From the Desk of John Rourke – April 24th, 2015

It wasn’t until Thursday night when I realized my “From the Desk of…..” never went live for Thursday. Sorry about that.

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America has changed a lot in the past couple decades. Many believe not for the better. Yesterday I saw that it is predicted that over the next 8 years the immigrant population(combination of legal and illegal) will hit 51 million people and account for more than 80% of the entire population growth.

I am not against legal immigration. This is not good news for the future of America.

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Bruce Jenner was a great athlete. Now? Who cares? I don’t. If the guy wants to get his junk removed and get breast implants and dance around in a dress that’s up to him. While there are Progressives out there celebrating his new found change like he’s found the cure for cancer I say he is a couple cans short of a six pack. And that’s being nice.

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Russia is said to be prepared to supply arms to Mexico if the United States delivers weapons to Ukraine. The purpose of the arms to Mexico would be to generate a conflict between the US and Mexico over land which many Mexicans believe still belong to Mexico.

I have said it before – Russia is getting more and more dangerous.

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Man bitten in face while trying to kiss venomous snake. “

Hmmmm……I call this a case of natural selection.

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Going to have a really cool giveaway next Wednesday. Make sure you check in.

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Anyone remember this?







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  1. With regards to Russia “arming Mexico”, we could save them the money and aggravation. Just go ahead and give California back to Mexico. California is obvious. The state government has run the state into the ground. And just maybe, all the bumper stickers and tee shirts I saw out there saying “It was our’s first and we’re taking it back” would end up being replaced by “Now that we got it, what the hell do we do with it?”. All things considered, seems to me the Mexicans have dirtied their nest and they are looking for somewhere else to squat.

  2. Bruce Jenner? Disgusting, gross, sick, and pathetic. I click past anything talking about him or showing him. Internet or otherwise except for my comments today here only.

    @Oren. Put a smile on my face with that second bumper sticker comment. Russia threatens to arm Mexico..ppffffft. Buhahahahaha. Go ahead, we already did that recently. It was called “Fast and Furious”. They only killed themselves and the poor innocents near by. Good luck with that. Besides…they would eventually find their way back to the US through the black market so we could still buy Russian surplus. The only concern would be the terrorist that might come through with some of the arms. However, here in Texas. They won’t get far with that either. Just waiting for that evil racist Holder to get his come up’ins.

    Yes, I do remember that.I knew then, we hard serious problems with the terrorism. Oh excuse me, they called it a “software bug” Yeah, right, the real world term is called hacked, botnet, or trojan that allowed the hack to take place. Just like we did the other day

    “Equipement failure” yeah, it failed after they hacked it and shut it down like this one. P.s. This was not a staged attack. It was a challenge issued and answered by White Hats, (ethical hackers) according to my sources close to this.

    Venomous snake? Same people that watch Kim and her dad Bruce.

  3. If you stop to think about it – everything in all of the American continents was stolen from the Native Americans. If you go back even further, nearly all cutures in Europe and Asia, took by force the lands they now inhabit. There are only a few cultural centers that date way back to their origins. It would interesting if everyone had to go back to their places of origin, wouldn’t it.

  4. Bruce who? mexico attacking the US is a joke. . . . . give the folks who live there free rein to deal with the problem. . . . enough would show up from other parts of the country itching to help the locals deal with the problem. . . . the Bundy thing was just a little taste of what could happen,I think. People are tired of the foolishness, and it won’t take much for a big pushback against whomever.

  5. Rourke – go ahead and delete this from here after you see it, but check this News out [I believe it to be worth posting on your next daily-ish comments 🙂 ]: I thought California would be first, but Cuomo’s Commies in NY beat them to it – Nanny State raising the kids – well, indoctrinating them anyway – this is why the “education reforms” are being put through!

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