From the Desk of John Rourke – August 13th, 2015

There continues to be a lot of chatter of a pending financial crisis coming – soon. Talking with a lot of “non-preppers” it seems like this feeling of an impending crisis is spreading.

A friend of mine just found out his father-in-law recently got his CWP. Why? Worried about the times that lay ahead. His brother-in-law just acknowledged that he started storing away extra food. I recently started  a preparedness “Meet Up” group via and had a few people come to the first meeting that have no idea what to do when it comes to preparedness. They see what is happening in the world and feel like something is coming.

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I want to see more specifics from the Trump camp. I still believe he is not electable. He says too many nutty things and is so unlike any other candidate before him. He also says a lot of things that resonate with the frustrated American populace. Me? It is too early and I have a lot of questions regarding he stance on issues. I still like Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Hell – there are several great candidates and I just hope one of them makes it to run against Hillary.

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There is nothing happening in Ferguson that an Apache 64 helicopter won’t fix.

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Been a while since  posted up any pictures of my dogs – Jake and Bella. Love these husky’s!! Awesome dogs and are part of the family.


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This is insane. I have had hiccups for two days. They will briefly go away and then return shortly later. It is driving me crazy. Tried all the typical remedy’s…..nothing.

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  1. John, you mentioned hiccups, a problem i had for years. used to be the only solution i found was to go outside and run for a block while holding my breath. always worked but rather tedious. then i discovered that a quarter teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a cup of water worked wonders. drink and instantly stops hiccups for me. your mileage may vary. j.

  2. Glad to hear they doing something, I do feel the window is closing. IMO, the NWO is already in place and we are just seeing the hand slowly closing and final tweaks being implemented with laws, policies and regulations. Like a Roman legion surrounding a city and sealing it off.

  3. I would/will never vote for Trump. For starters his arrogance is more than I can stand. This will clearly affect his decision making and if we the people get on this *beep* list for whatever reason. You know he will gladly tell you to take a flying leap. Um..yeah, we got somebody in that position now.

    Secondly, his childish tantrums offend me to the hilt. This spits in my face as a parent teaching children NOT to act that way. So, we are on his “good side” now and he currently agrees with our perspective. What if that all changes. Don’t believe he would do that? Just google the pictures and words of him with the clintons. I.e. see the resultant of that based on the first 2 descriptions.

    The only thing he has going for him right now is the fact he’s telling everyone in the guberment what everyone is feeling in the words we use everyday and not pc words. Everyone is so pissed off, because the people we elected for congress are not standing up for us. He’s only riding and emotional wave. The other factor, the media. You’ve got to ask yourself why the liberal media is pushing him out front so hard.The media is pushing him out front on purpose to intentionally flame up people’s emotions. Clearly, they want a large portion of republicans to vote for him so it takes away from the prime candidate allowing the democrat to win. In my daily interactions with people, even those who I don’t hang out with daily. Every single one of them have laughed at/mocked Trump. None of them said they would vote for him. Not because of his immigrant statements or the crap currently going on with Fox, but based on his record. So the point begs a question, why is the media pushing his stories out front so much?

    The only one….the absolute only one who has a fact record of standing by his word and an unchanged course..Ted Cruz. Cruz/Jindall.

  4. Old folks like me might remember the smell of napalm in the morning…

    The rioters seem to lack a basic understanding of civilized behavior and certainly no understanding of the judicial system. Ferguson now has its new black officials who seem just as inept as their predecessors.

    Participatory government such as that of our Republic requires a certain fundamental mindset among its citizens. That mindset is lacking in Ferguson.

    Perhaps the malcontents should be rounded up and deported to Somalia where their actions would fit the norm rather than the exception. Of course we cannot do anything so crude and uncivilized. Instead we should continue to reward unwed mothers for having more children thus creating an unending supply of perpetual wards of the state.


  5. My grandmother (I’m 60, so…) could always cure the hiccups. I’ve only recently seen a physiological reason for why it works. Just in front of your ears (where that little bump of cartilage is) is the path of the Vagus Nerve. Press the little bumps on both ears until you have the same effect as putting your fingers in your ears. Make sure both ears are stopped up. Now hold your breath and swallow repeatedly. As a kid, I had to drink water, but it works with a dry swallow. The vagus nerve controls your diaphragm and this routine ‘resets’ it. Also, thorazine has the odd additional side effect of stopping chronic hiccups, but I wouldn’t take anti-psychotics unless I ABSOLUTELY had to. Good luck.

  6. For years I been called the wacky neighbor. My children and grand children called me nutty. Now they all want to know what to do, what to buy and how to protect their cash??? I bless that my kids have done well for themselves and can shell out the $30-$40K to come up to speed, but the question is will they actually do it. The one thing they can’t seem to grasp is the principal of possession!! They can’t believe the Retirement, 401K’s, IRA’s college funds and cash not in their possession will evaporate.

