From the Desk of John Rourke – August 10th, 2015

Political correctness has taken a another step towards total oblivion of common sense as the department store chain Target is removing labels which designate “girls” or “boys” in the toy, bedding, and other areas. The demise of America is well underway and the Liberal, Progressive, anti-Christian left is gaining foothold.


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Just an FYI in case you are unaware: Do not, I repeat do NOT enter the ocean with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cell phone in your pocket. Cell reception is just horrible afterwards.

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Getting ready to yank everything out of the garden this coming weekend. I have a couple watermelons left but time to get it ready for the Fall.

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Another FYI: If you own dogs and love them check the treats you are buying. If they are made in China get rid of them. There are a lot of stories of these treats containing all kinds of harmful ingredients including glass.

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While the unemployment percentage continues to drop the number of those not working continues to increase.

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Although I am not a technology freak requiring every new gadget that comes out I do enjoy modern technology. Cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth-this, and wireless-that – it can be fun.

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11 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – August 10th, 2015”

  1. Rourke, I have been without a job tor four years now! Struggling to become self employed with my existing skillset, more like less than part time wages for full time work.

  2. I do not shop at or spend my monies in businesses who’s politics I do not believe in or endorse. It makes no sense to me to disagree mightily with a business that supports issues I don’t believe in or hate and then put my money in there back pocket. IMO, knowledge makes you accountable and responsible, you can speak with your wallet. I do not spend my money in (Target, Burger King, Levi’s, Kenneth Cole, Time Warner, Subway, Star Buck, Square, Micro Soft, Nike) etc for these reasons.

  3. Government math, unemployment rate goes down as the number of people not working goes up, wish I could use their math formula to work less hours and make more money. My wife checks the labels to see where a product is made and if it is China it is put back on the shelf. It seems that we give China money and buy their products and the use some of that money to loan back so we can buy more Chinese products which in tend to be cheap and in many cases harmful, then we have to be beholding to them because of our debt to them, amazing.

  4. I get a chuckle from all the “gender neutral” focus. In a few years it will be back to normal as women will wonder where all the “real men” went and men will wonder the same about women who want to raise a family and help manage a comfortable, well-adjusted, and welcoming home.

    I appreciate your site and your efforts

  5. Unemployment these days is rather unique to this generation due to several factors. One being is the wholesale outsourcing of American jobs. This points the finger at Corporation Owners, Board members and Politics and to some degree technology.

    There use to be a Symbiotic relationship from Top down to bottom up. There was a level of harmony and balance. The employer provided the mechanism and the vision, the employee provided the muscle and the skill. Not so anymore.

    The employer/Govt, changed the rules in the middle of the game as they say to benefit them selves at your cost due mostly to greed.

  6. Badger359,
    Sorry, but I have to take issue with your assessment of American jobs. There are reasons for the outsourcing of jobs.

    a. According to Wikipedia…

    “At 35%, the United States has the highest nominal top corporate tax rate in any of the world’s developed economies.[1] However, the average corporate tax rate in 2011 dipped to 12.1%, its lowest level since before World War I, largely due to the great recession and a bonus depreciation tax break.”

    A company is in the business to make money. Tax it to heavily, it will either die or leave the country.

    b. Our government, the one elected by the uninformed electorate, and also the one that has a duty to protect this country, has historically bowed to the agreements and treaties which allow low cost, inferior manufactured products, seafood, meat and produce to enter this country at the expense of our manufacturing and farming.

    NAFTA is exactly what Ross Peroit said it would be. A huge sucking noise of American jobs being sucked out of our country to the south. Our government has sacrificed the jobs in this country for the sake of international agreements. Initially, your question would be aimed at corporate management. But who is behind the corporate management. Who sits on the board of directors. If research is done, you’ll find an incesturous relationship on the board of directors where members will be on numerous boards. That brings the various boards of industries the commonality of input from these board members. What a board member sponsors on one board he or she is a member of is automatically sponsored at another. Before long, a segment of manufacturing has the power of lobbying to push the government into agreements beneficial to the segment of manufacturing (which is not necessarily representative of the management). And oh by the way, the representatives we elected get their pockets lined. Yep, that’s greed.

    c. Our government has been instrumental in the “dumbing down” of our educational system to the extent that America is at the bottom of the list. Ever sit down with your kids and look at some of the math problems in Common Core? What a joke.

