From the Desk of John Rourke – December 1st, 2014

From what I saw in my area shoppers were few in numbers. I went out Friday morning with my wife and there were very few shoppers out compared to previous Black Friday’s. Even Thursday night when many of the bigger sales occurred  numbers were lower. We’ll see what the retailers report. I took advantage of some good pricing on Amazon to be honest. No sales tax, no shipping fees.

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Just ordered a Hybrid Lower from Tennessee Arms Company for an AR-pistol project to be completed in the Spring. I will be mounting a Sig Stabilizing Brace on it for sure.

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Although prices on food seem to continuously increase SAM’s Club is best deal around for me.

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Candles. Just can not have too many candles. Great light source and so inexpensive. Yeah – they are a fire hazard but it is not difficult to reduce the hazard to nearly zero with a few simple steps.

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I was was a huge Star Wars fan growing up. I collected all the figures and vehicles and as each movie came out I can remember the anticipation of the wait. A teaser trailer was just released  for the up and coming new trilogy and I am beginning to have that same feeling again – I can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – December 1st, 2014”

  1. Kind of slow here in NE Texas are as well. Everybody is commenting on it. I never go out for Black Friday, but I know people who do. Reports of the mall here being empty, which is very unusual as we have the only mall in the area, everybody from the outlying towns comes to it to shop.

  2. Here in the New Orleans area the shopping crowds were heavy. I am glad they were!!!
    If the crowds in the stores dwindle down, the internet will be blamed. Then the large retail store will go to Congress and the President and want fees and taxes on the internet to even the selling field. We DO NOT need any further government control and/or taxes on the internet.

  3. This is the first year that my daughter and I went out on Black Fr. We went to two local farm stores and they were out of most sale items(we got there mid pm) (Sales were gloves, birdseed ,pet feed ) We did score 4 bags of sunflower seeds for $12.99
    ( we feed the wild birds ) This seed usually costs $18.99 for 40 lbs.We did get one pair of gloves for $2.99
    TV showed oddles of people in malls which we refuse to ever shop in.
    I did a lot of Christmas shopping on line also.
    Rourke we give candles for gifts -exc. prepper gift and flashlights or batteries for stocking stuffers.
    A friend told me that a small LED flshlight is easy to carry and an exc. tool to shine into the eyes to defend oneself.
    We love Christmas and dont give gifts all year except on birthdays so its a joy to give and yes fun to receive also.
    The grand kids and we had fun int he snow the other day at 20 degrees. We welcome the melting today though.
    God bless. Arlene


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