From the Desk of John Rourke – December 14th, 2015

What a weekend! It was well over 75 degrees Saturday and Sunday. Felt so good took the top off the Jeep. Put some Christmas lights up on the house and grilled out. Steak and shrimp…..awesome.

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Opened a #10 can of whole potatoes over the weekend. Expiration date was back in 2012. No problem at all.

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Read reports over the weekend that indicated 3 Walmarts in Missouri had suspicious purchases of no-contract cell phones. These purchases included up to 60 phones each all bought and paid for with cash. The Macon County Sheriff’s department contacted the FBI and stated that similar occurrences across the United States were being investigated.

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My Carolina Panthers continue their perfect season. It won’t last. I am just wondering who I will pull for if they meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. I am a huge Patriots fan as well. Then again – any team can beat any team. Either one may get knocked out in their first playoff game.

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Have a good week folks!





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  1. The two Afghani soldiers that were here for training have disappeared along with 17 others that our Government hasn’t told us about till now. And all of a sudden propane tanks have gone missing along with god knows how many cell phones were bought with cash. You can put it together if you want. I think we are about to be hit big time. Just hope the local police and the feds. have some idea what’s going down!

  2. 75? Wow.

    In the 30s here. I’m *very* glad that last week was in the 40s. We had a bunch of rain. Would have been several feet of snow.

  3. Thanks Mark for the warning.I agree
    something big is coming…but to which neighborhoods when are the vital questions.
    Rourke- exc, gun photo –

  4. There is some history behind using propane tanks as bombs, as with the failed Times Square bombing.

    I’m a Panthers fan and have been since their inception. I’m afraid that after your comments “It won’t last”, and “I am just wondering who I will pull for if they meet the Patriots in the Super Bowl”, I must report a rather fair amount of grumbling about having you forcibly removed from the band wagon……hell, I may even volunteer to be the shover…. 😉

  5. Well, bulk cell phone purchases. Theft of dozens of full propane tanks and now being reported Sherriffs in the same area this past october discovered a large quantity of buried explosives in the woods. if they are all connected could mean some nasty games afoot.

  6. I live close to where the cell phones were purchased and the propane tanks stolen in Missouri. The media is not reporting the description of the men. The latest is they were ‘non-english’ speaking. Fort Leonard Wood had to send an ordinance team to blow up some large buried bombs found near a walking path close to this area. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

  7. All those gun owners who think the second amendment is about duck and deer hunting who supported the 1996 “Assault Weapons” ban better understand that every reason that they use to outlaw an “Assault rifle” will be that same reasons they will ban your “sniper rifle”. They are made for killing, they are powerful, they can go through body armor, who needs five rounds. Why do you need one to shoot game when you can use a shotgun?

    And don’t forget the NRA gave all the republican congressmen and senators who voted for it “C” grades in the NRA voter guide!

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