    According to U.S. News….”Nearly 1.7 million high school graduates took the ACT college entrance exam in 2012, testing their knowledge of four core subjects—English, math, science, and reading. But most of those students are not prepped for success in college or the workforce, according to a report released today by ACT, Inc. More than a quarter of 2012 graduates fell short of college readiness benchmarks that ACT sets for all four subjects, and 60 percent of students tested missed the mark in at least two of the four subjects, the report states.”

    d. Our education system no longer supports the needs of this country in technology and the sciences. The US is holding the bottom position for students entering engineering in college.

    Our kids are not prepared in math and science to enter an engineering program. Currently, based on one survey that I could not paste here, the US holds the bottom of the bucket with 15% with Finland at 29%. It makes sense. If a student is not ready for the heavy immersion into science and math, they simply will not make it thru and engineering program. But we need engineers to support our industry. Where are they coming from? Foreign students or off shoring. I worked for one of the oldest engineering firms who ended up sending engineering to Argentina instead of filling the slots here in the US.

    e. If you want to talk greed, look at the unions. As a Construction Project Manager, I’ve worked open shop, merit shop and union from California to North Carolina, the Arrow Head of Minnesota to New Orleans and a heck of lot of projects in between. I’ve seen first hand the impediments thrown in the way of progress by the unions. I have seen only one location where the unions where progressive enough to recognize they were loosing out o all of the jobs. That was Cleveland, OH. My hats off to them. I’ve seen manufacturing unions literally suck the life blood out of manufacturing jobs causing the firm to shut down. Guess where they re-opened.

    Alright. Put all of this together. As I see it, this country is losing jobs left and right. The steel industry was one of the first to go. Garment industry literally flew the coop. Now, agriculture is heading south also. I personally will not purchase any seafood unless I see it on the dock. Otherwise, you purchase seafood off of the Pacific rim…not healthy. As the tax rates increased on the industries, the profits went down. As the profit went down, the jobs got tight since the industries had to cut back to make a profit to stay in business. As the jobs got tight, the demand for engineers and high skill workers went down. Meanwhile, the unions ramped up their demands to represent their workers, thereby exacerbating the profit demise. As jobs in the skills and sciences started to get tight, kids in school started to look elsewhere or just got plain lazy. They could not get jobs after college, ended up having to take lower paying jobs out of their field of study. While this was going on, the government no longer protected our industries in the spirit of “open markets” and “globalism”. See where this is going? Schools continued to dumb down. Industry began fleeing the US to escape the high taxes imposed on them, foreign products began flooding in. All of this caused the demise of our industry and is currently killing our agriculture. Based on this, I place the blame for lack of jobs (and this can be substantiated by looking at the real numbers), low income and high taxes squarely on our government. Tax the corporations and high wage earners to the point that the economy falters.

    And who pulls the strings….our group of folks who are members of the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and Bildenburgers. Guess what, practically every Presidential candidate has been a member, regardless of party. But that’s another story.

  7. Badger359, I agree with your comment at 2:18. The lack of my business may not bankrupt them, but I do not have to support them.
    Oren, your response to badger359 was long, dry, and correct. However, you missed one small point. Many of the young people of today simply DO NOT want to work. I have worked construction for the past 35 years. The people my age are retiring or just physically unable to do the work any longer and there is no one to replace us. Everybody wants to be an architect or engineer but nobody wants to drive the nails or lay the brick.

  8. OK …
    What are you putting in your fall garden ..

    If the NEA can dumb down US education to the point that we cannot respond to On-Shore needs they can import whatever or export whatever .. and further weaken the economy. Just as a perspective.
    I don’t see much hope in a non-violent resolution. So do we learn a new language .. so we can communicate with our owners? Chinese ? our biggest lender.. Japanese .. owns Guam and Hawaii now .. and second largest lender.. Russian .. because they buzz our coast with bombers now and taunt us verbally because we no longer have the will to respond .. Or maybe Farsi or Arabic .. since they could hold us hostage and did nothing about it recently.
    No one will want scorched earth .. it’ll just be new management and we’ll get to totally ignore the Constitution .. because it won’t exist.

    Sigh!.. too Dark .. I know


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