From the Desk of John Rourke – February 3rd, 2015

Many relatives of the missing flight MH370 believe the passengers are still alive. Wishful thinking and if I was in their shoes I would try to have hope. Unfortunately they are sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

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Shelving is expensive. Wanting to add some in my garage for some food storage and needing heavy duty due to the weight. I have several of the wire shelves that work great but seems I got a good deal on them years ago because now they are upwards of $100.

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Been thinking of building a stockpile of food for my dogs. Many may poke fun but these dogs ARE my family. I generally buy Rachel Ray Grain-free dry food and they are packed in a very strong and thick bag. Not sure if it is Mylar or not. Most logical long term would be canned food.


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Scott Walker is an intriguing candidate for President.

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Cost of beef has really gone up over the past year. Cube steak – which I have always felt was a bottom dweller in the beef world – is selling ON SALE for $6.19 a pound. I remember when is was less than $3.00/pound.


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18 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – February 3rd, 2015”

  1. My wife had suggested using 1″ x 10″ or 12″ wide boards and cinder blocks to build shelving units (blocks as spacers & supports for the shelves). A solid and economical idea.

    If your in an area where you can do some hunting then squirrels and rabbits along with table scraps and stored can food can help keep your dog’s bellies from getting to empty.

    There are going to be a large number of quality candidates running, Walker is certainly one of them. I understand that each of use will lay them all out like dead solders and examine everything about them. We’ll put them in order based on the favorability of our own biases, as we have a right to do. I only hope that the last man/woman left standing will get the FULL support they need to win. There is no perfect candidate who you will agree with 100% and I’d rather agree with the next president 70% of the time rather than 7% … or 0%.

  2. Considered just building the shelves yourself Rourke? I’m no carpenter, but built storage shelves for the garage, basement, and a pantry out of 2X4’s, OSB, and wood screws pretty easily. Nothing fancy, covered the pantry in stained lauan panelling to make it look a little nicer but the others are bare/open, and way over-engineered for added strength. Like the idea that if the SHTF I’ll be taking gear off of them and could then easily disassemble them for the wood if needed, good way to hide a lot of lumber for emergency home repairs.

    No kidding on the price of beef, hard to even afford hamburger anymore, and even at $12+ per lb the quality of most steaks seems to have gotten worse. Saving money on feed and letting them graze more I suppose.

  3. Your dogs are a force multiplier, not a comfort item. My wife does not like pets of any kind so convincing her of the value of a dog if the processed nutrients hit the oscillating gas animator. You on the other hand will have your dogs who are instinctively protective, and are blessed not to have the human type of guilt if they have to defend you.

  4. Yes, meat prices have soared! You might try advertising on Craigslist or local paper to see if any ranchers may be getting ready to slaughter. You can buy into their herd and just process the meat at home. Ground beef, tendorized portions, and specialty cuts are probably not available. We have a deer/cow processing site here that will gladly take your entire cut or 1/2 cut and process it for you. Cheaper than the stores sell it for. Course you need a large freezer to store your cuts in after you pick them up.

  5. Just the other day, my wife was commenting on the inflated price of beef. We rarely purchase beef from the store, but, for some unknown reason, she wanted to use beef for a particular dish she was preparing. When she came home with her purchase, she was ranting about how expensive ground beef had gotten. I reminded her that I had told her last year that food prices, especially beef and milk, were going to rise sharply in the coming months/ years. However, because venison represents the majority of the red meat my family eats, she probably had not thought any more about the beef comment.

    One of the dangerous consequences of this gargantuan price increase is that more and more people will be feeding processed foods to their families (it always seems that the price of processed foods stays somewhat lower than the “quality” foods). And, it is no secret that an overabundance of processed foods often results in health problems for the consumer. In my opinion, if you have the ability to stock up on venison and other “wild” red meat, do so. It is healthier for your family than anything you can buy in the store, and can be used just the same as any “commercially available” red meat. Just my two cents.

  6. my home-raised pigs look better and better to me all the time. . . . . been thinking about doing rabbits also. . . . Scott Walker is the man to watch, right now a t least. I apologize to all for my idiot RINO Senator linseed “limp wrist” graham muddying up the waters. . . . can’t figure out how he keeps getting re-elected.He is not popular herein upstate SC. . . . stupid open primariesdon’t help. Yep on dogs. . . my girl is my DEW system. . . if she barks or gets up, so do I. . .

  7. WE built shelves using cinder blocks and wood and they are very sturdy.In the past we used soda cans taped together( in a form of three cans in a triangle shape for extra strength) and light wood-that works also .If you keep dry dog food in its bag in a plastic bag in a metal garbage pail they will last for over a year-we have done that . Another way is to use a plastic tub but rats can eat through that.
    We have a large wooden feed bin lined with metal for our horse and animal feed.
    Beef prices are up because of the droughts .Farmers had to sell off breeding stock so it will take at least another 18 months or more to
    grow more beef. If you have any local farmers buy it from them.That way you know what feed is being put into them and its fresher. Some
    community supported vegetable farms also sell chickens,eggs and other meats.
    Anyone wanting to buy a beef animal to raise for meat is paying top price right now. We like cubed steaks and stew beef but its very expensive.
    We received another 18 inches and last night it was literally minus 17 here.
    Take care everyone.
    ISIS is getting worse-just burned a man in a cage. Makes me sick and angry. Lets hope our new members of Congress put an end to the
    no movement WH. God bless . Arlene
    PSYes Rourke we also stock up on canned dog food. Packages are moving very slowly these days via UPS etc due to severe weather conditions so be patient folks.

