From the Desk of John Rourke – April 6th, 2015

This is “Gardening Week” here on MSO. Hope you find something useful.

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This past weekend started planting. A few mounds of cucumbers, zucchini, and crookneck yellow squash. Also started some yellow onions which I should have started a bit earlier. Lastly – threw some seed potatoes in the ground.

I made a PVC gate for the entrance of my main garden to keep the dogs out.

image (1)

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Saw that the Department  of Homeland Security put out a purchase order for “non-lethal” munitions. This appears to be for crowd control.  Is there an anticipation of mass riots? Interesting.

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What is the most common item purchased by preppers that is the biggest waste of money?

In my opinion: Body armor.

Unless things go seriously in the toilet and there is a total WROL environment – staying hidden and not drawing attention to oneself is the best policy. Walking around in a plate carrier would certainly draw some unwanted attention. Again – total WROL? Body armor would be very useful.


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  1. Yes, I think they will be fabricating an event to cause mass chaos. As far as my garden goes, the 12 rows of corn are popping up, row of yellow onions are taking off. Have cucumbers and tomatoes popping up in the seed starter. No green beans, okra, canteloupe, or limas as of yet. A few good days of rain with the temps here next week will get it going good.

  2. I’ve got a third of my raised beds in. Found fire ants had invaded one the beds, hate those things, well come to Texas. DHS are the brown shirts/gestapo of the new age. Love the dog brother. I have body armor, but feels strange and damn heavy. In my day we didn’t have body armor, specially in the jungles of Central America.

  3. Like most things prepare wise, my strategy is to proceed from the most likely to the less. If you haven’t worked in body armor and seen it save a friend’s life, then relegate it to one of those less likely priorities and seek to acquire only after having met all of the more likely threats. At least, please buy a chest rig.


    • PH – Although I commented that body armor is the largest waste of money that preppers spend their money on I do not discount it ability to do what it is intended for. I probably should elaborate at another time on the subject. I have a plate carrier and plates. Too many preppers spend money on weapons, ammo, and items like body armor – and then sit back with a little Ramen and a few cans of SPAM and say – “I’m good!”. Priorities need to be enacted.

  4. I agree with PR. First hand combat reminds of how heavy all the equipment is/was. Unless your in the regular military, every single day, with tons of us military backing you up. I’m recommend going with a spec op build out. Less, is more. I truly believe things are really about to hit the fan soon. A year maybe? Who knows, but one things for sure. At this rate…the US will not last much longer on it’s on two feet. Iran’s latest bs, the Jade crap, and then I read the DHS memo from another site. Yeah, 1, 2, 3,…it’s adding up. I’m not running around with the sky falling freaking out mentality, but I’ve pretty much removed all “causal” time and went into part-time, full time mode, if you know what I mean.

    P.s. I have source from Louisiana that actually got paid to role play at base there and got paid a lot. The source was paid to be terrorist, insurgent, you name it. There is absolutely ZERO need to do “off base” training. It’s all on base. Including realistic towns.

    • Capt. Michael – Hope your timeline is wrong but anything is possible. Tomorrow I will mention my beliefs on the Jade Helm 15 exercises. You may not agree – but I can always be wrong.

  5. A lot of dogs can jump over that fence. Maybe even backwards. Doesn’t look like yours wants in. Had one dog who would find himself in my raised beds without knowing it.

    • test – absolutely. If my dogs really want to get in they can. My other not that is not in the picture is larger and more aggressive. I see him making the attempt if a squirrel wanders in to grab a tomato or cucumber. Thanks.

  6. Well received and respected Rourke. I hope my timeline is wrong to, but clearly things are speeding up. I apologize to those that I might offend in advance. I do think Alex Jones is a bit of an alarmist, but he does provide a lot of intel. For example, his report on DHS buying all that ammo was spot on! My basis, purely mine and could be way off, on economic comes from a combination of multiple sites. One of which has been I always take things with a grain of salt Trust, but verify. Zero hedge in my opinion is another alarmist “type” website, but he has really good intel. I’ve verified some of his postings and sure enough, a lot have come to fruition. For example, he accurately reported the Oil storage in US a critical levels over a month ago before any stream line news reported it. Recently, the news agencies are starting to report it. He’s also reported accurately about Greece and about Russia’s financial problems before it reached main news. However, along with that info he mostly predicts things will explode in 60 seconds..meh. So again, when I read his posting I refuse to buy into pandemonium. That never helps.

    Jade? Perhaps, I need another perspective and gladly receive it. It keeps me looking outside the forest so I can see ;o) Oh, but here is another link related to Jade. Keep in mind the US military already spent millions of dollars building replica towns and then paid people to fill them up, just for mock war testing or terrorist assault training. I hope I’m wrong to brother.

  7. Regards Ballistic plates, keep in mind I had read something a short while back that they going to try an pass a bill to at law plates for civilians, that was a “shot across the bow”. now not later if you can afford them. Remember the saying “red dawn at morning, sailor take warning, red sky at night sailors delight” this meant that a storm was coming. So too, when you see the alphabet orgs, purchasing millions in munitions, MANRAPS, staging, drills, there DH Food purchases. Clearly they are planning and actions indicate there intent. You spent that kind of money, planning, manpower, purging of ranks. for nothing, there is a plan. (it’s like SKYNET, just waiting for the go sign. I agree with RP/Capt M. an all accounts. Even Glen Beck predicted years ago the Muslim extremism in the middle east. Nutty as he may sounds hit bullet points were straight on, and now hear we are.

  8. Body armor? Not for me. Too old, broke down and cranky. Instead, Escape and evade and stay out sight. You can stay out of sight in plain sight. Don’t draw attention to yourself. However, be vigilant, aware of your surroundings and continue to prepare. All of this should be your methodology now, not later.

    As far as the “towns” built on base…the company I used to work for (I’m retired now) provided the project management for those towns. So yes, they’re there from Cherry Point to Twenty-nine Palms.

  9. Capt. Michaels, about 4 years there training here at a base outside of Jacksonville, FL and they also had people playing the roll of terrorist and I talked to a few of them a was told that a lot of them go from base to base for these training exercises. I feel for anyone who has to deal with fire ants. an ant bate with a queen killer has been the only thing that has worked at all for me. PR, a schematic on that wiring for the solar generator sounds like a good idea, John is free to pass on my email to you if would send it along.

  10. Ha Rourke, BA? I thought so.

    Regarding dogs, I had one that just loved tomatoes. The minute they ripened, I had to pen up the dog.

    Capt. Michaels, please consider writing an article about your Red/Blue team experiences. It would nice for us to know what is really going on these days.

    John, I’ll ‘draw’ the wiring schematic in MS Word for multiple batteries connected to a single charge and discharge point and forward to Rourke. Perhaps he will repost if there is general interest. Otherwise, he can just shoot it on to you.


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