From the Desk of John Rourke – December 30th, 2014

I just recieved several of the new Hexmag AR 30 round magazines. Haven’t shot them yet but the feel and appearance of them are impressive. The surface texture provides excellent gripability and they have a unique multi-color identification system built into each one.

Full review coming soon.

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I just got finished watching The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington. Very good movie. I watched the first season of Homeland and thought it was excellent and somewhat similar to to TMC. I had cancelled satellite so I haven’t watched any of it since. I will have to pick up the DVD set.

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If you ever install a new garbage disposal make sure you remove the knock out plug before running the dishwasher. Don’t ask why I would suggest such a thing.

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Been working on my goals and objectives for 2015. I tend to do this throughout the year more now than previously.  Regardless – I am going to publish my “preparedness” list on Thursday.

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Why are revolvers so expensive compared to their semi-auto counterparts? Is it because the automatics are produced in higher numbers? Level of precision? I do not see any reason why the manufacturing should be more expensive – at least so much more expensive. I walk in to my local gun shop and see a quality .357 Magnum revolver for $600. There are tons of quality semi-auto’s well under that price.

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  1. Yes, I have changed a garbage disposal, my advice is make sure you know where it is wired up and not trust the mexican electrican who wrote it on the panel. Those new AR mags, want to run some 300 blackout through them to add to the review?

  2. Revolvers; I have always found ‘wheel guns’ to be cool, but the only one I own is my fathers duty revolver from the 60’s. I find the reloading to take too much time, and the limited capacity to be a detractor. This being said, I have stocked up a bit on ammo for the one my father left me, but I keep it only for sentimental reasons.

  3. Revolvers: More parts and precision fitting involved. Revolvers are generally a ‘first gun’ due to a simpler learning curve, i.e. use, safety, etc.

    Used revolvers can be a bargain, but you need to know what to look for.

  4. I remember 10 years ago,I could pick up good used revolvers for a decent price ,usually in the $200 range. . . not anymore,and the price of ammo…. crazy.

  5. Rick may be right, I haven’t been shopping for years. My first used gun were a revolver LLama Comanche II (.22LR) in 1981, SMLE No.4 in 96′, a MAS-49/56 in 90′ and a couple of Mosins 91/30’s in 2010. So far pretty good. You do need to do your diligence.

  6. I’ve done the disposal “knock-out thing myself….. must a common thing. I agree with you on the price comparison. With some 30 of machining experience I can verify that there is zero “real” justification for the similar prices. It’s like washer and dryers. Washing machines are far more complicated, with many more systems and supporting parts than a clothes dryer, yet there is little difference in pricing between them.

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