From the Desk of John Rourke – August 28th, 2015

This week has been a roller coaster ride of stock market turmoil and dangerous news from around the world. So, what has been happening?

– The stock market plummeted early this week after a downward end of last week. Volatility has been the word of the week as the market has had down numbers such as   – 531(Friday), -588, -205 and then rebounded to +619, and +369. What the future holds no one knows but the talk is major swings may become more frequent.

– There has been a surge of terrorist attacks against Israel this past week. Israel believes that these attacks come from the funding Iran has received from the nuclear deal with the United States.

How about this…….National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted that some of the money due to be released as part of the deal negotiated by the U.S. led P5+1 “would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region.”


North Korea is rattling its sabers again. From strange movements of their naval forces to moving short range missiles – North Korea is making some of its most aggressive moves in years.

A reporter and cameraman were killed on live TV as a news story was being reported this week. As it turns out the shooter was a gay, black man who felt he had been discriminated against by the station. Amazingly there have been no calls to ban the rainbow flag and I have not heard of any large groups of white people protesting and rioting in the streets crying racism. There have certainly been a renewed call for more gun control measures.

– Speaking of gun control – the Obama administration is sending officials to Mexico to participate in the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference. Reports are surfacing that the purpose of the attendance is to develop plans on how to institute the requirements of the treaty. Now – the treaty has not been ratified by Congress and it does not circumvent the 2nd Amendment but it may be used to further gun control initiatives.

Florida is bracing for the potential arrival of Erika – currently a tropical storm.

– As my “What in the world?” story – a man in Salt Lake City is the fourth person to die of the plague just this year. Nature can be quite evil……and dangerous.

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If you are looking for a good movie to see this weekend go see No Escape. I saw a special pre-release screener early this week and it rocked! A thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat through 80% of the movie.

Let me know if you see it and what you think. Have a great weekend!!


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  1. I believe that the plague is being planted. Yes rodents can carry the fleas etc. but why is it resurfacing at this particular time?
    Re: preps.Today I picked apples from our orchard with my grandchildren and daughter in law and then we made pies and dried apples.The dehydrator I bought last year on sale is great. Made in USA-Excalibur
    After the first frost I will be planting garlic for next years crop.
    We will be getting our flu shots soon.
    Please keep prepping and praying hard -for these are truly severe times but if most of the worlds population was wiped out maybe our earth could rebound from abuse and over population.. Arlene

  2. We are sitting here in central Florida, watching Erika and trying to figure out where she will go. Presently looking like she will go right up the middle as a TS. Only thing we have to do is pick up and secure the few pieces of lawn furniture. I can only imagine what Walmart and the other local stores will look like this weekend, as people realize that they have nothing in the house to get them by. It feels real good knowing that we have our preps in order and that we don’t have to go into town and deal with the idiots trying to grab anything they can before she hits. Just hope it doesn’t blow all of the fruit off the trees. Nothing is ready to be picked yet, and we would hate to loose it all.

  3. No Arlene, the plague is not being planted. Except by mother nature. This has been the wettest year in New Mexico that anyone that has lived here over 20 years can remember. And it has been that way all over the west. We had not only a bumper crop of weeds but also mosquitoes complete with tail markings and flying in formation. Rodents and their accompanying fleas are also high in population numbers. The drought is not over either, but at least some of the lakes and ponds that supply drinking water out here are much higher than they have been in the past decade.

  4. JAS I hope and pray you will be okj.Having lived through a hurricane I know its tough and can be devastating. Glad you are ready and prepped .I hope the fruit survives also.
    Border Reiver-thanks for the inf. I have some Native American friends in Arizona and several years ago the
    hunta virus was quite alive as well as the plague.
    Got our flu shots today as usually when the frost hits and the chi9ldren and college kids are all back to school -about 21 days later FLU starts spreading. This year I am going to try to arrange things so I only have to go to a store for fresh milk,eggs and bread so we can avoid the germs and driving in the ice and snow. Last year I did fairly well on minimal trips to the stores. Arlene

  5. I spent enough years in the Sierras where “the plague” from standard forest rodents like Golden Mantle ground squirrels, to chipmunks, was standard to have to deal with. I know it is not being “planted” it has merely spread throughout MOST US National Forests now in the country. Hanta Virus is a bit more “seasonal” than the bubonic plague, but BOTH are found in abundance in those cute little “Chip-N-Dale” critters all National Park visitors want to get video and photos of. That is HOW the plague and Hanta Virus is transmitted, through the fleas on those cute little critters, and those fleas jump to humans and BINGO! Another case of the “plague” or Hanta Virus is born. It is simple to avoid contracting either the “plague” or the Hanta Virus, avoid those cute little critters, “like the Plague”, there’s a REASON that statement IS still in existence.

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