From the Desk of John Rourke – December 7th, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine went well. Extremely sore from my workouts last week as I started a new bodybuilding/weightlifting routine.  I think I went overboard just a bit.

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I watched an interview Sunday morning where Hillary Clinton was asked why in recovered emails to her daughter and friends she called Benghazi a terrorist attack yet she told the families of those killed it was due to a video. Video of several of the families talking about how Hillary told them it was due to a video was shown. You know what Hillary did?

She lied right through her teeth and didn’t blink. She said she never told the families that it had to do with a video.

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Managed to head out Saturday morning around 5:30am to go hunting. Did not see any deer however I did see 5 turkeys including one very large one with a huge beard. My buddy was about a mile away in another stand and saw 5 doe and a buck. He took a shot at the buck – 350 yards while standing – and missed.

Might go back Friday morning.


20151205_070803 (1)


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Terrorist attack in London as man yells “This is for Syria” and stabs 3 people. Police came in and hit him with a Taser.

Keep your head on a swivel.

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I am one of those that enjoy the whole zombie-genre of movies, TV shows and books. I am in the middle of reading Zombie Fallout and it is hilarious. It is a true zombie apocalyptic story but the main character and the method the story is told just cracks me up.

Just a reminder – I utilize Audible books for most of my “reading.”


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7 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – December 7th, 2015”

  1. It is very clear that Hillary cannot explain her actions those days after Benghazi – deny any knowledge of wrongdoing and make counter accusations – SOP. I feel sorry for the Dems – they couldn’t find anyone else to put up as a canidate ? Or is this the Dem version of unelectable like John McCain a few years back ?

    A day in the woods is a great way to unwind. Sorry to hear you didn’t see anything, but hunting sometimes goes that way. Butcher shop counter is much more sure, but way less fun – hope this weekend turns out better.

  2. Rourke- our son enjoyed a cold quiet day hunting and was thrilled to see two doe which he doesnt shoot despite a handowners permit to do so-they are pregnant with next years fawns.
    Hadnt heard about London.
    Listened to the incompetent Pres. last night and then the Fox news follow up.Well he finally
    calmly uttered the words Terrorists- several years too late . Everyone Congress will be
    voting on a gun issue Tues.PLEASE contact your

  3. Why waste time on Hillary…might as well expend your efforts trying to rehabilitate the Devil. As far as the armed man at the door…he is sooooo dead! Ran out of gas…gas, at this point, is the least of his problems. Why didn’t he think ahead? He didn’t care, that’s why! Didn’t bring anything along to eat or drink in case he ran out of gas…no problem, he ate his last meal before he ran out of gas. No money, I’ve walked through many cemeteries and honestly have never heard one of them complain about not having money. In every neighborhood, great and small, their are leaders, people that prepare, and losers that do nothing but complain and make excuses about their plight in life. After teotwawki, the losers can and will finish their long run into personal oblivion and receive their reward, a gunshot to the head or whatever part is available to shoot, for never giving a crap about anything yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Why is it that people even think for one second that they will be able to share their preps with civilized gangs or individuals after the collapse (whatever form in may take)? I am not a Rambo type, and have no desire to be, but anyone approaching me after shft had damn well better be invited. There will be no argument, no standoff, or one word of conversation. It’s over, Period. Anyone needing so much as a drink of water from me will die with a swollen tongue. You either see this comment for the ‘surviveability’ wisdom contain therein, or you don’t. If you don’t then the odds are you’ll run out of gas…good luck.

  4. Everyone please remember that this is Pearl Harbor Remembrance day and take a moment to reflect that though they were mostly military personnel that died at Pearl, it was about the same number as on 9-11. The only other difference is that then we knew whom we were fighting and had the wherewithal to fight back with force.

  5. well sir I took the week off from workout
    and from internet as well .. two weeks in the woods and farming.. no meat though .. the cattle fencing goofed up their walk and it was warm there.. so not chasing doe yet.
    .. go back today .. light and easy for two days them full on .. keep it fresh and keep after it ..

    And ya know I am about done listening to candidates until the RNC chooses .. keeps me pretty worked up
    The Idiot in change .. well .. that is something else..
    good thing I sold all my guns and don’t anything for them to come after ..

    If you remember my daughter was in basic and broke her hip last week .. if I said so before .
    she is doing very well and coming home for Christmas .. then back to the Warrior Recovery Program..
    man she is tough and we are proud .. I am for sure .. she was hurt and emotional the first day .. 3 days later she was just pissed ..
    I knew she’d be ok then .. whoot!

    I di dmiss reading here though ..
    Thanks John

  6. Kudos on the Pearl Harbor attack. Lost two uncles in that war. Never got to meet them, that would have been nice. One was shot down while piloting a B-24 Liberator, September 9th, 1944. He was a member of the 755th Bomber Group. They received heavy damage over Germany, but made it all the way back to Lackenheath, England but crashed about a mile short of the runway. So sad. The other one, Kelly, was very badly injured when an empty ammo rack fell on him aboard the USS New Jersey during the battle of Leyte Gulf, and he died, bedridden from his injuries, in 1951. All gave some, some gave all. We owe all of them so much.


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