From the Desk of John Rourke – December 8th, 2015

Great responses to the SHTF Scenario published yesterday.

Each and every person reading the scenario is envisioning their own personal interpretation of circumstances, environment, threat level, and events that have transpired over the past 24 hours. 24 hours into a grid down situation brought on by terrorist attacks a man knocks on my door asking for help as he ran out of gas and has no means to purchase fuel or food. At this moment there are no widespread rioting or mass violence. I noticed he is armed as the bottom of his Kydex holster is just beneath his jacket on the right side.

At the knock on my door I exited through the back door with my M&P9 in my hand, through the fence – and came up unnoticed on his left side. He was a bit startled as I asked him what he wanted. He turned and said – “Excuse me…..I am in a desperate situation. My car ran out of gas up the road outside the neighborhood. I stopped by the BP and the Shell stations but both were closed. I have no cash. I am hungry and just looking for some help. Every house I stop at has ignored me – except you obviously.” He smiled slightly with the last statement.

I asked, “Where are you trying to go?”

“Charlotte.”, he responded.

Using my own personal judgement he seemed sincere. He is also a fellow American citizen from all appearances trying to get back to his family. He is 30 miles away from his destination.

I told him, “Here is the deal. I don’t know you. I also know you are armed. I am sorry for the predicament you are in however understand that if I am to help you I need you to remove your firearm until our business is over. Remove it from its holster using your left hand and place it on the grass. I will help you after that.” I also had him lift his jacket and I inspected for other firearms.

He did as I requested. We exchanged names. He told me that he was coming back from a business trip when the attack occurred. He almost made it home. I provided him one MRE and 2 gallons of fuel. I unloaded his pistol and removed the slide. I handed the components back to him in a grocery store bag and told him he could put it back together once he exited the neighborhood. He agreed and left with the gas can. He seemed EXTREMELY appreciative.

By the way – I had noticed him walking up the street through the neighborhood. My son has been upstairs taking watch moving back and forth between the front and the back of the house and alerted us well before he arrived. He noticed that the man was not with anyone else. He stopped at a few other houses – none of whom answered even though someone was home.

Although there has been no widespread violence it is coming. I know this. During the man’s visit I kept my distance and never turned my back on him. The entire time my pistol remained in my right hand. The purpose of giving him the pistol in parts was to ensure that – should my instincts be wrong and the man had ill intentions – he could not quickly reassemble the pistol and use it against me.

As stated – this is how the scenario played out in my head. There is no right and wrong answer. I may regret giving him 2 gallons of gas that will be like liquid gold later on. That MRE might be one meal closer to our last.

It was the decision I made.







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  1. We have no food to offer. No fuel either. Most everyone has two good feet. But we do have copious potable water. That will be freely provided as circumstances dictate. Advice we also have, but only if asked. Directions to elsewhere we will volunteer. I think this is the safest for the family while meeting minimum charitable conditions. Exceptions, of course there will be. We have a 1000 gallon bulk gasoline tank and 600 gallons of diesel. It is for the generators and tractors for spring planting. Not for someone who engaged in poor planning. I think any extended grid down will be a great leveling event separating those self reliant from the great mass of sheeple bleating save me, save me.

    My wife has her Danners and other boots as well as flats of various styles. I am proud to state, she owns not one pair of Frog inspired high heel shoes. Why a woman of any age would torture their feet so with something worthless for walking I simply cannot imagine. Likewise for most so called ‘beauty aids,’ for all but those sensitive disfigured. What a total waste of money! True beauty is always within, not without.

    We have a donkey in with the horses. This hardy creatures can be depended upon to drive away predators and if necessary, provide mules. Whenever the Dem spies me it makes the most pitiful bray imaginable, just like so many of the political party it represents. I tell visitors that it is our token Democrat, calling for a handout.


