From the Desk of John Rourke – February 11th, 2015

So it looks like Radio Shack is pretty much done as a business. It’s a shame. I remember going in there as a child and was fascinated with all the gadgets there. Memories…..

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I want some time off. Hate to burn a few vacation days this early but man would like to take a few days and just sit around and do whatever I want. Maybe a trip to the mountain or out in the country and stay in a cabin. Yeah – that would be nice….

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Those looking for a USB flash drive to hold pictures, video’s, and documents – Amazon has a 32gb model. Great deal on massive storage space. Amazon changes prices often so I have no idea how long it will be at this price.

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My continuing pursuit of fitness has led me to a place I never thought I would go:  6,000 meters on the rowing machine.

When WOD’s(workout of the day) would have rowing I would run instead. Now I have grown to really enjoy rowing and it is great for cardio fitness. Would like to get one for the house. 6,000 meters….time to set a new record.


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Just picked up a rain barrel – free. Co-worker was trying to get rid of it so I was gracious enough to take it off his hands.  🙂


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  1. Yes, the demise of Radio Shack is sad. But, on a good note, the clearance sales are already beginning. I left my local one the other day with an arm load of parts, tools, and antenna items for my HAM setup for $30.

  2. Allied and Lafayette Electronics, Radio Shack predecessors were more of the Radio Shack kind of store than Radio Shack. Over the years the Shack sold increasingly cheap junk along with a few real radio parts. Digi Key, Pomona, and the other big real electronics internet sales outlets really shut the Shack down.


  3. I spent my youth in Radio Shack, did the TRS-80 teen years, CB radios, 100-in-1 electronic projects kit- good stuff! Certainly made getting a ham license easier later on.

    On rain barrels, I keep an eye out for IBC “totes”. They range from about 250-330 gallons in the shape of a cube. These are great for storing water, but also are great for making aquaponics fish tanks and growing beds. We bought a group at under $50 each and set up some nice aquaponic tanks based upon Murray Hallam’s DVDs and web site. Going on almost a year, working very well. We still have work to do in placing and keeping the spares full of rainwater. We did raise one and put an adapter on the spout in order to be able to run a low pressure garden hose off it, very handy.

    Thanks for this website and all the comments, much appreciated.

  4. What does the rowing do for your body besides cardio? I’m on a weight loss goal right now and once I hit my goal weight I will start toning and gaining muscle but for now its all about weight loss. I mostly run right now but have been thinking about branching out. Just dont want to do anything that is going to make me GAIN muscle mass at this point.

    • Jennifer – The advantages to rowing is it is a complete body workout versus running. It burns a ton of calories – more than any other cardio exercise that I know of.

      Your concern about building muscle should be put away. Women are not made to build muscle very easily. Look – I have worked out for year trying to build muscle and I have a lot more testosterone surging through my veins than you and it is difficult. Those that do a ton of cardio without lifting weights or provide any kind of resistance training can lose muscle while they lose weight. It takes a lot of dedicated weightlifting and special dieting for women to gain muscle.

  5. Rourke – Thank you! I’m going to try rowing and see how it works for me. You are correct about the muscle. I’ve just gotta get over the thought that I might gain muscle weight. Really all I would do is keep and tone existing muscle, which at the end of the day is the goal. I started this journey in September at 181 pounds. I’m down to 155 with a goal weight of 140! What are your goals? (See you on MFP!)

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