From the Desk of John Rourke – April 7th, 2015

I have not discussed the “Jade Helm” situation at all up to this point although several readers have sent me links and information concerned with what is going on. If you are not aware of what Jade Helm is – it basically is a large, multi-state military training exercise being conducted from July 15th through September 15th.

Here is my take:

“Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”

There are theorists out there proclaiming that martial law is coming – or that this is the training for a planned martial law event at some point in the near future. I don’t see it nor believe it is even possible for martial law to be enforced in a widespread manner across the country. At best martial law can only be enacted and enforced in very localized areas? Why? Pretty simple really – there are not enough “enforcers” out there to keep the populace in order. There just isn’t. Do the math.

Additionally the military is full of Patriots. These Patriots signed up to defend you and our freedom. They will not stand against the American people – which includes their own family as well as yours.

So – the military trains and this is a very large training event. That’s it. For those that believe different – guess we will find out after September.

Now – I am always willing to admit I could be wrong. Please notice I never used the word “conspiracy” in regards to Jade Helm. As time passes yesterday’s conspiracies seems more like today’s truths.

Would very much like to hear your opinion – even if it is opposite of mine.

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Opened up a can of whole potatoes last night to serve with some “roast beast” – expired June 24th, 2013.  No problem.


Canned food lasts for years and years. Well beyond its expiration date.

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Found a great way to “read” books that I never seem to find time to get to: audio books. I just recently downloaded 299 Days and started listening while at work at my desk. I can listen from my computer – or even from my phone via an app.

Wherever I stop listening it automatically starts back up in that same spot next time I listen. Cool!

Audible Books has a great deal if you sign up for a new account – you get a free 30 day trial and two audio free audio books. Check it out HERE.

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This picture is interesting – though I do not know how accurate. We all are way over taxed by a government that provides little in return.

I suspect it is very close:



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  1. Jade Helm? You may be right brother. Something very out of the ordinary at the least suspect given what they have been doing over the years. And given purgings by both Clinton and Obama. While these soldiers are patriots, lets not forget it was these military that went door to door confiscating fire arms in clear violation of there sworn oath to defend the constitution. Hilter had his minions, so does Obama. They want to keep there jobs. I am hoping it will pass with no affair. Love the picture by the way.

  2. Badger359 Are you referring to when they clearly violated the Constitution in Louisiana after Katrina? Taking peoples weapons. Oh, that will NEVER happen they said. I mean like the stuff obummer’s pulling now. That will never happen either said people 20 years ago. Here’s some hard reality for those that refuse to believe it will happen here in the US. This included me when I first heard about it. I’ve been through several hurricanes, bad ones to like Fredrick in 1979. They never took guns from people then.

    As far as the local areas..and wide enforcement of all. I agree that it’s virtually impossible. However, if you recognize a few things. 1.) Strategically attacking those that they can hold as a model to scare the rest. Like Texas and Utah in Jade Helm. 2.) Patriots in the military? You forget obummer has been “relieving” those in command that oppose him just like Hitler did. 3.) He’s been thining out the military for that very reason. 4.) It won’t just be US military….that’s what NATO is for and obummer’s attempt to sign into law the NATO treaty:

    More recent:

    The current administration will use any means necessary to destroy America. Since he lost the House and the Senate..screw it. He’s using Exec orders.

    Remember when Nigeria removed any cases of Ebola from their state by closing their borders, but obummer refused to close ours to those nations or at the miminum put some observation time before releasing. Do you remember his reason why?

    Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on Friday said restricting travel between the U.S. and West Africa would likely “backfire” and put Americans more at risk of contracting Ebola.

    Really? Backfire? Go blow smoke in somebody else’s face.

    Do you think making the Internet Title 2 was really about giving America equal price and bandwidth? Now that it’s in Govt control, you obamacare. If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

    Besides who’s going to fight him? You mean the Patriots or these people?11 Million of them.

    Just like any crime scene. You can only put the pieces/facts together and see what develops. Can you honestly put all these pieces together, in your heart of hearts, the life we grew up in, and tell me your not seeing a bigger picture?
    I really and truly hope to God I’m wrong, but I cannot deny what I’m seeing here. I don’t want any of this or to be quite honest fight either. I fought before and people die. I just want to grow my children up into my old age. Read this article completely and you tell me.

    Regardless, I still refuse to go nuts and buy into pandemonium. Even if it is true…going nuts will not help me prepare.

    “They call themselves preppers. Mainstream suburban Americans hoarding supplies and weapons while leading otherwise perfectly normal lives.”

  3. In re to Jade Helm….after being in law enforcement for several yrs, 30+, I would tend to agree. However, having been a part of these types of training both in LE and military capacity…I true ly have to wonder. These are things I would rather talk FTF about or at least on common ground.

    I do private sector intel gathering and analysis with a group and have been watching this along with other dots that could be connected to make some very interesting conversations to say the least.

