From the Desk of John Rourke – August 31st, 2015

Ben Carson is gaining in the polls. I like it. I like that there are several candidates in the running that are NOT career politicians. For years people have said they wished a non-politician would run. Well – here we are.

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Just picked up a Sawyer Mini Water Filter. Have heard many good things about this filter. High volume life and super portable and lightweight. Looking forward to testing and evaluating it.

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FYI – went shooting Saturday with a friend and young son. We were shooting his 40S&W as well as my 9mm. He loaded his .40 with 3 9mm rounds and 2 .40 rds. Guess what happened…..

Wait for it….wait for it….

It fired!!!!

The mag was inserted when he handed it to me and I racked the slide. It stripped a 9mm round off the top of the magazine and placed it in the chamber. The firing pin lined up with center of the 9mm round and when I pulled the trigger it fired.

It did NOT cycle the slide and I could tell something was wrong as there was little recoil.

The gun functioned fine with the correct ammo.

Lessons to be learned here. Similar situation can happen with other calibers such as .22lr and .22 mag and 5.56 and .300 Blackout.

Be safe out there.

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So President Obama is renaming Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. Interesting.


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  1. John I really like Mr.Carson as well but I think he blew it a while ago when the 2A was brought up and I think it will come back to haunt him.

    • TexasScout – Unfortunately it will go far enough into battery with disastrous results. Go do a search for “.300 Blackout in 5.56” and look at the pictures.

  2. I really like Carson. He’s thoughtful and passionate about problem solving. His recent editorial on the black lives matter movement in USA Today is the kind of honest truth telling missing in political speech.

  3. I will be interested in reading your thoughts on the Sawyer filter. I have 3 of the larger Sawyer filters with the gravity feed bucket attachment kits and am very impressed with them. They did change the bucket kit later in production. The first two I purchased had just a straight connection and the hose would fold and crimp off if you were not careful. The third one I purchased has a nice curved fitting that holds the hose in the proper position. They come with a back flushing syringe and are guaranteed for 1 million gallons. They also make one that filters down to .02 microns, but it is double the price.

  4. Question about the Sawyer Mini Water Filter. I was told by a competitor that the Sawyer quotes 100,000 gallon life expectancy, but that they have not done any ‘End of life’ testing to prove that it could come anywhere near 100,000 gallons. I also read their testing documentation (without falling asleep) and noted that the samples they collected for bacteria removal was done in total with less than ONE LITER of water. So are they saying that you can drink up to 100,000 liters of clean water through it, and if you use it for less than one liter of water it will be safe to drink? Is anyone aware of whether or not this is true, or if any additional testing has been done to confirm this? The Vendor also said that the filter was fragile in that the dialysis tubing used for filtration was bent in half to fit into the filter and that they are very fragile. Any input on either of these would be appreciated.

  5. Just can’t bring myself to believe a word that oozes out of Trump’s mouth. He’s as large a Narcissist as the Narcissist-in-Chief we currently are stuck with and I see no upside in putting the Devil-WE-DON’T-Know in for another 8 year term.
    Besides, I remain unconvinced he’s serious about running.

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