From the Desk of John Rourke – April 28th, 2015

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As of this writing the situation in Baltimore is getting worse. Rumors are spreading that rival gangs have called a truce and will work together to take out police officers. 15 officers have been injured – some seriously. Vehicles are being set on fire and there is continuous looting going on.


I understand the community being upset about a man dying in custody of the police department but the actions of those that are rioting will do nothing to further their cause. In fact – I firmly believe that by far most of those rioting could care less about anyone except themselves. All they are doing is taking advantage of a bad situation. The officers responsible for whatever wrongdoing was done should be held accountable….period.

Notice I did not use the word “black” or “African-American”. It doesn’t matter what color the looters are. It doesn’t matter what color the victim was. We are all people. Those looting assclowns should spend a good long while in jail.


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I have really been enjoying audio books during my commute to work. I had never thought I would enjoy listening to some guy read a book. Many of these narrators get into the characters and change their voice, take on accents, and do a great job telling the story. I listen on my cell phone and laptop. What a time saver!

I even discovered that some non-fiction books are available as an audio book. A few examples are Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics(only $1.99 as of this publication), How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, and The Grid Down Prepper. If you are new to audio books Amazon has some special offers to get you started. Check them out HERE.

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100 burpees in 13 minutes and 46 seconds. Not bad. If you have never done a burpee – give it a shot. They suck.

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It appears that the Clinton campaign is at least stalling. I suspect that her followers will soon forget and her march to the White House will continue.

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I went to Cabela’s and picked up a box of .22 MAgnum and a few other trinkets. What was interesting was the response of the cashier when I handed her a $100. She said, “Ohh… I hardly ever see cash anymore.” Probably true. I usually do not pay with cash however my wife and I are starting an envelope system for budgeting. Anyways this is just another sign that “money” today hardly has anything to do with actual paper dollars. Everything is electronic including the billions the Federal Reserve loans the US Government.

The only value the US dollar has is just the belief that it actually has value.



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  1. Rourke,

    In regards to the rioting in Baltimore, I couldn’t agree with you more sir. For many years people would refer to the 1991 LA Riots for an example of a failure of civility (myself included), but it seems that now we have many more recent examples to draw from (Baltimore, Ferguson, etc.) Even back in 1991 many people were out there for one reason, and that was to commit crimes with less of a chance of being caught and prosecuted. As I have seen this unfolding I wonder where the MEN are in those cities to put a stop to it, and defend their city against these criminals. After all they are destroying the city they live in, the shops they shop in, and the lives of those who pay taxes to help provide much needed services.

    As for cash, I remember when it was King. Pretty odd that now it has limitations on when and how it is accepted by banks such as Chase.

  2. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson had an article on WND yesterday that touched on the great points Brad brings up regarding the Baltimore riots. I’m in agreement that those doing the damage don’t give a rat’s a$$ about that poor man that died. One thing the MSM have not mentioned is that the former leader of the New Black Panthers was in town, fanning the flames. The mayor set the town up for this explosion with her liberal policies. I was surprised that the governor took so long to declare the state of emergency. I understand he waited for the mayor to ask for help. The two have been at odds before.

  3. If all the facts come to light and the officers did wrong then the officers involved should stand trial. However, two wrongs, still do not make a right. If they ever do something like this where I live and me/family get caught in it by chance and even worse they try to beat on my car to get inside. I will bring REALITY, Hella quick! The gas pedal still works.

    The full once released shows the car gently try to go through the crowd, bad decision or not, and the people started smashing the car. Which resulted in the video below. No charges filed against the driver.

  4. The rioters are wannabe terrorists and they are forcing the hand of power against them. The difference is that they are too cowardly to instigate a legitimate offensive and would rob a widow of her last dime. Imbeciles whose motivation is greed and have never risen above racism. They complain more about poor education than the victim’s death, yet they have caused all the schools to close. Pathetic excuses for humans and certainly motivated by other than American ethics.

  5. I grew up in Baltimore and still work nearby. This is truly an unfortunate situation. With the way this country is spiraling downward, I think a lot of people are angry and at the end of their rope, and the death of Freddie Gray (who happened to have a long rap sheet of prior arrests) pushed them over the edge and gave the gangs the ammunition they were looking for – this was never a protest. The loss of a life should neveBad stuff going on in Baltimore today – check out the news if you’re interested. A loss of life should never be taken lightly and the loss that precipitated this mess should be thoroughly investigated. However there is no excuse for the resulting behavior, assault and vandalism are not the answer and they should all be thrown in jail and Baltimore needs to deal with this situation quickly and firmly. I would not be surprised if this same situation occurs in other cities over the next couple years.

    I also think that Audible is great – I used to read a lot, but now I mainly listen. Since I travel long distances often, I’ve listened to hundreds of Audible books. If you like apacalypse-based fiction, check out these authors/boss: A. American, Mark Tufo, John O’brien, Johnathan Mayberry, the We’re Alive series (awesome narration with sound effects), James Cook, Chris Philbrook – there are many great listens on Audible. I’m definitely hooked.

  6. It seems I picked up some additional text in my comment…

    Please disregard “Bad stuff going on in Baltimore today – check out the news if you’re interested” in my comment – not sure what happened.


  7. Watching Fox news I saw Whites also involved in this terrorism. Working in Boston from 1964 to 1985 and when desegregation the schools was happening the only differences I saw between the different neighborhood gangs was their color, the motivations were the same control of their turf.

  8. I just cannot get used to audio books -too old fashioned I guess -or maybe too old-smile !!!Glad you like them Rourke and others.
    I tried my first session of acupuncture today for the sciatica. Needles were hardly able to be felt -whew. Dr. said one or two more sessions should help immensely.I will give an update .Has anyone else out
    there ever tried it?
    Rourke how is your shoulder doing?
    The riots are ridiculous-what a waste of time and energy and resources. If anyone is moved to help those affected by the Earthquake ,a good organization is the American Himalayan Foundation.
    We sent a small donation.10,000 people dead is hard to wrap our heads around.
    Take care everyone. Arlene

  9. The Mayor herself said “give them space to destroy” what else do they need? Look at every city that is run by black administration and you will see a pattern of violence and rioting and looting! Mayor, Chief of Police and Police Commissioner all will turn a blind eye to whats going on. Then blame it on white cops and white citizens. IT’S A FACT.

  10. If you did 100 6-count burpees in that time, you are either in peak physical condition or unmanageably obsessive compulsive. You do mean the ones we did in high school 50 years ago, don’t you? And I am glad the Armed Forces has banned duck-walking for all branches of the service, and all units. They had a high rate of severe leg and knee injuries, which is a waste of good manpower, training time, screws up unit cohesiveness, and is expensive as hell when you add those financial and emotional costs to the surgery and recovery time. I just got to this page to day–about 6000 e-mail’s stacked up. Fell way behind with some physical troubles. However, we do not retreat. We fall back and regroup, and then go again Carry on.

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