From the Desk of John Rourke – December 23rd, 2014

This thing with Sony is troubling. I think it is pretty easy for many of to sit back and say they should stand up for themselves and release “The Interview”. Of course I believe they should as they have now provided a lot of ammunition for someone else to do something similar. Like I said – easy for me sitting in my comfy living room to say they should release the movie. Sony is not stupid. If they gave in to the hackers demands it was for a good reason. The hackers have a ton of information – personal emails. health data on employees – including celebrities, unreleased movies, etc. I am assuming Sony is looking that NOT releasing “The Interview” is less damaging than if they do.


They are placing themselves in a great position by playing along and when they do release the movie everyone will go see it and they will make a killing.

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There are many of us that feel law enforcement is being overly militarized and there are far too many examples of police disregarding our Constitutional rights. Regardless – the vast majority of law enforcement go out there and do a risky job for too little pay and little thanks. The pathetic examples of humanity that are out there calling for the deaths of police – horrible.

Any law enforcement out there reading this – Thank You for what you do to keep all of us safe.

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The influx of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border has recently ramped up . Why? Simple – Obama’s Executive Amnesty sent a crystal clear message to all the future Liberal voters….”Come on in!!”

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Here is a picture of Jake – now about 8 months old:



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  1. I usually read comments instead of news stories, when I see a headline that draws my attention in. The amount of comments from all walks of life that want police officers dead is actually astounding. I realize there are percentages in any segment that are just downright bad, or oath breakers, but to actually call for the death of someone (to me anyhow) means that all hope of reform and change is really gone.

    Perhaps we have gotten to that point but I don’t think so, yet. I do think it’s pushing towards a national LE agency. Probably will start by telling us that it’s so the databases are all combined to keep criminals from falling through the cracks.

    Cute dog. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Jake-I hope Santa brings a few good real marrow bones (they do not need to be cooked) and a toy for you- you are a beautiful pup !!!! Ruff -Holly Arlenes Bassett hound and our Great Dane

  3. Why isnt Al Sharpton ans Eric Holder speaking out against the violence – because
    they must agree with it-very sad. Arlene
    Police keep the peace very often.

  4. Are there issues in policing that need to be addressed?, yes. Are there abuses committed by some police?, yes, but the supposed institutional racism, that black lives don’t matter and that the police (or anyone else) believe it’s “open season on young black males”, is all agenda driven and damaging nonsense unsupported by any facts. Just a few years ago, the NYPD were rightly considered heroes. They were the heroes of 9/11. We even developed a new phrase, you know, “1st Responders”, and they were considered truly heroic, as they are the ones who go into the neighborhoods (we would never enter) to protect its citizens. They confront what we run from. Few of us could wake each morning and face up to what they must face down each day. All of a sudden, we flip from this worship of these folks who deserve it for the sacrifices they make… into the villains of society who go around hunting black folks because they enjoy killing them? I find this turnabout remarkable (considering there is scant evidence to support any of it) and anybody who contributed to it truly reprehensible.

    As far as the hacking of Sony and the threats to them, movie theaters and Americans themselves by groups or states attempting to cower us and get their way…. What gets rewarded, gets repeated…

  5. Well put John- Why arent, Obama and E Holder and Al Sharpton not asking for peace and calm-because they are racists I believe. Mayor Guiliani froze Al Sharpton out because he didnt help black people but caused rioting. The black Mayor and black police commissioner spoke out re the latest black ARMED male who aimed at police -and then of course was shot.
    Have other groups of society even looted and burned businesses ? NO .There is never an excuse to attack innocent people and harm communities. There are many avenues to resolves conflicts .Yes there is prejudice but violence only escalates violence.

    I was raised in NYC .The police do a remarkably exc job there. Our son married a woman whose family is black and Peurto Rican .They are
    good conservative Christian people who are astounded at the behavior of the black rioters. We cannot tolerate behaviors that ignores
    the rights of others because of trumped up beliefs. These people are not even acknowledging the fact that Brown had assaulted an officer and had robbed a store. We all need to contact the powers at large and tell them we will not tolerate such abuse of power .

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