From the Desk of John Rourke – April 30th, 2015

Came across a women in Atlanta videotaping a tirade against America. She yells “f$%& your flag!!!” and jumps up and down on a US flag laying on the ground. She has every right to do that and I support that right. I also have every right to email the video to her boss at WAOK radio in Atlanta.

By the way – she is the Community Affairs Director at the station.

Not any more…..

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The US economy barely grew at a measly .2 percent the 1st quarter of 2015. There are many that believe all the pieces of a very bad puzzle are coming together to lead the US to collapse.

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Fresh strawberries are ready here in South Carolina. Time to can some strawberry jam.

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I have managed to build up my inventory of .22 Magnum  – 600 rounds. Still tough to find. My local gun shop – who recently opened an online store – has tons of .22LR. If you are interested in giving them a call to order some let me know. Prices are pretty good.

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Special announcement coming for members of the Patriots. Pretty cool! Stay tuned!

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I grow tired of hearing the White House exclaim that the economy is growing and is strong. What a crock!


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Hey – the weekend is almost here, the world is falling apart at the seams – but we can still laugh…..





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8 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – April 30th, 2015”

  1. Do you know anyone that has bought a hand crank generator from Prestowind?
    The reviews I have seen are a few years old.
    i would like to know it they are legit.

  2. That is awesome that you were able to help that lady free up her time to be able to protest even more of the freedoms she is willing to give up.

  3. Truth is that our Economy is failing miserably! They just change the way the numbers are calculated in a weak attempt to hide the fact that they are failing! Sad part is some Sheeple actually believe it!

  4. Thanx for the “new awakening” chuckle; a new spin on the teensy weensy spider.

    Equally hilarious is our mutt president thinking that he is a leader or that anyone actually pays attention to him. It is to the point to where I cannot stand to see his picture or hear his voice; video is out of the question. Congress should be deported or fired for failure to perform. OUR ENEMIES DO NOT FEAR US AND OUR ALLIES DO NOT TRUST US!

    Americans would not fight amongst themselves if we were to team up against any terror plot, not to mention legitimately police ourselves. The country is lawless and overrun. WE MUST KNOW WHO WE CAN AND CANNOT COUNT ON IN OUR COMMUNITIES AND STRENGTHEN THAT NETWORK!

  5. Yeah..things are getting steadily worse economically for sure. In fact Chase bank went from not allowing business to withdraw more than 5k at once to now no one can store gold and cash in your own paid for safe deposit box. I don’t want to put any links to promote any more of those “alarmist” websites, but if you Google “Chase bank no longer allows precious metals in safe deposit box” You should be able to find the info.

  6. All I can say about our economy, is Lord help us. We are trillions in debt. Supposedly, 6 to 7 trillion we are told. We can be sure if we are being told that, it is probably 2 or 3 times that. I have a reliable source who says to top it off, the govt. has additional non-disclosed budgets we never hear about that is of such magnitude it is totally scary. How long can a govt last that could never even begin to pay off a small fraction of the interest owed on this overwhelming debt – with China being a big time lender. Scary!!! The worst thing of all is our govt is run be cabinet members who are mostly very, very wealthy who could care about the people like most of us who are struggling to clear anything for all the multitude of taxes imposed; skyrocketing insurance costs of all kinds; and cost of living going higher and higher.

    Unfortunately, the gas prices we love and are now enjoying are only a harbinger of much more serious problems in the world. My spouse and I are in our golden years and I dread the thought of what the younger generation has coming. It is truly daunting to say the least. We are basically so dismayed that we have long ago put our travail in the good Lord’s hands. Thank God there is a place for us in His realm one day.

  7. Well put everyone and good for you Rourke-notifying her boss. It makes me sick and angry anytime I see our beloved flag dis respected.

    Strawberries already w0w. We had our first real spring day today and I was outdoors all day. I planted a few trees .The apple tree blossoms are just peeking though.We hope May will njot bring any surprise snow or hard frosts.

    Yes the Lord has a plan. I am just finishing up reading an exc. book that I recommend to everyone. The title is Countdown to the Apocalypse by Rev. Robert Jeffress,PHD. This is an easy to understand book.128 pp. The author has a great sense of humor despite a very serious and current issue.This would be a good book for discussion on this site. If anyone else had read it or will be reading it I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. I felt better educated and more sure that we are living in perilous times but that the Lord will see us through it all . Arlene


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