From the Desk of John Rourke – February 27th, 2015

Making a few improvements(I hope) to the site. Don’t be shocked if you see some changes. I have installed the Membership software I had been talking about but it is not totally set u yet. It’s going to be cool once complete. Give it a few weeks.

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“……..we celebrate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.” – Scott Walker

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A few of my favorite things…..peanut butter cookies, a cold frosted mug of root beer, crab legs, Pizza Hut thin & crispy cheese pizza, and seeing snow falling at night in the moonlight. Yeah – I like to eat.

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Looking forward to the warmer weather and getting the gardens ready for planting. Just want to taste a fresh cucumber.

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Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. Enjoy yourself!!


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16 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – February 27th, 2015”

  1. Rourke- popcorn,ice cream ,pizza -yummy!!! Have you decided on a name for your site where we donate each month ? I am getting ready to
    plant the seeds for the veggie garden (indoors !!!) Yes watching snow fall in the moonlight or under an outside light is always mystical.Consider the number of snowflakes it takes to cover the ground and we have giant mountains of it on the sides of our roads !!
    Heads up on the AR-15 ammo-the President is now actively trying to ban it.Contact your rep in Congress . Goodnight all- Arlene

    • Arlene – Thanks for the comments. I have not decided on the name of the membership “club”. I am kinda liking “The Patriots”. You can “Join the Patriots!”, “Be a Patriot!”, “Be part of the Patriots!”, etc.

  2. I remembering going to the original Sonic in Oklahoma City with my best dog, a black and tan Dobie. I would order two root beer floats for I think a total of 30 cents. One for me, one for the dog. Those were the days.

  3. John P and all. I remember the exercises in grammar school “if you see the flash dash”(under the desks-that sure would have saved us-smile!)
    The cold war days …. then the 60s …I often imagine the stress people must have felt during WW1 WWII , Plagues,flu etc. Then peace and simplicity.
    Now we have the complications of instant media, climatological disasters, most likely the worst President in history along with the rise of ISIS
    We each must find a bit of quiet and inner peace amidst the tumultuous times . For me prayer, reading, prepping and gardening is a refuge as well as playing with the grandchildren. Sharing and learning from each of you is part of my day that brings a sense of fellowship.In the warm weather canoeing and having a campfire is always relaxing.
    I am looking forward to hearing PM Ben. Nentenyahu (sp?).
    Question for all : What helps you feel good ?

    My husband tried to buy some ammo today- still cannot get any 22 or the other kind the President wants to outlaw (for the Ar-15s I think.)Its available in
    very small expensive amounts but not in bulk.

    John P what other memories do you have from the past that brought joy and simplicity.?? God bless us all . Arlene

    • Arlene, I remember going on picnics to the lake, cub scouts, and going grocery shopping with my mother, as I got older learning to ride a horse. What other good memories do you have?

  4. John P and all-I remember playing catch with my friends for hours, trading and flipping baseball cards.building forts in the woods ( yes I was a tomboy-
    playing dolls was much too boring !!) Going to the A n P with my Dad to buy groceries and his letting me pick out candy for my sister and brother and me 3 for 25 cents.Building basic boats and watching them float down the creek wondering where they would end up.
    Going ice skating on ponds in the woods and having a fire to keep warm.-bringing along a thermos (the kind that broke if you dropped it) with hot chocolate.
    Going sleigh riding and hearing the snow crunch underfoot-I still love that sound.My Mom teaching me to make apple pie and home made jellly and canning tomatoes.
    Having my first garden at age 13 and having my Grandpa (the only pub. he ever read was Organic Gardening) teaching me how to plant tomatoes with horse manure..Most Moms were home full time and Dads worked outside the home.
    I always wanted a horse -I did get a birthday horse lesson when I was 12 . Years later I got my own horse when I worked on a farm (age 21).
    John P -ask Rourke for my e mail if you want to continue to reminisce-I thank you all for putting up with my rambling memorie .

    Pan R We see Sonic advertised on TV a lot now.We dont have them here in upstate NY.

    Did anyone else watch PM Ben Netenyaho? I thought he was excellent !!! Arlene


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