From the Desk of John Rourke – August 24th, 2015

Late last week a mistrial occurred in the case of a white Charlotte, NC police officer being charged with the wrongful shooting death of an unarmed black man. There was a video showing the man running towards the officer and then a few seconds later you hear 4 shots – a pause – and then additional shots. The unarmed man was shot a total of 10 times.

I have read about the case and watched the video several times. I am not privy to all of the testimony and evidence. From everything I saw I can understand why the jury could not make a decision. I am not going to hash over this specific case but what I do want to bring up is the reaction to the declaration of the mistrial.

Friday evening after the announcement people started gathering in downtown Charlotte. Just like in other cities across the country such as Ferguson protests started. The protesters carried signs, yelled, and chanted. Here is what was disturbing – they acted like a bunch of ignorant buffoons. The vast majority of them were black which was not surprising. Pants hanging down exposing their underwear. Many were shirtless. Many actually placed bandanas around their face which formed a mask.

Many were peaceful and did not cause problems. Others got up in the faces of the large police response force. This was just outside the Charlotte Knights baseball stadium. I was watching all of this unfold on TV. There were scenes of protesters beating on the gates screaming “We are coming in there!!!” As soon as everything started stadium was locked down and the game continued. Numerous protestors laid in the middle of the road holding up traffic. I saw several instances where scuffles broke out between officers and the protesters when the protests became very aggressive towards the officers. The CHarlotte PD showed incredible restraint. Too much in my opinion.


Now this was nothing near the severity of Ferguson however here is a little insight to the issue and maybe some advice should you find yourself in the middle of it all:

My wife was in the ballpark while all this was going on just outside.

She was working in concessions and texting me every so often. She said at one point there was a group of men banging and pulling on the fencing just behind where she was at screaming and yelling. She was scared. As stated the park was locked down – no one was allowed in nor allowed to leave.

I texted her as the game was getting ready to end:

From what I have seen on the news the protestors are not being violent. When you leave do NOT look at anyone, make any faces like shaking your head. Do not talk to anyone or engage in any conversations.”

She left and made it home OK.

I get protesting. Absolutely – in fact I have thought of trying to organize protests against Planned Parenthood locally. The issue I have are these assclowns taking it out on other people. Innocent people. Well – in this case often if you were white or a cop you are guilty.

Be safe out there folks.







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5 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – August 24th, 2015”

  1. Interesting perspective, Rourke. A long time ago, while in law enforcement in southern California, I was involved in an incident that the Los Angeles Times reported on as did several other media outlets(broadcast). Since I was there when it happened, NONE of what was reported was remotely accurate, and no effort was ever made to find out WHAT, WHO, HOW happened, only the “political agenda/narrative was reported. The media literally made up “facts” about who did what to who, when and how. None of it was true, and none of their reporting was ever challenged by their media peers at anytime. All were surprised that no, it really wasn’t a law enforcement or Officer-invoved-shooting (OIS) at all, we were the ones who responded to the homeowner shooting two “young black teens” who beat the living crap outta the senior citizen male(homeowner who shot both suspects fatally after he regained consciousness) and after one had assaulted his wife, and the second one was attempting to. No effort was made at all, once the media whores KNEW the actual truth to change their initial reporting or false narratives they reported on.
    The truth is all we ever need and never needs a defense. Pity the political and media whores refuse to acknowledge that.

  2. Rourke-I just sent you an e mail re low IQ ..protester -if you choose to use it please delete the name of the woman who sent it to me and others. to whom I forwarded it. Thanks.It speaks volumes about what is going on in our black people refusing to take responsibility for the crimes of other black people.Dr Ben Carson spoke upon this very topic recently.Arlene

  3. As far as the officer shooting the black who charged him, in my opinion, without even seeing the video, he was right. If he committed to having to use deadly force, he had to have seen a threat. As one of my close friends in Mobile, AL told me, when he went thru his training as a British SAS trooper, they were instructed to “shoot the threat down”. That’s all I need to know.

    As to the protesters….there are two types. The ones with an opinion that they have a constitutional right to express AS LONG AS, it is done in a peaceful manner and they do not threaten nor intimidate bystanders. The second type are not protesters. Once they cross the line and become violent, regardless of race, in my opinion, they are nothing more than terrorists and should be dealt with accordingly. And that includes being fired upon.

  4. threat assessment is a hard thing to quantify in the heat of the moment. Things happen very quickly and then there is no substitute for trained reflex. I loathe the way departmental budgets get stripped of training dollars .. so range time and rounds.. I won’t say the newsies get it right ever.. they have to dramatize if not falsify the events to SELL air time and careers.. theirs… In the space of parts of seconds people have to make life and death decisions .. Police/Military/citizens… Of course people will make mistakes .. There is not perfect way to prevent it .. train them and let them do their job .. stop playing budget games… If you are running at an officer asking for help or yelling angrily with clenched fists or a raised weapon . They know the difference and are totally justified to respond with force if they feel it is a real threat ..
    It can be said that the incidence has risen.. I am sure it has .. but in line with violent crime .. more crime.. more incidents
    Rioting is useless .. Demonstrating is not .. both draw attention and that is what is wanted, but for totally different objectives IMO..
    also IMO both budgets and response are politically driven .. and the guys and galls enforcing order are caught squarely between a very large rock and an immovable hard place..


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