From the Desk of John Rourke – August 11th, 2015

I had announced several times that I would be AFK (away from keyboard) all last week but I never mentioned what I was going to be doing. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for the week. It was a blast.

I sailed out of Port Canaveral, Florida. First stop was the island of Coco Cay. Next was Nassau for the entire day. The following day was spent on the ocean and the last day arrived back Port Canaveral.

I will share more details later on in the week. Until then – here is a preview:

I still managed to get a workout in on the ship.
I still managed to get a workout in on the ship.

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I like a lot that Trump is saying and the fact that he says it like it is. The problem is he just says too much. He is not polished and says things that will be used to pit the general voter against him. He is not electable. If he goes 3rd party the election of Hillary Clinton as President is guaranteed.

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I am looking at a project fixing up a pickup truck. Any thoughts or suggestions on the model to use? I have thought of a 1986 Toyota 4×4 pickup. A Jeep Cherokee also would make a good choice but I would prefer a pickup.

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This weekend The Group is meeting and one of the agenda items is goals. We are getting together and looking out 1 year. By next August what do we as a team want to accomplish? Why 1 year from now? Well, I guess you could call it a gut feeling. Many of us just have a feeling that time is getting shorter. We need to step up our preparations and time is critical.

Do you have that feeling? If so – what are you doing about it?

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  1. Jeeps are fine, one just needs a high axle wagon. Wagons optimize short wheel base vehicles for off road travel but can be hazardous at highway speeds. As you know, I named my old CJ5 TEOTEAWKI and of course, I built that perfect wagon to hold all of the supplies TEOTEAWKI cannot.

    Trump seems to be all about him and how rich he is. I worry that he has a lot of NYC ideas and similar baggage.

    Just imagine, Mesdames Clinton and Pelosi, the perfect pair and wonderful candidates for the Presidency.


  2. I have a 2014 wrangler unlimited, took in offroading in the south florida swamp last weekend. Just put a bumper on front with a winch and rear bumper. Got a hi jack just in case as well. After 6 hours of exploring and going through some really deep mud we made it through with only 1 recovery which took 5 min with the winch. Had a blast. Surprised everyone being it was mostly stock. Gained respect of bunch of locals. After that trip I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good stock vehicle to use to get out of dodge.

  3. A pickup is great and once you get used to having one it’s hard to be without. We have an F250 and a Jeep Wrangler (unlimited rubicon) and both are very useful for many different uses.
    Goals for us are not group specific as our group wanted to be more social than practical. We are trying to balance leisure time, family time and preparedness. We have a few trips coming up and then it’s really diving into preparedness to knock out a lot of goals before winter. No idea on time frame for anything happening but we find that our preps get used all the time so we keep the pressure on ourselves.
    Politics… no thanks, just another distraction that never seems to change.

  4. Trump is like the old time traveling medicine show salesman (without the pleasing disposition) peddling his cure all elixir. It’s dishearteningly to see so many buy into his snake oil remedies.

    I prefer driving a truck myself (f350 diesel duelly). Since you already own a nice wrangler have you given any thought to a small, high axle trailer. Something with storage compartments for gear and such. I have thought often about building one for myself but I’ve already bugged out so there isn’t any need. A good used Toyota 4×4 would be a great option, reliable and good on fuel but they can be rather pricy.

  5. I agree that time is of the essence! My gut feeling is similar to your own. I believe whatever will happen, will happen quickly and whoever is not awake, aware and prepared will most likely be lost in the choas. I am telling friends and family to be prepared for a complete societal breakdown; be prepared to hunker down and self-sustain for 3-6 months. The chaos will become worldwide but here in America, I believe the current government system will fail, perhaps be toppled? Watching the current batch of 2016 presidential wanna-be’s – on both sides – is almost surreal. It’s like reality TV. Politicians, the media, our apathetic, uninformed neighbors — it’s bread and circuses. It’s unsustainable. I pay close attention and ready myself and my family for whatever comes — I pray with all my heart that I will have courage to weather the storm.
    Homeschool Mom in MD

  6. I can’t bring myself to vote for a politician as I blame them for the direction the country is going; even if they are in the minority party or a governor of a state.

    My vote will go for Trump, Dr. Carson, or Ms. Fiorina if they are nominated or else I will stay at home on election night.

    The best thing about Dr. Carson is that I trust that he would never use the power of the government to attack his opponents/enemies like the current President has.

    I would lean toward Toyota or Nissan if I were building an off-road vehicle. My 02 Frontier, which I brought new, has never been in for maintenance – save oil changes, tires, and windshield wipers.

    I appreciate the notes from your desk

  7. Back in the day I used a VW Van to get around the less traveled areas of WY, MT, UT, & NV, never a problem. Later I traversed most of NV with a 2 WD 1/4 ton Ford Ranger, again no real problems. Next up was heavy off roading in NV deserts and mountains using a mid 80s Jeep Grand Wagoneer, again no real problems. All did not have any under carriage skid plates etc. The reason for not getting stuck was looking at the route to be traveled and identifying problems and possible resolutions. The only PIA issue was getting a flat when the spare was in the stock under-carriage carrier, but that was on me. Move the spare tire tire(s) to body level and ‘flat proof’ tires, consider under carriage plates, a 2d battery and charging system upgrades, and a way to make that winch movable & useable on the rear bumpers. Remember when using a 4×4 vehicle, that last 4 is the exponential increase of getting into trouble when using 4 WD and not thinking trough the terrain.

  8. Time gettng shorter?!? Try 1 to 3 months, not 1 year. Been increasing my associated preps for over a year now and as multiple sources continually point to an economic crash Sept-Dec time frame (Sept/Oct most commonly noted), there isn’t much time left. Working hard to tie down loose ends and identify any short comings.

  9. When I was 34, I had a 4X4, F-150 Long bed, 33″ tires with lift kit, Duel tanks, 351 Cleveland Engine with four on the floor, Diamond front bumper platform with wench and four lights, 4 jerry can racks, Gun rack, SB radio, Roll bar behind the cab. Duel headers package. I called her Big Bertha. Miss her much. I came home one day to find my self a single Dad raising two little girls 8 and 9, wife ran off with some dude from her past, guess she left a fire in her heart for him. Anyway being new single Dad I had a choice keep the truck or the four door sedan. I kept the sedan. Though it would easier on the girls and such.
    As to getting ready, I am working as fast as I can. It will come sooner then later. All the signs are there, All you have seen it. Pillars of society are crumbling (Financial, Political/Corporate Corruption, Tyranny, IMF, On every level. Biological bugs, Just look at the latest thing with the Water spill caused by another alphabet agency (EPA) 3 million gallons. All of the sudden preppers don’t look so stupid now do they.

  10. John, I also believe within the next year something is going to happen and continue to prep as best I can. Trump is bringing out things the politicians do not want to talk about, but as president, I don’t think so, I’m leaning towards Fiorina, Cruz, or Carson. Some years of Toyota were prone to rusting out so check them out.

  11. Most HP stockholders remember Fiorina as the person who ended HP supremacy as a producer of world class electronic instrumentation – and pretty much trashed the company in the process. Have a look at her time at HP before casting the vote her way.


  12. Rourke -Yes I feel the something major will happen within the next year.I also feel that this country CAN be
    saved if a Republican gets the vote.I respect and like Ben Carson .
    Please Cortney vote -its crucial .
    Linda yes I pray for us all that we will have what it takes when the SHTF. You sound like a great Mom.I also educated our children at home right through high school. Arlene

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