From the Desk of John Rourke – December 12th, 2014

So – the Liberal’s in Congress lead by the Wicked Witch of the West Diane Feinstein have gone on record that it is un-American to torture. I guess we are expected to understand terrorist, have empathy, and treat them fairly. Really? Consider a man that has kidnapped your daughter, your wife, your son, or your husband. Would you sit down and ask them politely where they might be and feed them coffee and crumpets? No – I am thinking of the many things I could do to them you wouldn’t do to a farm animal until the information that is needed comes forth.

What happened to the days of  – “Don’t mess with the U.S.!”

DonQt Mess With The USA

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Seems we are inching closer and closer to a combination of Star Wars and Terminator as the Navy just equipped one of their ships with a laser defense system. Pretty cool stuff. This thing can take out incoming aircraft as well as boats.

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Work has been stressful. Seems that common sense and basic pride in workmanship is lacking these days. Of course I see it everywhere including the service industry. Nothing like standing in line at the grocery store while the cashier texts on her phone.


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My 15-year old in 10th grade asked me the other day about free lunch. He asked how people get it. I explained and then he said, “But dad, these kids are wearing Jordan’s and expensive clothes.” Welcome to the real world son.

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I need a long range rifle – .308 or .30-06. On a budget I am looking at a range of Savage, Mossberg, and Remington’s. Not in a hurry but starting to look around. I shot a buddy’s Remington 700 SPS .308  – awesome. Too rich for me.



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  1. Yes, it seems the navy is leading the way with laser technology, way to go BLUE AND GOLD!

    Senator Feinstein needs to understand that there are things we do as a country that keep us safe, with that being said, she needs to shut her big fat mouth. This is obvious an attempt for her to leave some kind of leagacy in the intel community, since more than likely she wont be on this committee anymore. Hope the CIA doesn’t make her a prime target for a bad accident.

    Look at a HOWA bolt action rifle. I once had one in .223 with a nuce Houge stock and it was very accurate. I actually wish I never got rid of it.

  2. I have a Ruger American in 30-06. Great rifle at a very reasonable price. They now make an all weather version and they also have them in .308.

    Keep up the great work with the site. I visit just about everyday but today was the first day I decided to comment.

  3. Ruger Gunsite Scout right or left handed 16 or 18″ barrel 10 rd mag nice iron sights. Get a Burris 2X7X32 scout scope and shoot 500 or 600 yds with Fed Match 168gr or Hornady 165 GMX super performance. Check out the rifle IMHO it is the true Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle. If you can see it you can hit it. Luck

  4. Think .308 caliber.

    That is the cartridge that the military and police use, the military calls it 7.62 mm.

    The .308 cal. is much more available in a variety of loads. You can even get the military rounds at gun shows.

    The Coach

  5. Hey John – I’ve been researching budget rifles recently for lower cost Christmas gifts for the boys this year.

    Based on my reads between Moss, Savage, even Ruger American, I chose the Marlin X7 Scoped combo for both rifles, one in 30-06 and one in 308. Remington 770 wasn’t even in the running. Read too many issues with it, though might be worked out by now. And I love their higher end models. Anyway, final cost – $370. Here’s a link to Buds
    308 is same cost and specs. If you want to go up just a notch in cost, the Weatherby S2 series is superior to all of these, from what I read.
    But you’ll need to tack on a scope. I was trying to keep my costs down, so I opted out of Weatherby.
    Just for the record, all of the budget makes I list above are not bad rifles, just subtle differences between them that persuaded me to go Marlin. YMMV.

    As most folks here probably know, both cartridges are very similar in terms of ballistics and distance, but what makes the 30-06 somewhat different, is the ability to load a more versatile range of bullets and powder allowing it to be used for longer range shots and larger animals for example.

    So, as far as which caliber to purchase for long range is concerned, IF you already own a 308, and have stocks of ammo, makes sense to get a 308 LR rifle. For example, you have an AR-10 or FAL, etc. But if you have nothing, it might make sense to go the 30-06 route. The ammo is common and about the same cost as 308 (Hunting rds, not mil surplus).
    I personally have several 308s in tac and a Ruger 77, so I was ok in getting that 30-06 for something different for my oldest. But my younger, I was reluctant in getting him a 243 (fine round) since I don’t own any, and chose a 308 for him. He’ll just have to get used to the extra buck. Hope this helps.. let us know what you get!

  6. OMG – tell your son it’s like that in my neck of the woods too. I have an old co-worker. She has three little girls and left her husband who was a veteran. She packed up and move across state and took the kids. She divorced him. She gets $1100.00/mo in child support (only 2 of the girls are his). She works full time and makes upwards of $18/hr when you include commissions. She sold some land in the mid-west her mother owned and got $140K for it. On top of this she STILL gets free lunch from the schools (because they dont verify income) – she grabs every military discount she can (because she never threw away her “military spouse” card) even though she is divorced and before the sale of the land went through she was hiding the child support (before it was court ordered even though she was still getting his money) to get government assistance. It makes me SICK. (Meanwhile, after I got divorced and was an honest single mom working I was told I made $15.00 to much per year to qualify for any benifits).

  7. Check out military Lee Enfields in British .303. They have a removable 10 round clip, are very light for a military gun and are accurate. I picked mine up for $125 last yeat sporterized which makes for a nice shooter, but without the collector value.

  8. Your latest note wonders where you can get an affordable heavy rifle. You are in the Carolinas. I got my Garand (US Army M1, an 8-shot top-loading 30.06 combat rifle) from the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) store in Anniston, about halfway down I-20 between Atlanta and Birmingham. They refurbish “obsolete
    “military” arms and have a range of prices and qualities.
    I frankly started at the bottom, figuring that I didn’t need much to learn how to use it and I could come back later and get a nicer one when I could take advantage of it. Even the low-end ones are listed as “serviceable” or acceptable for issue to US Army Infantry.
    Mine is ugly, and it was very inaccurate until I realized that the front sight was loose. Being a mechanic and machinist, I fixed that myself and got a heavy long-range rifle that is far more accurate than I am, for about $400.
    It only holds 8 rounds, but reloading is easy. The only tactical problem is that the empty clip makes a spring sound when it releases, and enemies that are close enough can hear it and maybe even see the clip go flying. Not a problem from my point of view; if I have enemies that close I should be using my pistol instead…..

    Sandy in the Mountains.

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