    Me for one…I tend to think we may not see an election in 2016…many reasons, but when you start connecting the dots, turns into a real interesting and somewhat scary scenario

    So…for conversation sake…I’ll keep my roll of tinfoil on the shelf and my eyes and ears open. If it walks like a duck…you know the rest.

    Enjoy the site…keep up the great work

    Be safe


  4. Many see the work of our Founding Fathers as the highest example small government, low taxes and personal freedom.

    It may be instructive to remember that President George Washington mustered a militia larger than the forces he led in the Revolutionary War in order to wage armed battle with American citizens in an effort to resolve a tax dispute.

  5. Audible is great! When traveling for work, I’ve been able to enjoy some great prepper related books- The GoingHome series, The Remaining, 299 Days (seemed like all good except one that seemed weak), The Perseid Collapse and many others like Atlas Shrugged & American Sniper. The Audible app is super since you can shift from device (phone, ipad, computer) while keeping your current place and a shut off timer feature for listening at bedtime. It makes traveling seem to pass a lot quicker and is like adding extra time into your day.

  6. Capt. M, Yes I was. Not to mention this new tactic of researching back into past records (data mining)to use as a means to confiscate legal fire arms veterans and citizens. Hitler used the Horath device from IBM to help collect data on its citizen and countries he conquered to help round up the people..

  7. Interesting…you would say that Rico. For sure, the one common thing I’ve heard from all groups in unison and in speculation. Will we even see an election that removes the current president in 2016. Well spoken. Regardless of current events, leave the tin foil on the shelf and enjoy what we have. There still is no need to freak out, but for sure I have a little more sense of urgency that motivates my extra time to be better spent. Thank all of you and Rourke for your time on this site. Much respect.

  8. Rourke, respectfully I disagree, as my math scares me.

    Unfortunately, right now I can draw the numbers like this… and while this is my guess, there’s plenty of number crunchers who are doing the same in our government.

    Pew Research says in 2014 that about 35% of the populace is armed, split as 41% Conservative, 36% Moderate, and 23% Liberal, but we also know that many liberals claim they are moderate (still, I’ll only raise sympathetic to the current administration to 1/3rd below). I found an item on that states there are 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns. There are approximately 190 million adults 18-65 in the US. Yes, some older would fight back, and some younger, but stick with me here.

    This is my math… but you can play with the numbers any way that you like. 35% of the populace, less approximately 1/2, as we are close to 1/2 of the people being on the dole. I’ll even cut this down to 40% to account for people who are on the dole only temporarily. Less 1/3rd who are sympathetic to the current administration. Less 1/3rd who are not in physical condition (obesity or other infirmity). Let’s then talk about those who have enough skill with a weapon to be on par with a rank and file police officer (cut by another 1/2). Let’s then figure that 1/2 of the weapons noted above are not sufficient for taking on a large group of folks coming for their guns. Let’s reduce by 1/2 again, the number of people who have the willingness through all of this, to have the intestinal fortitude to take the stand. Other factors include people who don’t have enough ammo, enough equipment, enough food, enough ability to last out anything longer than a weekend war.

    1.1 million police officers in the United States. 1.4 million active duty military (out of 2.7 overall), with 50% actually capable of ground door-to-door combat.

    My rough quick guess here places us with about 554,000 citizens against 1,8 million military personnel with superior firepower, technology, information about us, and more. I haven’t even brought in the media shaming, the manipulations, the lies, and the concepts of conscription, those sympathetics who would sign up, would report their neighbors, and so forth.

    Perhaps my math is off, but…

    • Thunder Bearer – No problem with you disagreeing and I appreciate the work you put into your explanation. I have read through your numbers several times. I think you have made far too many assumption in my opinion. IF martial law were to be declared across the entire country the populace – including those on the government dole – would revolt. Tell anyone that they can only leave their home between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm – people will be out of their house come 8:00pm.

      Of course some people will follow the “request” of the martial law orders however I believe that the vast majority will not stand for it. It will not be 554,000 citizens against 1.8 million – it will be millions and millions of citizens against a very few law enforcement officers and military personnel that actually go against their Constitutional oath.It really has little to do with gun ownership. Revolt can happen in many ways – not just led by those who are armed.

      BUT – I could be wrong. Sounds like we are n opposite ends of the opinion spectrum on this one, and that is ok.

      Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


  9. “Of course some people will follow the “request” of the martial law orders however I believe that the vast majority will not stand for it.”
    Rourke, let’s revisit Boston. Even though many refused to admit that the ‘action’ was actually martial law, we could see that the good citizens were following instructions while military equipment rolled down the street and military (type) personnel went door to door, dragging people half dressed out into the street. A fair number of homes were ransacked, I mean searched for a lone bomber and everyone knows he could have been in that old lady’s sock drawer. NOTHING came of it – that’s what they call Boston strong.
    Ferguson was more of a revolt but there were organizers/promoters.
    Righteous indignation just isn’t a wide spread, happening thing. We’re constantly told to be afraid, very afraid and consequently there are only a few with the backbone to take any action.
    But what the hey? God thinned out Gideon’s army for a reason.

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