From the Desk of John Rourke – February 2nd, 2015

Question: Anyone have any experience with ATI firearms(American Tactical Imports)?

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I just discovered that I love peanut butter fudge. I wonder if I can get some for long term storage? 😉

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Ryan over at continues to talk about the Operational Cache. I am overdue in creating my own. One of the areas of controversy is whether or not you should place your top tier equipment in it or “spare” stuff. The argument is that if you need to access your cache in a SHTF situation then you will NEED your best equipment. I agree with that however it is really up to the person and their budget. It would be better to have “something” rather than “nothing”. Remember – just because the word “cache” is used doesn’t mean something is buried.

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The new Magpul D60 drum magazine for the AR looks intriguing.  There are drawbacks to any mag holding that many rounds however it is certainly a combat multiplier. They will likely be sold out for some time.


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It’s only the beginning of February however I am thinking about gardening already. I have some weeds growing up and need to kill them off. In another month need to till everything up and throw some compost in.


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3 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – February 2nd, 2015”

  1. HEY ROURKE, those firearms made by ATI are a great value for what they are I am a gunsmith and I have been working on some of the pieces they don’t have a lot of problems that some of the others do .

  2. Rourke, better yet are the 100 round beta C magazines. I have several and use them with my 5.56 pistols. They offer a lower profile than the mag pul.

    As you know from my postings I am an advocate of that tactical cache. A pair of DPMS M4s (wife and I order most everything gun wise in pairs), ammunition, small pack with camelback, cleaning kit, Katadyn water filter, keys for vehicles and house, and Leica binoculars gives one a number of options, all for less than $2000 including mono vault. Other caches with food and long term survival materials make it easier to abandon a besieged residence. The tactical cache gives one the option to retake your residence – and on your own terms.



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