From the Desk of John Rourke – April 9th, 2015

China has deployed 3 submarines with the capability of targeting the United States with nuclear missiles. To be honest I figured they already had subs capable of this. Regardless – not good news.

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The US military is moving its strategic communications equipment back into Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Why? Protection from EMP.


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“I believe our flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom. It is the history of our nation, and it’s marked by the blood of those who died defending it.”

– John Thune

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It has been over a year I have not had cable or satellite. No problem. I enjoy Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime in particular is a great deal. As a member I get most everything I order on Amazon shipped with 2-day shipping. It’s nice to get things so quick. Additionally as a Prime member I get access to thousands of movies and TV shows which I can stream over the Internet. Sooooo much cheaper than cable.

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The recent shooting of an unarmed man in Charleston, SC by a police officer is disturbing. All across social media there is anti-police propaganda spreading. Race – of course – is being brought into the picture. This propaganda is coming from the very same people that would dial 911 if their child was kidnapped, raped, or murdered. Based on the video I have seen the cop should enjoy many years in prison.

It is an unfortunate situation and no doubt more facts will come out. It is a shame that there are those out there who will exploit the event for more than it is.

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Check out this video. I think Santorum’s is the best explanation I have heard about the “religious freedom” laws.

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Emergency Essentials has a “Just in Case” Mountain House freeze dried food bucket on sale for under $55.00. Good deal.

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  1. China’s navy is evolving, trust me I have experience in this field. NORAD moving back into Cheyenne Mountain is not a good sign, if your conclusion is right, better get your farady cage ready to go; however, taking us out will do what to the Chinese economy? They would shoot themselves in the foot by doing that to us. I have a hard time accepting that the north Charleston police officer shot this suspect in self defense. The suspect obviously knocked something out the officers hand and ran. I did not see a weapon in his hand or him take an aggressive nature toward the officer, so where is the self defense? IMHO, this officer obviously didn’t know someone was taping and being a veteran of the coast guard, where is the discipline to get on the radio and state he was running. The second officer on scene was there pretty quick, and probably could have aressted him. Itsba shame that this officer will rot in jail, probably loose his family, but the victim is gone too, so this is a no-win situation on both parts.

  2. There are good cops and bad cops.Some on the make and some on the take -but its one of the most dangerous
    jobs on earth. Why did the man run? Who knows? I feel sorry for the victims family and for the policemans family-especially his wife being 8 mo. pregnant. I am wondering why the policeman didnt run after the guy.

    Of course the white male who was beaten on a train by three black young men was old news in one night.Where was Obama or Holder then?
    Good point Senior re China. Of course they may be thinking EMP and then hit us with infantry etc. We must
    hound our elected officials to do something NOW to keep us safe.
    I will become active with my faraday -home made protection- its there and I havent put any items into it yet.
    Its 30 here and ice is falling. Goodnight all- Arlene

  3. Rourke-thanks.We followed your advice and use Amazon.Its especially good for heavy items that we dont want to lug from the stores. Arlene

  4. Amazon also has a great deal called Subscribe & Save. If you subscribe to order 5 things delivered in the same month you will get an additional 15% off the entire order. I found toilet paper, shampoo and some other things that were cheaper than our local store and then another 15% off. What a deal. Check it out.

  5. -Moving back into Cheyenne? Clearly an extremely bad sign! Regardless of the reason they expect “something” to happen or believe the threat level is high. I personally don’t see a nuclear attack on the US, other than of course something from IRAN. EMP of some type? Maybe, but a full on nuclear attack? I don’t want to survive or try to survive a full scale attack. The fall out and years for the land to be liveable without dying of a slow cancer causing, radiation hacking death is beyond mine or my children’s years. Chernobyl and 3 Mile island are testament to that. Some people have gone back to Chernobyl and are living there. Their all mostly with cancer and dying of a slow painful death. The radiation will not stay in one spot. So even if you live in some remote, totally barren place where there is no direct hit. The fall out which will travel in the clouds, rain, wind, etc. You will be affected/infected. And living in underground bunker will not last forever.

    – Chinese subs? We still have ours also. China’s not out of our reach either and they know it. Red Dawn, (the first movie) seemed more probable of some type of attack on the US. Only because in the movie the actor stated the obvious. Though the enemy hated America, they wanted our resources also. If they nuke America everything becomes useless. Iran on the other, pyscho nuts, but could never cause the same destruction as some other super power.

    -Chinese Navy? Imo they are trying to project their global dominance. I’m not impressed or worried. Dangerous, harmful potential, but no where near as damaging as they 6million mindless drone sheeple they can throw at you on land as if they were bullets. That’s more of a concern, but then they would have to fight every armed American. Which of course is why the current administration wants to disarm us. To aid in the destruction of America…they are just pure evil!

    -Amazon Prime? Excellent choice. The free shipping in 2 to 3 days has paid for the price of membership well over the amount. However, take it to the next step. We got rid of our ISP’s video, home phone, and only kept the Internet. Consumer Electronic Show 2015, Huge announcement changed the playing field. Otherwise, known as CES2015. SlingTV released! Not sling box, but SlingTV. Dish networks is pretty much moved in the streaming field and now you can watch true prime time live streaming shows for $20. No contract, unlimited devices. Of course they want you to buy some of their other packages. They have some really good deals going on now. For example if you buy 3 months of SlingTV in advance you can get a Roku3 for $50. Anyway, you can watch TNT, TBS, AMC, HGTV, FoodNetwork, and many more. Between Prime, our Digital antenna that picks up local tv and Sling. We’re good and our whole total entertainment combined is under $100 instead of $230 a month. That’s money back in our pockets. Hiliarious as just today they announced HBO streaming will now be available on SlingTVHere check it out sling.

    Live demo from CES 2015 Jan of this year

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