From the Desk of John Rourke – December 26th, 2014

Hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday. If you are heading back to work today – well, hopefully you have the weekend off. I used a vacation day today. Looking forward to a few more days off.

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BACK UPDATE: My back is doing MUCH better. I had two spots in particular the muscle spasms were causing pain. Two shots and about 24 hours the pain was much better. I still have a small area in my lower back that is still bothering me. Hopefully my follow up shots will take care of that on Tuesday.

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Just recieved a Bear Creek Arsenal AR Complete Upper from Looking forward to working on a couple of AR builds over the next few months.


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Just imagine for a moment if the media truly did the job they should. I mean- honest reporting on the massive corruption, backroom deals, insider trading, etc. I guess the news would be even more depressing to watch than it already is.

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  1. That’s why nobody talks about the VP’son’s dishonorable for cocaine use, or his involvement in Ukraine energy with the Kerry boy.

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