  7. as you said Trump is not electable.. He appeals to people by bluntly stating publicly what a lot of people think. It’s a little like a comedian whose job is loudly and profanely stating the things that make people uncomfortable. He is good as an agitator to get topic into the discussion. “The emperors new clothes”. Agitators are good for stirring things up and a cook with a recipe needs them to spread the ingredients around. It’s the cook with the recipe and the quality of the ingredients I worry about. I don’t yet have a firm idea of the cooks or the recipes. I will however after the debates and moving forward, eliminate those who only want to bash other candidates. They are agitators, not cooks. Of course when enough candidates to field two opposing football teams .. it is confusing. Wait and watch and see what the pressure brings. I am sure it will reveal character or lack thereof.

    Electronic money will not be negotiable and will not be available.. it’s WHY the market wanted to remove cash and go debit card.. It doesn’t really belong to you now if just they allow you to use it.. its a conditional pretense..

    We do a meetup in Tipton County TN.. it’s been as helpful to expand my circle of friends as it has topical knowledge..
    Anybody heard of people selling space for compounds or space within a compound for the SHTF Bug out whatever .. I recently ran across this in EAST TN..
    where a land owner would allow placement or building out of remote access space .. His is invitation only .. but bares a cost up front or rental ..
    I’ll call it unique .. and it does not seem to be a scam .. but a real way to cluster some capable people.. Part of the invitation is WHAT Skills do you bring based on what they have .. Just wondered if anyone had hear of it …

    • I get your point .. consider this .. When in power he will do whatever he wants and that is that .. and you might say “How is that different than now ?” .. and you be right but IMO that IS the point. Secondly .. can you see him in any way talking diplomatically with any foreign government ? I can’t . I don’t mind saying no or telling them they are crazy .. or removing the UN .. all something I want .. but you do need to say it in a non WWIII way .. and I don’t think he can. again IMO

  8. Hiccups: this is a spasm in the diaphragm muscle group. Vigorously RUB the nerve cluster controlling it==in the area of an underwire bra (irregardless of gender), then invite a friend to RUB your back in the spaces between vertebra. Let me know…

  9. I’m afraid “the Donald” is merely another symptom of what ails this country, stupidity and a complete lack of civic responsibility. Oh, I understand his draw but reason and fact finding should alone eliminate him from any consideration. For some reason I have continuously believed that people are inherently open-minded, curious to the point of inquisitiveness. That it comes natural to question things and search for truth. Surely people prefer the truth to lies. That no one willingly plays the fool……. I was wrong. You can just slightly point one towards even the most blatantly obvious thing, you know, stuff anyone with the critical thinking skills of a fifth-grader could see and understand. But no, if it goes against some already held belief you quickly realize that many prefer the lie to the truth, no matter the cost. It’s a disheartening thing.

    Be ever thankful that you have a brain….and the willingness to use it…..

  10. a spoonful of peanut butter for the hiccups. . . . . trump is a plant/spoiler. . . . just heard jessie ventura may be his running mate. . . . .total foolishness. more folks are asking questions about preparing. I try to offer advice without giving away the store. . . . or the combination to the safe.

  11. The only 2 in my opinion that could be voted for are Trump or Carson–outsiders and NON CAREER thieves–I mean politicians. Trump is brash and at times seems like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum–He REALLY irritates all of them and has no political correctness whatsoever. I like that–WE DO NOT NEED PC at this time or at any time and I don’t disagree with anything he has said up till this point to include John MCcain–what has he done for the veterans in the last 40 years in the senate–NOTHING-. Carson–seems a bit slow on the uptake to me . I like what he has to say but damn man–spit it out in a timely manner—don’t dwell for 5 minutes–makes me think your thinking of what people want to hear. The rest–same as what we got–I not sure it makes any difference at this point–I do like trump because he’s not taking anyone’s money and therefore he’s not beholding to anybody BUT over the years he shows the same flip flop shit we see with the rest of the idiots. Carson–not sure he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the depth of the job–Cruz would be my fall too guy–Texas–republic–filibusters on the floor of the senate- HATES OMONKEY—we DO NOT NEED ANOTHER BUSH OR CLINTON–god that makes my stomach roll. This is going to be a pivotal vote in our history—if we make it to that vote–We need to make it count–those whorocrats get in again–that’s it–

  12. OhSoTired,
    I agree. The only two that are not professional politicians are Trump and Carson. I don’t care for Trump and don’t think he can get elected. However, he is bringing up issues the rest of the candidates are too PC to even approach. He has the tact of the brick thru a plate glass window. My hope is that he can stir up the pot. As far as credentials, well, Obama proves just about anyone is qualified to be president. Anyone from the Gospel Mission on Saturday mornings qualifies if you use Obama as a yardstick.

  13. Rourke- hiccups can be stopped by using a muscle relaxant to stop the spasms. You can try a prescription or use herbs such as valerian root, Sometimes if someone comes up to the person with hiccups scares them for a second- then the hiccups stop.cups and surprises them-
    Hope you can be free of them.Let us know ok. Arlene

    PS I will be voting for Carson or Ted Cruz

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