From the Desk of John Rourke – December 22nd, 2014

Over the past week guest posts have been pouring in for the current guest post contest. Due to this I am going to extend the contest for several days so I can get them all published. I usually hold over extra’s but not sure when the next contest will be.

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Gas prices continue to fall. I have paid as low as $2.07/gallon. It is seriously helping with the budget. Enjoy it while it lasts. Good time to go fill up spare gas containers.

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My Christmas shopping is complete other than a few last minute stocking stuffers. Looking forward to Christmas morning.

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Just got finished reading Tools for Survival by James Wesley, Rawles. Excellent. One of the most useful books I have. Review coming soon.

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I’ll tell you – all this stuff going on with computer hacking has me concerned. I used to think that any real danger from hacking was a bunch of hogwash. Not so much anymore.

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  1. Just paid $1.85 here in Texas. Nice Christmas present. Plan to fill containers this week while I’m off. Kind of wish I wasn’t so involved with internet but then, I wouldn’t be able to avail myself of some great info like you share with us! Merry Christmas – He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.

  2. Lower gas prices are great. I drive a prius for work, so it hasn’t hurt my pocketbook that much. Heard they are going to charge additional taxes on folks who drive electric cars since they don’t buy as much gas, but still use the roads and bridges. Can’t win anymore!

  3. Our cheapest gas is $2.65 but that is good !!!The web of life is fragile but
    constant= just as the grid and internet is very fragile also. Everyone enjoy your Christmas and love one another deeply while we have this time to celebrate together.

  4. re Prepping and Christmas- I would like to hear what gifts people give and receive this Christmas that are prepper oriented. Just received a pail of honey and a box of supplies from Emergency essentials that I ordered about 5 weeks ago .I have stuffed stockings with batteries,a small led flashlight, and foot warmers and given gifts such as freeze dried food ,deicer spray for the vehicles and warm socks and gloves.
    Ho ho ho ….. Arlene

  5. I sent my daughters a battery powered colloidal silver generator, and a GHB that custom configured for my youngest, both live in Ca.

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