From the Desk of John Rourke – February 20th, 2015

Been a rough week. Entire family is sick…..except me. Frigid cold hasn’t helped. Work is pretty much normal which isn’t all that fantastic. Flat tire, broken windshield, dead battery, and rear brakes being replaced. Yeah – could have gone better but you know what? I’m above ground and I have today off. Heading to the range in the freezing cold once the place opens. Pulling the trigger a few times will feel good.

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Appreciate the suggestions for the name of the membership “thing” I am considering. If there are any more suggestions feel free to keep ’em coming.

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The President said it again this past Wednesday…..“Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” Pure BS.

Back in June of 2009 he said this….“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story….”

In 2010 – “Islam has always been part of America…” as well as “also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”

I believe this guy is a couple cans short of a 6 pack.

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I bet I’m not the only one who has thought, “Man – it would be so cool if I could go WAY back in time… long as I could have modern weapons to take with me.”

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I do not like bar soap. Liquid body wash cleans well and rinses quickly. For preparedness storage I again like liquid body wash over bar soap due to its quick rinsing.

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Oh – Irish Spring is my favorite.

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As of this writing Amazon has the original Red Dawn on DVD for only $6.59. Great price.







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  1. Rourke,

    I hate to disagree with someone I normally don’t, but regarding the quote from our Esteemed by few President, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding”. Well that is actually true. Islam was part of our nations fabric since the late 1700’s. The Muslims that Jefferson and Adams dealt with were the Barbary Pirates, who had been around since the 1500’s. These peace loving followers of Islam were known for their missionary work in visiting coastal villages in Southern Europe, and taking the inhabitants on a short cruise back to North Africa. During their voyage they would preach to them about their opportunity to convert to Islam and then upon arrival they were sold as slaves. They would also capture ships, take their cargo as an offering, and again take the crew and passengers on the same ‘religious retreat’. The meeting in London between Jefferson, Adams, and their Ambassador was to negotiate a peace treaty so that American vessels and citizens would be free from threat. Of course that was not possible since, according to the Koran, anyone who did not recognize their sin of not being Muslim and repenting, was a sinner and deserved no quarter.

    I am amazed that after 200+ years we are still having the same problems with them that we had back then. And for those who claim we deserve what we get for our Imperialistic ways, well back in the late 1700’s we had just been born as a Constitutional Republic, and our only interests outside of our Nation was to safely trade with other nations. We were not trying to keep the peace, or play cop on the block. So what was our offense back then? Only that we were not an Islamic State.

    If you are interested in the Barbary Pirates there is a good article on it found here:

    This is probably not what the Demander in Cheat meant when he spoke of Islam, but it is the truth.

  2. Ha, great post Brad. I’m afraid we are in for quite a ride over the remainder of Obama’s reign. He’s got absolutely nothing to lose and neither the American public nor Congress is willing to do anything about it. Compared to what got Nixon impeached (or forced him to resign) Obama has just thrown the Constitution out the window. Ain’t gonna’ be pretty!

  3. I wouldn’t say that negotiating a treaty with pirates means that they are woven into the fabric of our country since its founding. That’s stretching reality a just a tad!

  4. Agree with you on that one TXM 1836. I think the reason Congress isn’t doing anything about it is that the alternative is worse. I mean just imagine Creepy Uncle Joe Biden running things…I shudder to think what lunacy he could come up with.

  5. I finally Broke down and watched the video of the 21 Coptic Christians being beheaded. Then I watched the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot. During the video the Islamic call to prayer played in the background. I think Bill Whittle (at Truthrevolt) had the best comment on it- “This is not a question of who we are facing. This is a question of what we are facing. And the hardest, sharpest, most supple and perfectly balanced sword in the history of the world is being wielded by a weak, self obsessed man-child who has called the soundtrack to this horror the most beautiful sound he has ever known.”

    The recently new book The Looming Tower offers us the opportunity to learn the history of Islam and what we are truly dealing with. And over at The Atlantic there is a very well researched article called What ISIS Really Wants. Someone should pass it on to our foolish Dear Leader.

    • Mr. Gault – I have not watched any of those mentioned as I have watched many others and still cannot get them out of my head. I will check out your book suggestion. Appreciate your comments as always.

  6. John G as always you have provided valuable inf.Thanks.I will look up the book The Looming Tower.Another on 1,000 years for revenge by Bid Laden was a real plan for continual revenge. I cannot bear to watch the literal burnings and beheadings
    but its atrocious.
    Finally another has agreed with me that Obama is the anti-Christ. Rudy Guiliana said Obama is fitting the description of the Anti Christ.Daily I call the White House and Senators. I wish we had a million person march on Wash composed of Christians and Jews. Arlene

  7. Rourke- Sorry you had such a tough week.Are you dealing with ICE now ? We all know what Obama meant re Muslims -hes trying to downplay our Judeo -CHRISTIAN heritage. Nothing like declaring war on ISIS and then stating the time and place.
    minus 18 last night Wind chills again minus 40. Dip stick heaters, engine block heaters and dripping sinks all used as preventative measures…. deep winter is upon us. Rest so you wont get sick. Arlene

    • Thanks Arlene. We had significant ice and everything shut down for a bout a day. The frigid temps are the next concern as many water lines here are not insulated satisfactorily. I left water running last night on several faucets and so far no problems.

      Your suggestion about resting so I wont get sick came a bit late. I feel it coming on.

  8. If you could some how establish a connection or pseudo-relationship with oh let’s say…Personal Defense Network. Just thinking here, but like if you join “Rourke’s Insiders” you will have access to a discount to join PDN, BUDK, or I don’t know Sportsman’s Guide. These sites spam me from time to time with a really good 60% discount to join their site. However, those are only from time to time. If you could lock in some type agreement with these guys or any good website that guarantees a solid discount through joining your group. Then your offering an incentive to join, is a winner for you, the “partnered” websites, and for the people. All of these sites I just mentioned or other people can come up with hold real applicable value at a reasonable cost. Here are some links for you/everyone else to check out. I’m sure most of us have already been to them.

    • Capt. – That is precisely what I am looking at doing. The more difficult part is just setting up the membership only area. It is extremely important that nothing changes for regular readers. Special downloads, articles, and discounts where the value is more than the monthly donated amount.

      Appreciate the info. Very helpful.

  9. I agree with Brad and TXM.
    Good points for not to forget.
    The new DOJ head will be worse then Holder.
    From what I’ve been told she is a real Dragon lady who will up the attack against the constitutional rights of Obama Father Land.

  10. Rourke, my mistake, I just looked at my copy of The Looming Tower and it came out in 2006.

    I understand that for some (me included), depending on the subject matter a book can be to time consuming. I cannot recommend strongly enough this article-

    “What ISIS Really Wants” by Graeme Wood is the most important piece on radical Islamist hopes and dreams since Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower. What Wood produces in one place, in systematic, calm, documented and very persuasive prose backed by excellent reporting and extensive authority is the close-up on the Islamic State that has failed to come into focus by most of the leaders in the West. These are not “the jayvees.” They never were. It’s somewhat long but so well written and educational that it’s hard to put down though I read it over several sittings.

    Know thy enemy

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