From the Desk of John Rourke – August 18th, 2015

A buddy of mine was talking about current events and how it seems like the “zombie apocalypse” is coming. He was not aware of my interest in preparedness. I mentioned to him about the Meet Up group I attend every month and he was interested. He asked a lot of questions and we had a good conversation. He may attend my next Meet Up event.

The questions asked were the typical ones……

What are you preparing for?

Do you store extra food? What kind?

What about water?

What do you do about power? Generator?

Do you have an evacuation plan or someplace to go?


I find it difficult when talking to a newbie to contain myself. What I mean is I tend to talk “too big” about my suggested reps. The problem is if I sit there and tell them to store away 3 months of food they will think I am nuts. So – I talk about the issues with Just In Time delivery systems and recommend putting back an extra week or two of food.

I use the example of going camping. I say, “Hey, think about what you would take on a camping trip for a week and make sure you have that stuff stored away. Flashlights, candles, food, water, sanitation.” Usually the response is pretty positive and “Man, that makes a lot of sense.”

A lot of people are waking up. Preparedness is not overly complicated and it’s not rocket science. Beyond normal crisis events like hurricanes, power outages and job loss there are some treacherous times approaching. I can feel it in my bones and I really hope that it’s just aging I am feeling.

Take care all –




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  2. Rourke- What are the advantages for you ( as well as for any of us)to attend a Meet Up group?
    While I am strongly sensing that something disastrous will occur-I am also for the first time in a long time feeling hopeful that a new Rep. President will be able to turn the tide of our great nation once again.
    When people can relate to something they or a friend shave exp. such as a power outage-earthquake etc, then they can visualize the need to be prepared more easily than those who have never
    had a problem with daily life being interrupted.
    My heart goes out to all those in the western states who have prepared and who have lost it all in those horrific wild fires.
    Capt Turbo- yes we can sharpen our own knives-smiles !!!

  3. I would like to know if any like-minded folks r in the Montgomery, AL area. If so, I would like to share preparedness thoughts for the tough times we all know r coming. I have a plan, but the distance to it concerns me. I’m looking for someone near by who could be a preparedness partner — so to speak.

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