From the Desk of John Rourke – April 21st, 2015

As our current Administration continues to celebrate in their efforts to make “deals” with Iran – Iran relishes in calling for the death and destruction of America in addition to Israel.

It remains frustrating to see the general “sheeple” citizen with their  head in the sand on matters that affect the welfare of this country.

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I do not like clowns. Never have. Never will.


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Wish me luck. This week I am having “the talk” with my wife about getting a piece of land and putting some form of shelter on it. Might be a large shed/small cabin, camper – something. We have talked before but it is getting close(1 year) to where I think we can do it.

It’s very important that this retreat happens. I feel drawn to it. It’s not just a weekend getaway.


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Don’t think I mentioned this but I am now on Volume 4 of the 299 Days book series. Keeps getting better and better. It is what I consider to be the most realistic portrayal of the coming collapse which I see coming.

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Recent visit to Sam’s I saw a 3 pack of LED flashlights for $20. I believe the brand is Tasco. I bought them for my work. They take 3 AAA batteries. Can’t remember the stated number of Lumens – somewhere around 200. Anyways if you are a Sam’s member and see these it is a good deal. I took one and did a drop test from 6 feet several times -still working.




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  1. I hate clowns too, I punched one in the nose when I was five because he scared he by getting in my face. I got in big, big trouble from grandmother, she took me some circus.

  2. I have yet to meet any kid that likes clowns – I never have nor do my children and grandchildren. I agree with D.C.more info. Maybe a post by someone?

  3. Excellent. We have tossed around similar thoughts from temporary geodesic domes and trapezium domes as go between until we could get a better shelter built or purchased. We were more leaning on “tiny homes” for many reasons. Tiny homes are easy to transport, easier to maintain, and easier to camo/hide, (out of site, out of mind) As long as they are “mobile” whether we moved them or not. We can avoid a lot of taxes. Since they are mobile they cannot be added to taxes for the property as a permanent structures and their size prevents other taxes. We were thinking 2 or 3. One for sleep quarters, one for HQ, etc. Supplies would be secured and stored in other verified protective means from the elements.

    Something like this tiny home:

    Or if we do build a structure, something like this:

    I mean, if you have to go off the grid. You might as well make it as comfortable as possible if you have live in for a long period of time. LED lighting, solar, wind, and geothermal can achieve the power needs or what not. Thoughts?

  4. Great consensus- clowns have always scared me also and my children. Yes that little cabin looks great.
    My daughter and I stopped to view an Amish Made small cabin- we have purchased a shed for storage thats made by the Amish and its held up well. I am looking forward to reviewing inf. on your future cabin Rourk and the other ones mentioned.
    I hope your wide agrees !!!! Arlene
    Just ordered another case of soup from Amazon and the book you recommended Rourke 299 Days Vol 1

  5. I think if Israel is going to do anything it should be before Iran starts getting the surface to air missals fro Russia .

  6. Just started book 5 of 299 Days. You have to admit, Glenn Tate has put forth a more plausible theme than some. I like the way he develops his time line in a more methodical manner than some authors. Only problem I have with his story is his penchant to blame the “baby boomers” for the state of the world. His take of the BB’s developing and perpetuating a welfare state of entitlement is in my opinion is off base. Put the blame where it belongs….Congress. They will do anything, whether illegal or immoral, to stay in office.

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