From the Desk of John Rourke – – December 15th, 2014

The regular “From the Desk of” posts will be sporadic this week due to the number of posts scheduled.

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Today at 10:00am I will be having my appointment for trigger point injections in Charlotte, NC. I pray that they work as they did a couple years ago. Last several days have been extremely painful. Feeling pain constantly really zaps your strength and I have not felt like doing nothing.

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I continue to be amazed and take full advantage of the power of modern flashlights. I can remember as a child in the late 70’s going out in the garage and y dad had a silver flashlight that took 2 D cell batteries. The light was turned on by slide a switch up and down. I also remember thinking how high tech it was as on the switch was a button that when pressed allowed the light to come on – and then off when released. This was well before the age of LED lights that can throw out 600+ lumens from a flashlight the size of a roll of quarters.

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Spent this past weekend working and reviewing several things like books, radio’s, and flashlights.  Stay tuned.

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The Liberal, Progressive logic continues to make me just shake my head. A very few and select number of people and situations were subject to enhanced interrogation (torture? whatever). They are up in arms about it yet cheer for the mass murder of children via abortion.


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I mentioned several weeks ago that there would be changed here at MSO. I am going to be more open about me and my life, and will say what I think and stand up for what I believe. We all will not agree but I hope we can respect each others opinions. I recently had a couple of people attack me with profanity and name calling due to words I wrote hear. Oh well  – it comes with the territory. It will not sway my beliefs nit efforts.

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If you haven’t watched Christmas Vacation yet this season you are overdue. I have watched it twice. Love it.

Here is my favorite scene:




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  1. Rourke- sorry ignorant people have attacked you-we support you fully !!!
    Yes pain is exhausting and sometimes its a signal to REST .The body needs rest to heal.Fine lines between knowing when to push and how much .I know I live with chronic pain.
    Hope the trigger point shots help you.
    Once a week we have been watching a funny Christmas movie (from our local library) and its wonderful therapy !!!
    PS We agree with your ammo comment

  2. Rourke,

    Often missed is the effect that torture has on the torturer. Surely there are sad specimens of human rodentus that enjoy the feeling of power over another human that torture brings but I ask, how would you like to be ordered to torture another human? What about having the designator, ‘master torturer,’ on the resume? This country was founded on high moral principles and we have walked the slippery slope since then, more so in the last couple of decades. Torture demeans both the tortured and the torturer. We as a people have done better and should commit to the high moral ground.

    My thoughts,

    • I understand PH. I think that enhanced interrogation should not be pulled off the table. Who defines what to be torture or not. Torture for one person may not be for another. Again – from the extremely limited scope that EI was used I think a ban on it sends a wrong message to the enemy – much like announcing when we will pull out of a war.

  3. I have no problems with torturing those who intend us harm. Rourke, I am sorry you have been attacked, but know there are many who are behind you.As a fellow South Carolinian, I consider you a neighbor, albeit probably a long-range one.Have you ever considered a meet up with any of us that are in the same region?If that violates your OPSEC, I understand. Anyway, hope you will be feeling better. Take care.

  4. As Rick stated I too live in South Carolina. A meet up would be nice. I really enjoy your website and all your post. Hope your trigger shots help.

  5. Usually anyone who attacks with profanity and name calling is guaranteed to be the wrong person in the debate, because limited mental capacity generally switches folks into verbal abuse mode. Small people like to use salty language because it draws attention away from their tiny tiny inner selves.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Rourke. Your blog is like freakin’ Prepper Fantasy Island.

  6. Nietzche wisely cautioned, that we must be careful when fighting monsters less we become one.

    I strongly believe that torture puts this country on a bad path. I have been to places in these states where US Government placards warn that trespassing will result in a total absence of Constitutional rights and privileges (you will be shot dead, dead, dead with no recourse) but of course we have the so called Patriot act to protect us patriots. I’m not buying any of it. One of the secrets of our past greatness was the moral high ground which due to our willingness to tread slippery slopes makes it even more unattainable.


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