From the Desk of John Rourke – December 11th, 2015

My Christmas shopping is about 50% done. Looking for something unique for the wife which is quite a feat as she fails to share ANYTHING she wants. Maybe I should buy me her a new gun!

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End of every year I come up with New Year’s resolutions – or better termed goals and objectives. This year will be no different. Preparedness efforts are seriously being stepped up. Food, medical supplies, water, fuel, ammunition – training. Looking at my overall system as well as where holes need to be filled in.

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As per recent discussions on body armor – it definitely has its place.

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I see the 10mm is making somewhat of a return. The old Colt Delta Elite caught my eye in my younger days and the Glock 20 when it first came out.  I would love to have either now but the finances certainly have priorities elsewhere.

delta-elite (1)

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If you are a fan of the Rocky movies – go see Creed. It is fantastic.

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Be safe out there folks. It would really suck to do all this prepping for the future and wrap your car around a telephone pole.







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9 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – December 11th, 2015”

  1. I have a few AR500 plates in 6″ and 10″ squares, that I use as LD targets. I have been unable to do much more than mar the paint with anything I have shot at them. That said this steel is HEAVY!!! If you plan on using these be certain to try a fully loaded carrier on and really think about how long you will be willing to wear it. (another reason to consider battle belts for your magazine load out, to get the weight off of your carrier and onto your hips.) I have other target steel that I have been able to crater and in some instances penetrate with AP ammo. My carriers are loaded with lighter composite ceramic.

    • Thanks CaptMichaels….needed that, will go back every time i “JUST WANT TO LIVE LIFE NOW” and remind myself it’s not just about me, not just about now……

  2. Rourke- From a womans perspective your wife might like
    TLC, time with you , help with Christmas dinner, a gift certificate
    ( not to prepping stores-grin!) One year my husband bought me a small chain saw and another year a gun(but I wanted those items)
    50s here -very weird for Dec.
    PS Guys what would you all like for Christmas? Good ideas for us girlfriends and wives.
    I already bought my husband his favorites -the yearly edition of Gun Digest, Gun Values etc.and anything to do with guns ,ammo,fishing.

    • Arlene, depending on the budget here is a broad generic list

      – Low cost digital night vision from Considering I cannot afford Gen3 night vision. If one could then, by all means.

      – One of Rourke’s mentioned flashlights. Can never really have enough flash lights. The recent OS1 Baton light is pleasantly nice. I paid a little extra at $55.95, after initially clicking on Rourke’s link through Amazon. I located one with battery case, flash light belt case, rechargeable battery, charger, and of course the light. It’s not as bright as some of my other ones, but it’s boss enough for something so small and does take any space up in my pocket or when I where it on my belt.

      – One of those cool little remote control quad copters:

      – Nice knife sharping kit of some type for different knife sizes.

      – Good and versatile Columbia rain jacket that can be used in the woods or in the professional world.

      – Perhaps a good knife.

      – Really nice high end Axe.

      – Decent Food dehydrator.

      – Good pair of shooting glasses and ear protection.

      – Rifle or gun carrying case.

      – Paid for Concealed Handgun class.(Already have mine, but a good gift)

      – A good pair of outdoor gloves to keep your hands warm is always a winner.

      – Good pair of outdoor boots for that matter. Perhaps some Merrell 🙂

      – Good boot socks. Can always use a good pair of winter or thick padded boot socks.

      – Rainproof outfit.

      – A nice pair of binoculars.

      – Very comfortable computer chair. Those things can be expensive.

      – Backpack

      – Tools of any type.

      – New set of tires. Also very expensive

      – Baofeng radio(s) or any extras like antenna’s etc.

      – DeWalt Lithium battery cordless drill

      – A nice set of comfortable slippers.

  3. Arlene;
    We started one year .. we wrote and decorated ceramic disks to each other … “dinner out”. “foot massage”, Movie”, fishing trip (written on the side of a lure”, etc etc .. They were redeemable whenever the barer wants them. At the time we didn’t have much and it was a way to spread out the cost of whatever it was. We had some we gave each other that cost nothing. Anything .. be .. creative. I really enjoy them and they are good stocking stuffers.. just a thought. One actually was blank .. it’s for whatever you want when you want it.. Liiikkkeee.. Laundry for a week .. We both HATE doing that .. so it’s a good out if you need it some week, and not in the mood to negotiate.

  4. Our society seems to produce something for everyone and a lot of new is redundant. When I was very young, I wanted weapons that would shoot every different caliber in the Lyman reloading book. Later as I became more aware of the vulnerabilities of our society, the diversity of my weapons diminished dramatically. Everything now is .22LR, .45 acp, 5.56×45/.223, 7.62×51/.308WIN, .300WinMag. I have a few weapons that shoot .22mag. .380 and 9mm Lugar and the occasional Mauser in 8mm but by and large the main battle rifles are 7.62×51 and pistol .45 acp with smaller representations in .22LR. Any other strategy leads to storing a lot of oddball ammunition with little hope of replenishment in hard times.

    I always thought the whole 9mm/10mm/.40 now 9mm again FBI strategy a bit weird, no doubt fueled by the need to discover an effective round most female agents can shoot. Sure 9mm bullets have improved, so have .45acp and .308. Back in the day, agents were equipped with Colt Monitor Automatic Machine Rifles in .30-06 (a variant of the 1918 BAR), a manly weapon for sure. Most female agents would have problems even lifting one of these venerable boat anchors. Times change along with coping strategies but I think my focus on limiting calibers to those proven effective and common to be wise.



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