From the Desk of John Rourke – April 3rd, 2015

Shot a Ruger All American rifle in .30-06 this past Wednesday. Great rifle and super accurate. It had a Nikon scope mounted. I believe I have made my choice as to which bolt action rifle I am going to purchase.

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Plan to travel with a firearms outside the US? Read this first as rules are changing.

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9mm ammunition at Wal-Mart has dropped tremendously in price. Several brands of brass-cased boxes of 50 rounds are available from $8.94 – $9.84. Good time to stock up.

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CMMG announces new “mutant” AR that fires the 7.62×39. I am not interested but figured I would pass it on. Thanks Ernie for sending in the info.

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Love this picture…..from



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Have a great weekend everyone!



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4 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – April 3rd, 2015”

  1. The English Sheep Dog, with it’s wooly white and grey, does a fair job of mimicking a sheep. They are ungodly strong, and those large jaws aren’t for eating peanuts. Their wild cousins; wolves, foxes, and coyotes, recognize that big mutt for what it is: a killing machine. Great with kids, perversely protective, and yes, they do eat-a lot. And they are what we should be: Neighborhood sheepdogs. Most people will wait for the cops, only to expire from some wound, or be savagely beaten. We want to pass as “That man in gray” on Wall street, or the “guy on the blue jeans and plaid shirt”. Or the “one in a light colored shirt and light colored shorts’. You will like your big, oversized floppy shirt – it does wonders for concealing your handgun, and very few if any are the wiser. A cop might see your gun “print”, but your CCW clears that up. You look pretty much just like one of millions of average Joe’s out there. The cop’s generally do the best they can, but they can’t be everywhere all the time. I’m not suggesting you conceive yourself “a sneak and peek” as some really were in Nam. Rather, travel freely and keep your eyes open. And that Springfield 1911A1 with a dozen plus .45ACP in it is a happy weight to drag around. The two extra mag’s you have in a pocket or carrier balance things out nicely. And when people ask the most idiotic questions 1- Why do you carry a gun, and 2- what are you afraid of, you reply “this handgun I have a Constitutional right to carry, and with it, what do I have to be afraid of?”.

    This society has become a never-never land, such as Michael (Child Molester) Jackson tried to have: nothing will ever happen to me. There are graveyards full of people who thought the law would protect them. By the time the cops get there, as all of jus who read this blog know, the shit birds will surely be long gone, and the victim will be traumatized at least, and with the increasing viciousness of the young criminals, maybe dead, “just so I could know what it feels like to kill somebody.” Well, asshole, I know some places where you can get paid to kill people. As long as you realize they’ll shoot first too. What say we have a national roundup of these useless pricks, handcuff them to an M4, and shove them out the back of an APC or whatever they use these days. Stryker? Maybe that’s right. I think there would be a huge attitude adjustment in a very short time. Maybe even that life is precious, especially since you have to rely on the guy to your left, right, and rear, so you’d best be quick; quick or dead.

  2. My first Ruger centerfire was in .468 Lott. The caliber offering had just been introduced and as I was headed to Alaska and on to Africa one was shortly in my inventory. I added a mercury decellerator in the stock and a first quality Leupold. How surprised I was. This rifle shot sub moa groups with Hornady solids. Upon arriving in Alaska for a bear hunt, the guide had me shoot at a target supposedly to check zero but in reality to see if I could shoot. Three rounds. He proclaimed the first a bullseye and the others a miss, likely due to flinch he remarked. Not so fast I commented. Let’s have a closer look. Sure enough the three bullet holes barely made a cloverleaf. Upon returning home, I had to own another of these great shooting rifles. I purchased one in .300 Win Mag. What a disappointment. It wouldn’t shoot three moa. It was then I learned of Ruger’s reputation for inaccuracy. Shoulda bought a Savage I thought. In retrospect, I suspect that my .458 Lott was one of the first production models and the machinery it was produced on was still operating on new tolerances. I soon had a Browning A bolt in .300 Win Mag. Many years later I purchased a Ruger Gunsight in .308 Win. It shot tolerable for what it was and with some work it finally shot about 1.5 moa. This Ruger had the cheapest lower furniture. Plastic trigger guard. Yuk! How the quality had plummeted from that nicely machined .458 Lott.

    Rourke, please have a close look at a Savage in .308 Win. It will be better made and will shoot more accurately. This cartridge will do most everything the old .30-’06 will but with a shorter stroke (it will not handle 220 gr bullets) and will offer greater availability of ammunition.



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