From the Desk of John Rourke – February 23rd, 2015

A few more days left in the SHTF Knife Contest. If you have something to send in there is still a little time.

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I have been deep sea fishing before and loved it – years and years ago. I was catching small blue fish that fought aggressively and had a ball reeling them in. Just read that a 16 year old kid just fought and pulled in a 1,058 pound blue marlin. Wow!


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I was recently asked what the most overlooked “thing” is in preparedness and I provided my answer. Since then I have changed my mind. It is “weight”. Weight of guns. Weight of bug out bags. Weight of get home bags. Weight of ammunition. I don’t have nearly the experience that some of you have however there are far too many people out there with a 90 pound pack who has NEVER carried it ANYWHERE. Go ruck that thing 5 miles. Good luck.

Weight of ammunition. This is just one aspect as to why I am such a big fan of the 9mm.  The weight of 7 45ACP is about the same as 13 9mm. Steel magazines versus aluminum or polymer.

Weight – I believe – is the most overlooked aspect of preparedness. This includes our own bodyweight.

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A lot of folks including me have looked at a variety of 4 wheel drive vehicles when considering “bug out” or “survival” vehicles. It may just be that a Hybrid or some other vehicle with superior gas mileage would be best for consideration. A moped or motorcycle might be best as well. Whatever fuel stores are available and can be scavenged will need to last as long as possible. With this in mind fuel economy is of paramount importance.

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A lot of kids have invisible friends when they are little. They can talk to them and navigate their way through all the new and strange things they experience and feel. I had my dog “Patsy”. I used to talk to her about all kinds of things. She never responded thought. No – she would just keep on typing.

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  1. Weight in my opinion is absolutely paramount in any situation. A 40# BOB if you are hiking ‘cross-country is gonna wear you out faster than most people think unless they are used to it. Add in a 5-12 pound weapon, plus mags and ammo…. yea… Wife and I have already had the weight discussion due to all the “Wants” in her bag. Once I proved the point opinions tend to change. All those canned goods, and 4 rifles and ammo and everything else isn’t gonna cut it.

    My personal complete loadout which I used during deer season changed over and over. Now it is literally down to the bare essentials—As it should be. Now all I have to do in that loadout is change my bolt rifle with ammo out for my AR and mags.

    Another thing to consider is the actual functional weight of the unloaded bag itself. In many cases you can save 5-7 pounds by going with more of a back packer bag vs that super cool molle’d all over tactical bag (says the guy who has that tactical bag LOL).

  2. I settled the weight issue by letting each family member pack what ever they wanted for a bob and the we went on a hike – took 10 min. and everyone wanted me to pick and repack their bags. My oldest granddaughter does push-ups with hers on to build strength – fun to watch.

  3. I often romantically picture myself driving off into the sunset with a fully stocked truck all the goodies and all my guns all my gear best case scenario I’ll I’ll probably be walking Draging my gear after the 1st mile, but ive given it considerable thought and realize that the option of driving out may not be a option at all, with this i came up with a foldable mountain bike i bought of amazon, its made of titanium, very light weight, except the price tag, bought never flat tubes for it from Walmart, then purchases a animal game cart, its a very rugged two handed pull behind cart with solid tires, that actually breaks completly down to a backpack style tote, Think of a Tommy Bahama beack chair, Weizen around 20 pounds yet it’s rated to carry 400 pounds

  4. When tied off to seat rod, ropes clear tire nicely, it really handles “weight” very well, i know if it comes down too it i will have to dump most of my gear, in fact if i cant drive ill lose 10’s of thousands in gear, as i dont have a BOL at this time, and the fact that if i do get to the point where i most leave, fact is i WILL NOT BE RETURNING, so if theres ANYWAY to take the ADVANTAGES, ive made with me, i will try! Hoping to have a fith wheel soon and am in the middle of looking at acreage in Virginia with three friends… So hopefully i can set up a nice BOL before i have need to face this choice… As it is now, its a no win… Basically losing three years of preps to me is like wtf did i even do it for!!!

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