    • Shoes are something that you don’t see many people talking about on any of the blogs, but are a major issue. I have been thinking about this for awhile and still have not gotten my mind set on how many pairs to have on hand. I walk. I walk a lot and anyone who walks or runs will tell you that you go through shoes. I wear out the soles on my walking shoes at a rate of a pair every 9 months. I normally keep 3 to 4 pairs on hand, gradually breaking in the next pair before I need them. During a long term, SHTF situation you are going to wear out your shoes and there will be no way to replace them.

      • I too have been acquiring boots as often as they come available. My store of choice is the Thrift store where I have been blessed with finding many great deals: (Danner Gore-tex Boots, new $20; Other Gore-tex boots in great condition for between $6-$12 per pair). I just picked up an almost brand new pair of Asolo Gore-tex boots (retail for 143.5 Euros, that’s $157.91 USD at todays rate, for $12). Maybe I’m just lucky but I’m always looking and finding good deals every now and then. It seems that the best deals are in the Winter. I’m picking up as many as I can in case others of my friends didn’t prepare as well. Besides, they’ll make for great barter for a minimal cost. Just my 3 cents worth.

  2. it’s good to walk to scenarios.. I suppose the hardest thing to evaluate when anyone asks for help is their intent. That coupled with the fact that any of us that are worthwhile are geared to help and protect others, or would not be here right? Now add the uncertainty of how long we may need to care for ourselves assist each other in an environment of little information is not deliberately misleading information.. That is a lot to consider for a simple “Can you help me” question. We have to defend every single decision correctly in that case .. and we only have to be wrong once… or them lucky. I am afraid my visceral response to he question is the opposite of my logical response, the former being yes, the latter being no. Moral vs Amoral ? Civilization vs Jungle?
    Even in this simple obvious scenario, outside of a community with good opsec. it would only take one other person working with the man to defeat normal security measures. You have to sleep and over time you relax as you adjust to the new realty and it makes us sloppy. I’m probably overthinking it, but I don’t think an event will last more than a few months, likely less, unless we are talking “Resident Evil”. And that is likely an over simplification .. thinking out loud obviously, but open to other interpretations..
    I am afraid I would have to go with my gut, and act with extreme prejudice at even a hint of negative.
    I’d feel bad if I was wrong and I’d feel bad if I said no to the request. I would however live to learn form it, and try again.
    Family, group, self. anyone see it differently ?

  3. Goingray,
    Aptly said.

    As much as we would like to help the stranger, we can never be sure of motive or accomplices. Hence, we have layered defense and protect the perimeter. We have no food to hand out. Later on, there may be exceptions but likely the surplus would go to a remote distribution center far removed from the mountain top.

    Shortly after we moved to one of the mountains, the dogs alerted me to someone walking around down below the three story house near the first timberline. I put on the plate carrier, reached up over the door and took down a M1A Scout and did a radio check with the wife who set up in a third floor bedroom. I challenged the intruder and as we visited, I learned that he was one of the workmen I had contracted with earlier who just never thought to check in at the main house. He commented on the nice gear and rifle. As I told the wife to stand down, I casually mentioned that unless I had really pissed off the misses that morning, there were likely crosshairs on his head and not mine, and it might be a good idea to check in before just wandering around.

    Few if any would wander around a Texas ranch without checking into ranch headquarters. It is just good manners and common sense. Different regions have different practices and apparently different degrees of ‘possessioness’ of land owners. I’m very possessive. The tops of the perimeter fence poles and trees are painted purple. At the main gate is a warning the land is posted and electronic surveillance is in effect.

    Most folks are just totally clueless and therefore helpless. Thereafter we had no problems with workers checking in to let me know where they would be.


    • PR .. That is funny .. I’d have paid for a ticket to see that. To bad you didn’t get a picture of his face, bet it was funny too .. stress tested his antiperspirant I bet.. .. he is either stupid or warned.
      man If I could be 35 again with what I know now .. I lose my mind some days .. but I think I miss my knees the most ..

  4. Ah the knees. I know about the knees. Suffered two fractured patella and thanks to modern medicine I can still walk and climb stairs. It did kill the running program, but alas, not the eating program.


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