From the Desk of John Rourke – February 26th, 2015

Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield’s killer found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Justice served.

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The latest episodes of The Walking Dead have me a bit…..bored. Don’t get me wrong the show is still great there is just something different about it. I continue to wonder where they get all their ammunition and batteries. Scavenging? Maybe for the batteries not so sure on the ammo.

If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow would you have enough ammunition?

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Picked up 100 rounds of .22 Magnum – CCI Maxi-Mags – for $14.99. Shop has a limit of 1 box but because I go in there a lot they let me get two. I continue to work on stocking up on this caliber. Box here and there will add up. I also received 3 boxes of Armscor from

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Weekend is coming – thought you might like some humor……


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Started getting back into couponing again. Years ago I was heavy into it and would sometimes walk out with $150 worth of groceries for $20. It took A LOT of time – thus I stopped. No doubt there is a lot of money that can be saved couponing.

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Only a couple days left in this months sale over at Emergency Essentials. Some great deals on long term food storage products and other supplies.

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  1. Really? Justice served? The guy who killed Kyle and Littlefield was sick. He may have been sick to begin with, we will never know, but he was undoubtedly made more sick by being in combat in a bullshit, illegal war. The guy came back having suffered shit you have no idea about. Was he wrong? Yes. But he was ill and I believe he was in no position to judge right from wrong. However because of what he did, we are forced to lock him up. Unfortunately we laud our returning vets with platitudes but no one, government or otherwise (and I include the churches) on any large scale is prepared to help those who have sacrificed for our country. Instead we just castigate them. I am sorry Kyle and Littlefield are dead. They were trying to do something positve for this guy when no other help was available and they unfortunately got caught up in the crossfire of a person who really needed our help and a government / society who didn’t recognize or value the call to do something.

    • Gil – yes….justice served. Could you be right? Yes. Neither I nor you sat on the jury and heard all of the evidence. We received bits and pieces of whatever the media told us. The jurors heard all of the evidence and said Routh was not insane when he killed them. Do I think he is nuts? Yeah. Someone would have to be nuts to do what he did. He may have been nuts from the day he was born. Like you said – who knows? There was testimony that in high school the guy was a couple cans short of a six pack. What I do know is he will be going away and will not hurt anyone again.

      The whole thing is really a shame and I agree with you 100% that the Veterans of this country do not receive the needed support they deserve.

  2. Wife says it is a good thing that I never had any real power while on the bench. She opined I would have pressed the streetlight poles into service. Why should the citizens of the Great State of Texas have to pay year after year to keep such alive?


  3. I think anyone who intentionally kills someone else (excepting war, self-defense) has some degree of insanity. To disregard the consequences of such action is irrational behavior, whether blinded by rage, jealousy, numbed to the action, I can get away with it, hearing voices, he deserved it, etc. Irrational by definition = without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason, without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment, not in accordance with reason; utterly illogical, and not endowed with the faculty of reason. So, to what degree of irrationality (insanity) qualifies someone not to be held accountable for their actions?

  4. I think the problem with the walking dead is that the zombies have become boring. They are slow and lethargic and to easy to defend against. In a recent episode one girl being attacked simply side stepped a zombie and it tumbled down a hill. They need to introduce a new zombie like in the movie World War Z. Fast, agile and with cat like reflexes. That would liven things up a bit.

    Kyle’s killer was never in combat, he did not suffer from PTSD though he has suffered from mental illness for many years. He will spend the remainder of his years in prison, as he should though I would have preferred a good hanging.

  5. According to one reference that I found “Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007, at Balad Air Base (the 2nd largest U.S. installation in Iraq), with no significant events. No combat experience. Let me say that again, he NEVER SAW COMBAT or any aspect of traumatic events associated with a combat deployment (i.e. incoming mortar or rocket fire). He never left the base, EVER.”

    Personally, I hope he gets put into genpop. Texans tend to believe in our soldiers, and Chris Kyle, regardless of how you feel about the war, is a soldiers soldier, who not only did his job, did it well, and came back to help others. Yeah, genpop is a good place for Routh.

  6. Walking Dead – They have a tendency to build to something, and the pieces may or may not make sense. Life is erratic, and doesn’t always get exciting every day.

    The theory that we have in the “Bearer” household is that there is plenty of ammo in their area of operation, as it is in the South. It seems like LARGE quantities of people turned quickly. If you figure the high quantity of those who turned before reloading, and that few got back to their home base (look at all of the canned food left behind, and they don’t even have to look far for it), there’s plenty out there. Carrying it’s going to be the tough part. Finally, as an example, if someone comes across my home after I’m a meat puppet, they’ll have plenty of ammo to keep a dozen of them going for a while. And I’m not even in Georgia!

  7. Scavenging prepper homes rourke! Their coming to yours next bro! You shoudnt have gotten bit bro, or was it you bugged out on foot, cant carry it all…. We americans as a whole are the most well armed civilian population in the world! With that being said dont think we are collecting paper weights…. If you collect guns, you are so accumulate ammunition….

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