blasts from the past…..enjoy!

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Several people sent this in to me. I wish every American would watch this video. Its amazing what logic and facts sound like……


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  1. We have lost the republic. The GOP establishment RINOs could stop the Trojan Horse communist Muslim usurper but they won’t.

  2. The superbowl…boy were we surprised! We were at a private club’s tailgate party and pretty much were shouting for the Seahawks. We have a hard time thinking anything good can come from the New Englad shores 🙁 But…stuff happens…it is what it is 🙂

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