From the Desk of John Rourke – December 2nd, 2014

Oklahoma experienced an earthquake the other day. Earthquakes in this part of the country is not often heard about. Another reason in a list of many why prepping is prudent and not crazy.

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Had my 45th birthday over the weekend. Not a big deal really. Just another day. Went out to a local Texas Roadhouse restaurant and had a good meal with some friends.

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This is interesting: A bird was found in Afghanistan walking along the side of the road outfitted with an antenna, GPS, and explosives. I have to admit I have not thought of a “tactical Big Bird” in my defensive plans.


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I am still thrilled about my starting an AR pistol/SBR build. Inclusion of the Sig Shooting Stabilizer is a given. Why do I want to do this build? Simple – to have fun!

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I went and saw the new “Hunger Games” movie. Terrible. I enjoyed the first two however this 3rd in the series was slow, boring and bland.



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4 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – December 2nd, 2014”

  1. Happy Birthday sir. I agree with you on the Hunger Games. It seems that all of the studios these days will do anything for a buck. all of the “lets split the last movie of a saga or series, into two parts to make more money”. I think I will stop going to the first movie of a split, and redbox it right before going to the last one where the story is.


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