From the Desk of John Rourke – April 8th, 2015

Fukushima radiation has reached the coast of North America and has been detected in sea water along the West Coast. Levels are reported to be very low and to not effect humans.


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In Arizona prairie dogs were found to be carrying fleas that were infected with the plague. Officials are currently taking action to “clean” the prairie dog of fleas and warning residents about the situation. The plague – aka The Black Death. Killed between 75 – 200 million people nearly 660 years ago.

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I watched the entire first season of “Bloodline” on Netflix. Excellent TV series.

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I watched much of the announcement from Rand Paul as he announced his bid for the Presidency.  Impressed. He said things – similar to Ted Cruz – that just flat out makes sense.

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I mentioned that I had great customer service from Classic Firearms recently when I ordered a Canik TP9 SA from them. Well – yesterday I received a customer survey email  asking how they did. Impressive. They didn’t just take my money and be happy with that – they want to know if I was happy. Cool.

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I don’t seem to hear about it much but illegal immigrants continue to pour across the border daily. Just recently it was leaked that a Iraqi Military Trainer – who speaks fluent Russian and lived in Crimea – was caught crossing the border. It is believed that this guy was possibly a Russian agent. Read about it HERE.

How many other situations similar to this have happened and we just don’t hear about it?





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  1. I would have thought that the West coast would have had radiation long before now and that it was probably being covered up. I contacted monitoring centers a year ago and I was told that they were all under legal limits- sure right-ha ha .
    Probably the plague was planted .Very odd to me that the plague,the bird flu, the current DOG FLU (which has
    affected thousands of dogs in one state and killed a hundred or so ) the renewal of TB etc etc just all seem to be happening now.

    Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, John Mc Cain, Ben Carson – all good men
    Watched a TV author on Cspan the other night. His name is Eric Stakelbeck and he wrote ISIS : Exposed
    Exc. We just ordered the book. He really has done his research .He is a man of prayer also.He is telling it like it is -that the reality of the US being infiltrated by Muslim Jihadists here is alarming and that we must stop ISIS here and abroad as rapidly as possible.
    For the first time in my life I am dealing with a severe case of sciatica and wow this pain is excruciating and humbling.Drs.n NYS arent giving patients pain meds . Seems 10 % of people get addicted so 90% of the rest of us must suffer.Any advice anyone? I am seeing a massage therapist who is helping and an MD -I am being referred to a Orthopedist and I will also try acupuncture for the first time.
    Spring is still eluding us -ice and snow tomorrow then hopefully warmer temps.
    Bulbs are slowly just emerging and the ground hogs and beaver and chipmunks are about- so hope springs eternal !! God bless you all. Arlene

  2. Arlene, the massage therapist and accupuncture should help immensely. I’d suggest a chiropractor as well. I go periodically d/t my bad back. Two or three sessions and I’m usually back on my feet.

  3. I think it a shame that young firebrand Tom Cotton isn’t running for President. Harvard educated and a conservative warrior. I think he has the ‘right stuff.’


  4. Grammyprepper-Thanks.Yes I was raised on chiropractic care and thats the first place we go !! Today I saw our MD/homeopathist and i am hoping the remedy will help so I can avoid other avenues.I must wait a week before trying acupuncture. Arlene
    PR Yes I agree !! Arlene

  5. Arlene regards the radiation levels, they are saying “its under legal limits” because they raised the minimum safety levels after the radiation spikes to include several beaches in San Francisco. Japan did the same thing in Tokyo. I have ohana living on the west coast and Hawaii so i monitor my intel over the area. There is much going on that the public is not being informed about. Regards plague, in southern California they had an out break of TB, an it was traced back to illegals coming an being settle among the community, Govt. came and put a big clamp on info getting out, same with Ebola cases, they’re quickly suppressed and removed also. P.R> I am not familiar with Tom Cotton, I will look him up.

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