From the Desk of John Rourke – April 2nd, 2015

Governor Jerry Brown orders first statewide mandatory water restrictions in California. The drought of historic proportions has plagued the state for months. Prepping isn’t so crazy , is it?

Get ready to see food prices increase.

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Next week will be “Gardening Week” here on MSO. Gardening continues to be one of my most enjoyable activities during the Spring and Summer. Gardening also continues to be a priority-skill that not enough people have and will need in a long-term grid down event.

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It has arrived……



Those that follow me on Instagram already knew that. 🙂

More info to follow.

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If anyone has ever purchased land via “owner financing” please contact me – I have some questions. My email address: emergencycd(at)

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Membership Program Update:  Approx. 75% complete. No launch date yet but hopefully in a couple weeks. So far have numerous member-only discount codes, special articles and downloads. Liking the way it is turning out.

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Something on the lighter side…….


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  1. I have been watching California’s drought situ closely. When I moved to north Texas, I left my family there. I my humble opinion the west coast may be on its way to becoming a dead zone, saying that makes it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. The ramifications to the food supply, human migration (grapes of wrath), food cost, etc. I think many people wil stay to bitter end, like the frog in a pot of water. There is a window for people to take action and its closing, but many don’t seem to get it.

  2. Badger359…I agree with you.I am surprised that Jerry Brown didnt put rationing on water over 8 months ago.I understand that Calif. is using sea water and de salinating it-very expensive and uses a tremendous amount of energy .A long time ago I wrote a post advising people to stock up on items
    like celery (freeze dried or dehydrated), nuts,olives,apricots and other products from Calif.

  3. Yep, I guess prepping and self sustainment isn’t so bad after all…. Spring garden in the ground and waiting. I have plenty of water to grow my crops. Guess it paid off with all the rain we had this year too. Already have yellow onions coming up after two weeks.

  4. It’s to be in good company with people like Senior and Arlene and others on this site. I believe you all are above average intelligence and tons of common sense, a rare find these days. Arlene my other concern with all the desalination plants going up and the amounts of water being back flushed into the ocean, I wonder about the salinity impact on the local environment, being further unbalanced.

  5. Arlene, good points, did not occur to me about nuts, olives and other crops from CA that will become more expensive or unobtainable.

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