From the Desk of John Rourke – December 9th, 2015

I think Trump’s declaration of banning Muslims from entering this country is going to be very good for Ted Cruz. With that said I have heard him say other things I thought would hurt him and I was wrong. Regardless – Hillary Clinton will be elected the next President of the United States. Boy, I hope I am wrong about that as well.

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Iran recently conducted a ballistic missile test apparently in violation of UN resolutions. The missile reportedly has a maximum range of 1200 miles.

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I picked up a couple of knives from The interesting thing is these knives are used. Yes – USED. Great condition at great prices.


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Just voted in a new member to the group. I think he will be a good addition. It is really good to have like-minded folks you can depend on.

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The price of oil continues to decline. On the surface this may seem to be a positive thing as gas prices also continue to drop. The problem is many companies are on the brink of failure due to a lack of profit resulting from low oil prices.

Some commodity materials are directly related to the cost of oil. Consumer companies demand lower prices as oil drops however fixed overhead and other expenses remain. The world of competition is certainly at work however everyone will pay when the price of oil goes back up and there are fewer companies supplying some of these material.

FYI – lowest I have paid at the pump: $1.63/gal.

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My group and I have recently moved onto the Telegram app for communications. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It works great and so far everyone has liked it.

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14 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – December 9th, 2015”

  1. Hillary is the lead off character on the Economists 2016 magazine. If that means anything then we got another dud in the White House. It then goes from Bengazhi to Amerigazhi sp. However, I wholeheartedly agree that a complete ban on all immigration should be enforced until we either deport those that are in the country or find a way to get them self sufficient with their own jobs etc. You don’t give a choking man more food to put in his mouth while he is gasping for air. We are choking on lazy immigrants who won’t work and are milking us dry. Look at Europe, like the South, it is gone with the wind. We will follow suit if the next President is Hillary. Well, we had a good run, didn’t we! PS: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the launch of the missiles by the Russian sub today the first time in history that missiles have been fired from a submarine in actual combat. Plenty in training scenarios, yes, but not in time of war. I don’t remember any. thanks.

  2. On the contrary, I think Hillary Clinton stands about as much chance as John McCain did several elections ago. People I think are tired of Liberals running the country, much like the Carter years brought in Ronald Reagan. And 12 years of Republican presidency ushering in the Democrats (Clinton) eight years, then Republicans (Bush II) eight, then Democrats (Obama) eight years. Thats just my opinion, no offense to those who feel otherwise.

    Trump has a shot at this and that is what scares the Republican establishment. They can’t control him. They thought he would crash and burn or get bored and drop out.

  3. I have read the preceding comments and wonder who readers think puts our presidents in office. I think they may think we vote them in. Roarke could we have some discussion about the Illuminati. Bill and Hillary and Barach and The Donald r all members – it is claimed. Their plan is to put Hillary in with the other three’s help – it is claimed. What do other readers think?

    • Ol’Farm Boy – Thanks for the comment and feel free to share more of your thoughts. I do not prescribe to the theory of a grand Illuminati. I find it very interesting and enjoy watching documentaries on the subject though. If it is true then who to vote for really doesn’t matter. However – if it is NOT true then who to vote for does matter so I say go ahead and vote and hope it makes a difference.

  4. My perspective on billary is not that she could and would be elected. It’s the concern that the crooked evil administration would literally cheat, lie, steal votes, delete votes, etc…in order to get her put into the position, so to speak. That is my concern. As far as the people voting for her…She doesn’t have it. The minority of fanatical, literally psycho people that support her is truly a small minority. Even her own party knows she’s even more vindictive than bummer and will literally kill her own babies.
    More so,…who knows if we will even see an election. As it grows near and if suddenly Cruz or whoever takes a huge undeniable lead that will win the White House. Bummer is so screwed up that he may even make something happen that will push Americans to rise up so he can declare martial law. Sorry, but I’m still not for Trump and it’s cool imo if you are. No biggie. I love how Trump stands up in the liberals faces. I love how he’s pissing them off and they can’t touch him. But I’m not really sold or convinced by using “emotions” as the standard. I want stability. Someone that has consistently stood by his word and his actions over a period of established time. That’s why the liberals refuse to attack Cruz..they can’t. They have nothing on him, because he’s a strait shooter. Even when it was found out Cruz used marijuana. Cruz admitted it, he didn’t try to lie or cover it up. He followed it up by saying it was bad decision and doesn’t support use of it. The liberal media made Cruz more approachable as the common person. Let me tell you this, if the ticket somehow went Cruz/Trump or vice-versa. I can assure you it would be a tsunami win. It would be the end of liberals/socialist for centuries and they know it 🙂

    Telegram Messenger? Hmmm..looks good. I like what I’ve read so far. Thanks for the pointer.

