From the Desk of John Rourke – February 18th, 2015

I may write a separate post about this but figured I would throw out this quick blurb. I am looking at starting a small “membership” program for all of you who wish to support ModernSurvivalOnline.  Pretty simple in that those interested would sign up to donate a small amount – like $3 per month – and they would gain access to some “member-only” information, discounts, etc.

Here is my question – What do I call it? 

The Minutemen? The Son’s of Liberty? The Patriot’s? Patriot Alliance? The Alliance?

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Making decisions. I deal with decision making at work all the time. Sometimes they are decisions I make – sometimes I deal with decisions other people make. I do not have a problem making a decision – even a wrong one. Often I find myself in the middle of something that is being discussed – a decision has to be made. Likely it is not really mine to make but damn come on people get on with it. I will speak up and usually that is all it takes to get people to say what is on their mind. I have always looked at things pretty black and white/on and off/hot or cold.


I don’t proclaim myself as any great leader – I’m not. Depending on the situation I value other peoples opinions and welcome their input. When I find myself in a situation where I feel the need to take the lead – piss or get off the pot.

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Looks like my next AR build will be using one of these…..a carbon fiber composite Tegra Arms complete lower. This is gonna be fun! Any suggestions on the build?

img_1016e (1)

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Joke: “These two guys walk into a bar…….”


“Which is kinda funny cause the 2nd guy shoulda seen the first guy and walked around it.”

Yeah I know…..pretty bad.

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I still love the original Red Dawn movie……


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  1. *Name: What about Rourke’s Irregulars?

    *Leaders: Leaders are many times like a cattle prod. It can take a jolt to get the crowd moving.

    *AR Build: If you are going for light weight then how about a pencil barrel mid length setup with a minimal sight (like a Burris FastFire III?) on it and see how light you can make it.

    *Red Dawn: Great movie, but the quote wouldn’t work since we have been battling the legions of the stupid who can’t admit they made a mistake since 2008. 🙂

    • Thanks Brad. I like your name suggestion. I need to look for a pencil barrel upper like you mentioned. Often most have M4 barrels. Budget constraints exist as well. If you know of any good deals on uppers let me know. Thx.

  2. I like The Son’s of Liberty and The Patriot’s. How about Rourke’s Citizens?
    Have always liked Red Dawn.
    Some are leaders and some are not. Sick of all the mealy mouthed politically correct people who don’t want to take a stand just criticize those who do. Someone must take the bull by the horns and LEAD!
    Lead on John, lead on. And Keep Looking UP

  3. Call it Costco… wait….
    Re: AR build, do a real build rather than installing two pins. It’s really not that difficult. We just did a super light weight with tactical/ambi additions for under $500 shopping hard for quality parts.

    • D. – But tow pins are so easy! I have a stripped billet lower coming and looking forward to do one from “scratch”. Likely I will not assemble the upper but buy mostly complete. Shoot me an email when you get a chance if you would be willing to share info on the build you mentioned. Thanks.

  4. Rourke,

    Palmetto State usually has a full kit for a mid length pencil barrel kit. A coworker just ordered and received one. They do take about two weeks to get it, but I have bought a few and they make for some pretty decent builds.

  5. My suggestion to those who are having difficulty getting the basics nailed down: Search out someone or a small group (even if it is a couple hours from you) who has been at this for awhile and has the shelter/water/defenses covered. Prove to them that you can preposition or show up with your own food/ammo and a decent skill. I’m sure once vetted they would welcome a serious prepper with open arms, and save you a lot of expense….I know that I would.

    I’ll go one further. Anyone interested in our group, contact Rourke. I believe he will winnow down those within range of our(undisclosed)location and forward your contact info and brief resume’ to me.

  6. Legion – Sheepdogs – The Brigade – Non-Coms (communists) – The Platoon – The Battalion – The Cohorts –

    The Contingent – The Regiment – The Resolute – The Pantry – Moral Majority – Off Grid – Liberty’s Legion

    The Cache –

  7. Dear Sir,
    you have truly inspired this humble Canadian deep
    in my Soul.
    Your concept have sent me into a World i knew not before.
    It has taken me way beyond my humble beginnings.

    The Minuteman concept has inspired me more than
    anything in the Preparedness World.

    Its base IS COMMUNITY.
    i am a Canadian Militiaman.

    Keep it to that Please Sir.
    Keep it SIMPLE.



    God Bless


    i cannot find your
    “minuteman” Section anywhere anymore.
    but my main computer is but an iphone… i see a blue header area and thats it… things have changed…

    Please if possible just keep your site

    Keep up with the Minuteman concept,
    it is an inspiring…beautiful..
    vital and awesome concept.

    Si Vis Pacem Parabellum.

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