From the Desk of John Rourke – August 20th, 2015

This year has gone by so fast. Wow. Seems like just yesterday was it was the Fall of 2014. I am looking forward to the coming Fall weather though. It has been extremely hot here in the South.

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I am really looking forward to the Sun Oven MSO Webinar next week. It is going to be very informative and I hope many of you will be able to join us for the event. I have been using my Sun Oven for the past several weeks and it is an awesome off-grid cook system. It is really worth the investment.

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Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood

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Please welcome Harvest Right to the MSO family. They just signed up as a site sponsor. If you are not familiar with they are a leading manufacturer of home freeze dryers. I also just received some samples of foods processed using their equipment. I will report back on the taste test.

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I just received word that Brownells is having a huge sale on “Black Rifles”. Click on the banner below for more information. Ends the 23rd.

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Hey – I am going to have several giveaways upcoming. How to enter? Don’t know. It will be simple. Stay tuned.

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Been looking at building an EDC kit similar to what is in the picture below. Click on it to enlarge. Lots of items and very diversified. My own EDC “stuff” is primarily kept in my Jeep and a small compartment in the back. I don’t go anywhere without the Jeep. On my person I keep just a few basic items such as keys, pocket knife, wallet, and pistol.




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  1. Rourke.I have seen the Harvest in the magazines Mother Earth News and Backwoods Home Magazine. I will check them out. Soon I will be dehydrating apples and pears for the first time.I bought an Excelsior Dehydrator last year on sale.I will let you all know how it goes.
    The EDC pack looks pretty awesome-will check out the price. Arlene

  2. I love the idea of the root cellar. However that only works in some parts of the US. Here in South Texas, the ground temps down to 4-6 feet can get over 85 degrees in the summer. Not ideal for a rood cellar. No my water well, at 418 feet has a year round temp of 72 degrees….

  3. My wife and I live near the HQ of Harvest Right and I have looked into them. and I would like to offer my humble opinion. First the facts. The Freeze Dryer costs just over $3500.00 plus taxes. The dryer takes 24 hours to dry one batch of whatever you put in it. When I spoke with one of their experts they told me that the shelf life of food dried in their product would be around 15 years if properly sealed. Then at the PrepperCon in our area they told me that it would be around 20 years (Today their website advertises 25+ years so somewhere in there is the answer). To properly seal the food you would need an oxygen absorber, and airproof containers.

    My wife and I decided that if we purchased one of these and had absolutely NO repairs and were able to process food 5 days a week in 20 years we would…be absolutely exhausted. Humor aside we decided to look at other options and we ended up focusing on food that was already freeze-dried. We have gone with Thrive Foods which has a shelf life of 25 years (except for only a couple of their items), is non-GMO, and mostly Gluten Free. We found that for the 3500 we would spend on the drier, plus the cost of containers, a sealing device, and oxygen absorbers, we could purchase a LOT of healthy food. We have also found that we save money and have less waste in addition to deepening our larder. While the ability to have a freeze drier at home is appealing, the price point is still higher than we wanted to commit to. Especially for device the size of a mini fridge that will consume power takes up space, and has a capacity of about one #10 can. In addition you will still need to purchase the food to put in it to boot.

    So in closing it is similar to ammunition. You can buy the materials, hardware and invest the time to reload your own, or you can just buy it and store it at todays prices, not what it will cost over the next 20 years.

  4. Looks a lot like my SERE kit. I carry one in my strong side cargo leg pocket, another in my ruck for my daily EDC. A IFAK in my weak side cargo pocket and another in my ruck.

  5. I think the Harvest Right would be a decent investment for a group or church perhaps. I sure don’t have that kind of money…

  6. What does EDC stand for? Wow what an expensive item -Harvest Right is. Yes Grammyprepper-if a group or large family invested together it might be worth it. Arlene

  7. Wow, that kit is sweet! I wish they sold a ready made kit like this, minus the cash of course lol, it would save a lot of time, I’ve yet to see anyone offer a high-quality kit like this on the market I know there would be cost but for the time that they would save seems like there would be a high demand, I for one would buy one!

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