From the Desk of John Rourke – February 4th, 2015

Appreciate the donations from Frank and Kim this past week.

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I agree with standardizing in things. It keeps things simple and efficient. Batteries are certainly an example of this. 90% of all my flashlights use AA alkaline batteries. The others? CR123 Lithiums and a couple AAA tubes.

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I am constantly pulled between being an isolationist and believing we should secure our borders and just be self-sufficient, and the need to go eliminate certain threats and injustices that go on in the world.

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I often use Melatonin as a sleep aid. If you have a hard time like me sleeping at night it is an effective, natural, and safe method to get a deeper sleep. I never wake up groggy like if I take Tylenol PM or something like that. Just an FYI.

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If you are a bacon lover like me…….


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  1. I used to be of the isolationist mindset, at some point a long time ago I realized that in a world full of maniacal leaders with lunatic fringe followers driven by manic, perverted ideologies it’s a matter of self preservation to strongly influence what goes on in this world. It’s been shown enough times through history that when we retreat from influencing, others rush in to fill the void, usually with to our negative. Once again we see it today with the results of our own president’s blinding incompetence.

  2. As a confessed flashlight addict, I have discovered that the Surefire St. Minimus and bigger St. Maximus to be just about optimum for most of my portable lighting needs. The St. Minimus takes CR123 and St. Maximus accepts either CR123 or AA, a big plus. In the past, the lithium CR123 was the best buy due to its 10 year shelf life but now lithium AAs are common so that advantage is moot.

    I have long used the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. The Sanyo kit comes with C and D size adapters for AA. Although lacking the current density of these larger batteries, the adapters make it possible to power a C or D battery device with the AA. To me this is a huge advantage. Seeking a 9VDC alternate led me to the six AA battery holder at Other useful battery holder/combiners may be found at and the Eneloop (with Panasonic charger) at


  3. I too, am a flashlight hoarder… my favorite for general purpose is the Gerber ‘Omnivore’ which will eat any CR123, AA or AAA’s. Keep in mind that this is just a gp light and not a ‘Bright-Light’ Tactical weapons light. They’re under $30 and the multiple battery usage makes it a great choice for putting away 3-4 over a period of time. (They are of good quality but, unfortunately, made west of Hawaii)

  4. I too use the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries but came across something interesting. I’ve found the best buys are at my local Costco (especially when they give the instant rebate). The last time I purchased some (1 week ago) they were Panasonic. I looked them up on Amazon and saw that some Sanyo’s are still sold there but are listed as “discontinued by the manufacturer”. Interesting, but I’ll still buy them even if they’re Panasonic because, as we all know, the Eneloop battery type was pegged as the best battery for Preppers due to it keeping a 70% charge up to 5 years and being rechargable.

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