  5. My favored candidate is Ted Cruz- from the first. I do believe that Trump can win. He puts a non polished statement out and then eventually the other candidates agree.I also believe that Dr Carson would be a fine Pres.
    The LATEST e mail from Hillarys stash was that
    the Navy Seals sent an e mail stating that were ready to go re Benghazi .I hope this will be her final demise.
    Personally I believe that Obama has orchestrated castrating our nations ability to fight by depleting millions from our military budget and from firing and retiring so many top military officiers.Hes been the Wold in Sheeps clothing from the start but the tide is turning.Sooner than later another or several Muslim Rad. Terrorists will attack us again here and abroad and that will be the final straw for Americans.-if to date they arent yet convinced that we are at war and will be for decades unless we defeat ISIS in all forms.
    Off to finish up outside tasks on this WARM Dec. day. Arlene

  6. For those who put up outside lighted Christmas decorations- a green light is representing being supportive of our troop. Many people are doing this
    in our area. Arlene

    • What color do we use if we just want the troops brought home and then stay out of illegal wars and mind our own business. Just ask’n thanks. PS> For those of you that blast Trump for wanting to halt all Muslim immigration, please remember even Jimmy Carter had enough sense to block all Iranian immigration into the country during the hostage crisis. thanks again

  7. Interesting come back, Rourke. How much have you studied about the Illuminati and their electorating constituency – the Freemasons down through history? Every president, except for a very few, were/are freemasons, starting with George Washington. Their power and control are more than most people would believe – for the entire world. It is said all Illuminati members are/were freemasons; but not all freemasons are Illuminati. I have studied both for years and the thing I find most interesting, is they have most people throughout the world totally fooled as to their underlying control over politics and who rules the world. Their greatest ruse if you study the many authorities who have written about them, is that we are a democracy ruled by an electorate who actually elect our politicians. Mark my word, Rourke – Hillary is their chosen candidate for the next presidency and they will put her in office. Sad indeed! I also would love to see “The Donald” in office. He is not afraid to take on anyone and has the power and money to do so. He is the first real candidate that has really interested me for in my lifetime, and I am to hit the “big 70” the last of December – so I have seen all the presidents in office since Truman. I would love to see other opinions from your faithful readers on their take on Freemasons and Illuminati throughout the world.

  8. As a side note, but no less scary. They just announced that they have three Boeing 747 aircraft sitting on the tarmac in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. These planes all have tail numbers, but no other identification. They are apparently not listed on any plane registry. Really? They claim they do not know who flew them in or who owns them, but they owe them for landing fees and parking fees. So, not just one, but three 747-200s fly in and land at your airport and you have no idea who they are or why they are there? How many other planes are out there flying around the world that are not on a registry and how many more airports are there that are not tracking who flies in and out of them? I find this scary at best and probably down right criminal.

  9. I think your right rourke–she will get into office–Trump is gonna end up running independent, taking enough of a chunk of republican votes to usher in the final nails in the coffin of our once great nation. I, like you–hope I’m wrong.

  10. You know there are some outdated things in our process.. not the documents they are founded on .. the process. The electoral college is the way presidents are elected.. not popular vote. It was instituted, because people could not vote locally and the votes be tallied in any meaningful time frame .. Today that is not the case. The other argument, is that without the rule of law and representation between the “masses” .. that’s us and the election, it is possible to pass and elect something that is not good for us or is illegal. I suppose that is possible. Additionally the RNC gets to CHOOSE ? so Trump stated if the had the popular vote and was not chosen he would go independent. Perot did something like that by dropping out,, and we got another bad choice as it proved out.
    We seriously need a process overhaul.. I personally would like to vote for and many as can run and then run off the remainder until we have a finalist.. via popular vote.
    I don’t know .. I do feel like Hillary has never been closer and how can that be ? How can we as a country even remotely consider that person and what they have done. You know anything can be a tipping point.. anything at all . Like a pebble starting an avalanche.. I’m not saying I want it, but I am watching very closely.

    last thing .. and I have been thinking how to say it
    I really appreciate the useful and meaningful responses from the members here .. no bashing for ignorance, of which I have plenty.
    Let’s keep the genial conversation and when someone vents.. let em .. a little bit anyway..
    While I am not inclined to give ground on much .. here is a good place and I am willing .. a little bit, and to be thoughtful in my responses… at times it may even work. 🙂
    3 more days til my girlie soldier is home .. she hates me saying that BTW ..
    Thanks guys and gals .. be safe and ever vigilant.


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