From the Desk of John Rourke – August 17th, 2015

Seems like daily there are more reports of existing threats that reinforce the need to prepare. Don’t let those naysayers who live in an oblivion of ignorance plant seeds of doubt that preparations for “whatever” is anything but common sense. It is necessary.

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“I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.”

Thomas Jefferson

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Picked up a very nice Hoyt compound bow this past Friday. Still have to get the draw length set up for me and get some arrows. I like bows.


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Couple times this past week I swear I can feel and smell Fall in the air. When the weather starts cooling down I really get into stock up mode. I guess it comes from my living in the frigid North for years where people did a lot of things to get Winter Ready.

As I type this it is almost 90 outside. So much for the feel of Fall.

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Netflix is a wonderful thing and an incredible value. Over this past weekend I watch the TV series Graceland. Fantastic police/action series. Great show.




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  1. Rourke and everyone.Yes it is hot and humid here in the Northeast . Rourke you are correct though re: autumn.The signs are here- mums are blossoming,apples and pears are ripening on the trees,some leaves are changing color already,many birds have flown south and the wildlife are scurrying about gathering nuts and acorns that are falling early.Stores are selling school supplies and Labor day is approaching .
    We are preparing to make apple pies,apple sauce, dried apples and pear jam.
    For those in the cold climates my fall list includes- cutting and splitting more firewood,putting plastic up on the few old windows that we havent yet replaced- stuffing more insulation in the cellar and around the foundation where pipes froze last year- its never too early to prepare .I will also be planting some flower bulbs, garlic bulbs, and wildflower seeds and harvesting the last of the herbs for cooking and medicinal use.
    What sorts of tasks do those in the south focus on in the fall? Arlene

  2. i have had a restlessness kind of a dull ache , that I’m not getting ready quick enough ,that time is running out soon. my wife is a nay sayer and thinks I’m loosing it, making plans to get here from work not if but and when the SHTF, I don’t know why she cant see it comeing. am I crazy , or is she in denial ? I just cant egnore the feeling inside me to prep and fast.

  3. mike;
    In most relationships .. or at least mine.. there is the nurturer and caregiver .. family .. hearth and relationships. While I think I am fair at both .. I am absolutely they one that fixes it.. breaks it if it needs it .. protects it and stands between whatever IT is and them.. You know .. provide and protect. I plan for it.. I work towards it and you should never ignore your gut. I always ask myself .. What is the worst that could happen if I am wrong ? Then I ask What’s the worst that could happen if they are? I don’t view my role as needing to ask permission .. and I am not saying you are either. My wife is fairly tolerant of my projects and is on-board with disaster preparedness. We had a close call wit a tornado. She called and I said get BOB and drag him to the storm locations and wait. She would have the basics if I was not there .. while I was coming back home. I was ok with that and so was she. I’d rather invest in that than 1% in a savings account. My Rules is : “Never take anything away from my family that they need just to prep. Notice I say need and not want.
    Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the absolutely treasonous government actions and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell where it COULD go. It translates into a flurry of action as long as I apply my rule.. and the rest is plodding along slowing accumulating what I need as John mentions.
    I could actually buy 3 years of stuff and live a hole .. on land that is paid for and hunker down.. I’d rather get out there and live it.. plan what I can .. and learn as much as I can .. all you can do is all you can do .. then you could not have done more.. rambling sorry ..
    later gang

  4. Been in the high 80’s and low 90’s here in Iowa and the leaves are beginning to fall. Landlady had a fit when she saw I was carrying one day not too long about: “What are you afraid of?” “What do I have to be afraid of with a .44 Magnum in my pocket?” She’s 75 or so and starting to lose her main bearing bolts. We’re moving. I had a mother. She died 5 years ago, and I don’t need another one. But MY Mom was a farm girl where guns were common in the 20’s in Floyd County, Iowa. And considerably smarter than this old biddy hen too.

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