From the Desk of John Rourke – April 27th, 2015

A number of Federal Agencies have been increasing security across the country – especially in California. This is all due to an apparent ISIS threat inside the borders of the United States. That is about all that is known based on this article.

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The earthquake in Nepal is awful with well over 2000 people reported dead. I saw reports on the Sunday morning news that so many people are outside, exposed to the elements. Due to the damage many structures have people cannot go into many apartment buildings, homes, and other structures. As you can imagine food, water, sanitation in addition to shelter is an issue.

Another reason we prepare.

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More and more it is becoming clear to me that the “lone wolf prepper” will not do well in the long term. Networking and building relationships with like-minded folks who can help each other in a crisis is a large key to success.

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It is April 27th. If you are in an area that people are planting their garden and you haven’t – get on it!!! Even if you have literally no land gardening is possible. Check out I have a set of these bucket grow kits and they work great. You can grow all kinds of vegetables on a patio, a porch – wherever.


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Shoulder News: I recently mentioned that I was taking last week off from working out to rest my shoulder as I have been having some pain. Well – I am writing this Sunday night and it is not any better. Really no different at all. I have complete use of the shoulder however certain positions I can feel pain. Getting back on track for working out Monday morning but will avoid certain movements. Looks like an Ortho appointment is in my future.

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Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. Rourke-my son coaches people in fitness training and body building and he works out 5 days per week. This is his avocation ( he trains 4 men from his church for free at a gym every am before work). He works a regular job also. He is also a black belt in Aikido and teaches children. I ran your shoulder issue by him and he said DO NOT work out if you have pain and if you have pain meds or a shot do not work out until you are off them as a person can do more damage )He recommended gentle swimming or doing some leg work while healing and advocated real REST as rest helps one to heal.MY PT years ago said “hold back with determination”. You might try taking arnica montana tablets (homeopathic remedy for muscle pain and
    stiffness.Arnica gel also works directly on painful areas.I use it and highly recommend it. Give it time to work. I wish you good healing.

    Yes ISIS is out to destroy us. I agree we must coordinate and support other preppers because we will need one of these days.
    I just finished a book entitled The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C Norman MD,PHD I will send a synopsis to you as a post. Arlene

  2. I have had some shoulder issues as well. If you have strength still in your shoulder, it could be some inflammation. Anti-inflammatories help. I am a CrossFitter as well. Use some of the light rubber bands to do some external, internal, and other rotational movements every other day. All of those small muscles and connective tissues around the shoulder need constant strengthening beyond your major movements

  3. I discovered early on the lone wolf thinking seems like an incorrect path to accomplish the goals we had in mind. Even if you had a large money reserve to throw at a prep. 1 person cannot be everywhere quick enough to cover every area all the time. Even if one person had enough money to put on technology to cover every area, like cameras, alarms, quad copters, etc. The drain and lack of sleep will wear a person down to nothing. Physical proof is the Battle of the Bulge in WW2. I cannot remember the precise engagement, but can gladly dig it up and post validation if requested. During several key attacks from the Germans the Americans did not have but a few artillery of ant-tank guns to stop them. There were 3 key factors. 1.) The Germans didn’t know how many anti-tank guns the Americans had. 2.) Each time the Germans attacked the Americans would physically move the anti-tank guns to each engagement line. So if the Germans would’ve every attack on more than 2 sides, at once. They would have overrun the Americans quickly. However, the Germans only attacked on one side each time. 3.) It took more than 1 man…to accomplish moving the anti-tank guns. Much less maintain the lines of support physically and emotionally.

    Now apply that to a prep. How is that one man or woman thinks they can hold the line all by themselves….non-stop…every single day and every single night….non-stop? How much money, time, or energy would it take to completely automate one’s property and protect that automation? For example, one may have thousands of rounds, but it only takes one bullet from a threat and all your ammo just became theirs.

    It’s equally as hard as building a prep to find a like minded person that you can count on.

  4. The grow buckets are great and conserve water and space. Before moving to DFW Texas, I used these to grow my families vegetables. Blue Berries, Zucchini, Peppers, Bell peppers and Tomatoes. We live in a converted garage beside the house at the end of the drive way, which was pretty long. I had a row of these buckets running down the side. I left the place to my youngest daughter, sadly she didn’t keep it going, what a loss.

    Lone Wolf: While agree on all points made, one has to start some where. I have not been to able to connect with like minded people here in DFW, but haven’t given up. I have a lot of branding irons in the fire.

  5. Thanks for the information on the grow buckets, I think we can exponentially expand our actual garden size and move the buckets as needed for proper sun/water.

    As for ISIS, it is not a matter of IF, they are going to hit us, it is WHEN. I do believe it will be through coordinated soft target attacks on a national or regional scale which would paralyze the vast majority of the sheeple and cause the mass media outlets to glorify the exploits of ISIS, thus playing into the ISIS propaganda machine.
    I sincerely hope my cynical/pessimistic outlook on ISIS attacks here in CONUS are flat out wrong, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise…yet.
    Keep on making the preparations, WE, are the only Cavalry coming to our own rescue.

  6. DFW? Oh man. Hope your staying safe in these storms brother. Yes, hang in there. In our very small group we have had a lot of like minded people get started and then fall away also. We’ve been a little more selective on what information we share until they show a commitment to stay now. We realized also before looking for people we couldn’t find someone identical in every single belief or cookie cutter, but they have to have the core beliefs a group wants. It’s even harder to find a like minded individual that is not nuts, but like you said. You have to start somewhere. I believe there are a lot of preppers in Texas. Texans have been preppers before the word become used. Overall, they were always just self-sufficient out necessity. IMO

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