From the Desk of John Rourke – December 24th, 2014

Be safe out there folks. Many of you will be out doing some last minute shopping – traffic will be heavy and patience difficult to find. Let’s make it through to spend Christmas with our families tomorrow.

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End of the year coming up. This is a good time to plan for the next year Goals and objectives. Weight loss, finances – preparedness. What will 2015 hold for us? Will it be a year of continued economic improvement and decreasing racial tensions? or….Will it be a year with a crashing stock market, racial violence, and continued governmental overreaching? More threats and activity from North Korea? Ebola? Lets hope not.

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Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Shirley, T.S., and Matt who recently made some donations. Very generous and the funds will help support upcoming projects including equipment evals. I appreciate it when people want to help. I have but one rule: Make sure you can afford it. I would hate for anyone to put themselves out for me.

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Technology is incredible. Yeah – I know – we could be thrown back to the 1800’s in the blink of an eye due to EMP. I see that for around $10 you can pick up 8gb and 16gb USB flash drives. Tons of information can be stored and these drives are extremely durable. One little device stores thousands of books, guides, articles, video’s, movies, pictures. etc. With many tablets dropping in price a system can be put together for less than $100. With a tablet an SD-card would likely be needed rather than a USB drive. Regardless – they hold volumes and volumes of information.

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