  8. I raise meat rabbits and working on raising quail this spring.

    Been purchasing meats and putting them up via, canning, jerking and DH.

    If I had a some land I’d have pigs like “Rick” and then I would add miniature cattle. Easier to feed and easier on the land, i am told a miniature cow produces 1 gallon a day.

    I agree with “Brad” a dog is a force multiplier, Evey animal should earn there keep.

  9. How could you not prep for mans best friend!!! Lol, bro ive been doing it since day one, now that my gun and gear collection is pushing the ability to actually store it, im shifting back to ammo to meet your guilded list rourke, i had very close to the same #s in mind, and in a couple calibers have meet that goal, after ammo im going to a 3 stage press with all the extras for the many calibers my 40 plus collection requires, then a 1 ton Diesel bug out vehicle with a 35 foot fifth wheel to follow, already scoping out acreage in various states of interested in, planning on about 60 acres, with a prodomit stream for hydro gerator to work with wind and solar, then the real fun will begin! Probably wishful thinking but its my 5 year goal, with my rental property plan for retirement, it will more than likely turn to a ten year goal, but i want four paid off rental properties before i get lost deep in the woods. Im a prepper, but im planning for future as it is now and the future if it hits… Always seem torn between the two too be honest…

  10. Doomsday-you sure have your act together. Way to go. How will you collect rent though if you are in the seep woods? (by electronic means?) I understand your planning for the future as we live it now vs when ALL HELL breaks loose. Arlene

  11. I have a great property manager in Michigan who does a wonderful job at 8 percent of the rent and she deposits my rent every month to a bank account I live in Florida my house here will be paid off this year, that will make rental income 24k a year if i pay maintanance/taxes/inshurance from my own pocket, and my 1200 a month budget for for new morgage, it gives me buying power of 3200 a month to pay off a hundred thousand dallor house, which id like to pay 20k down, leaves 80k give or take.. Then # 4 with additional rental income, onto 60 acers… Sounds real good… It will probably be ten years as i spend more on preps, but thats my plan, lots and lots of long hrs and 7 day weeks, but im used to it 🙂

  12. I admire your focused effort and hard work.Please though take some time for yourself along the way. Arlene
    Three or 4 days of constant snow here and then another deep frigid plunge-its winter in the Northeast.Had fun watching our grand child
    at her ski lessons today .It was uplifting to see people having fun despite the worlds precarious situation.

  13. Thank you arlene, brrrr that sounds cold, i dont miss it, grandkid sounds like some heartfelt fun though. 🙂 yeah i try to take time when i can, i just started prepping 3 years ago, and constantly feel like im not ready, like im running out of time… Hopefuly its just in my head, im not sure what drew me to prepping, world events, recession, getting a divorse, or if i just sense something coming… I often question myself, wonder if its in my head, is it because of experiences, or is it a higher sense of things… But i just cant shake the sense of urgency that something is coming, and im not ready.. Ive tried talking to friends and family, they try to understand, even agree with me on many subjects, my family lean more towards the end of the day is revelations… Friends all just say im coming to your house, which i respond, ill have to shoot you, and laugh but then I wonder what what I do, i coudnt turn away people i care about, that coupled with the knowledge that The urban jungle I live it will be no place to try to hunker down, so thats why i want 5th wheel camper and large truck…. How do you plan to deal with this, may i ask?

  14. Doomsday,Feel free to ask Rourke for my e mail if youd like to discuss more re prepping etc. Give yourself credit.Three years is very good.I understand that “feeling” 6th sense intuition that is telling you that something is coming.Its important for each of us to listen
    because human beings often ignore instincts that are correct.
    When our friends say they will be up to our place-we live on a farm- I tell them if you dont work you wont eat and dont come empty
    handed-bring food and items to share and skills . (sounds harsh but you are working hard and prepping and they need to follow our examples)
    I wish we lived in deep mountains far away from society but then we wouldnt be able to help our adult children.Our daughter lives with us and our son and family can get here -they live a half hour away.
    We will need to shelter in place-unless theres a natural or environmental disaster. Having a camper is a great idea.I have thought about
    eventually getting one as an extra shelter.
    Its almost impossible to fathom the extent of the problems when the SHTF but when we see people on Tv fighting over bread and milk when a snowstorm is coming then just imagine….
    Try to make friends with someone who lives on some land that would allow you to go there maybe in exchange for helping them with
    security.Families and couples especially older folks would like to have a guy who is able to help. The Smokey Mts. area might provide a place to escape temporarily.
    WE are expecting another 18 inches of snow by Mon night-Tues am.
    Take care everyone. Arlene

  15. Thanks arlene, lots of good advice, and smokey mountains is my plan, i grew up in those mountains with my mom, spent summers in michigan with my dad, but was rased on a farm in harlen Kentucky, just outside of hazard and saint charles Virginia, i miss the mountains, thats about my max distance for bugging out from here id say… Thanks for the good advice ill look into that


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