From the Desk of John Rourke – April 20th, 2015

Watching one of those cop shows yesterday there was a story of a guy riding down the street on a bike and he gets pulled over(don’t remember why). He was searched and they found $200 in 5’s and 1’s, and a Hi-Point 9mm pistol. He had no ID therefore no permit. Here is what I wanted to pass on about the show  – the officer investigating checked the magazine and saw the hollow points. He said – “I wonder where he got these. These are hollow points and only law enforcement and military are supposed to have hollow points.” He asks the guy where he got the ammo from and he responds “Wal-Mart”. The officer said he doesn’t believe him.


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ISIS beheaded more Christians in Libya because they would not convert to Islam. Another indication that there is an attack on Christianity both abroad and here within the states. I have always looked at it as freedom OF religion – not freedom from religion.

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Did a decent amount of shooting this past weekend continuing the testing of the Kel-Tec PMR 30 and got my first trigger time on the Canik TP9 SA. By the way – Classic Firearms still has the Canick for $339.99. Great pistol.


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I hear the Eagles plan to sign Tim Tebow. Glad to hear it and hope it happens.

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When I had my technical difficulties last week with the website I thought I had only lost a ton of images. I was wrong. A few hundred posts disappeared as well, however I have found them. I will begin to restore them this week. As far as the pictures that is a tough one. Some older posts will not look right as the pictures are gone.

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Taking this week off from working out. I have been dealing with shoulder pain for the past few weeks and have tried to work through it. Need to try some rest and see how it respond. The pain is a result of playing with two big husky’s. I have a very bad feeling about what might be causing the pain.

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  1. Rourke-sounds like you have been burning the candle on both ends. What do you think is really causing you your shoulder pain? Muscles need rest to heal. I hope you feel better soon. Arlene

    • Arlene – I suspect that I have some damage – not muscular in nature. This would mean surgery – maybe. I truly have full use of the shoulder it is just I have sharp, sometimes severe pain at certain angles. Hopefully this week off I will find it gets better and even an appointment can be avoided. Thanks for asking.

  2. Rourke- I had RC issues for a long time. Rest and PT helped. Can you raise your arm up above your waistline?
    If not you may have a problem. When you hold both arms out in front of you is one shorter than the other? If so
    my PT had me gradually stretching the affected shoulder /arm. . Heat and ice alternatively may help and REST .
    I am just sharing from my own exp. Better to get yours checked out.A hot tub and gentle swimming helped me after I was further along .(YMCA) Wishing you the best. Arnica gel helps with pain. Arlene

  3. Hope it’s nothing serious. Even though the pain your feeling is serious. I injured myself severely one time trying to dead lift to much weight one time. The pain was so bad and the muscles were in such tightness it literally retracted my right arm to my chest. It also pulled my head to the right. I looked like the unfortunate person who struggled with a serious handicap in their life. Paid a Chiropractor and could move my arm for about 2 hours and it went back to pain. Eventually went to the ER for muscle relaxers, but this only “relaxed” the muscles. This is when I learned soaking in Apple Cider bath actually slowly helped. Eventually, on the recommendation of a person who had something similar. They had deep tissue or power pressure massage done which resolved their pain. You know? One of those funny little Chinese massage places in the mall. So, reluctantly I went. I pointed out the general area and they didn’t seem to speak English, but seemed to understand where it was coming from. The pain…was so intense as the rolled across those muscles with their elbow it put me to tears, but I didn’t tell them to stop. When they were was a miracle! Weeks of pain, medicine, time, inconvenience, and all it took was a $25 massage at the mall. I could move everything back to normal and the pain was pretty much gone. I took a few more muscle relaxers and that was it.

    So, I can only tell you what I did. I thought it was so comical as I had always thought what a joke those places were in the mall, but I’m living proof it works. Maybe this can work for you or anyone else. For sure…don’t do something like this if it’s going to cause more injury, but I can recommend it. In fact a guy I worked with was having shooting pains and numbness in his arm. He knew it was either do to a bulging disc or something like that. I told him about my experience and he went to that mall for the same massage. Guess worked for him to. Zero numbness now or zero pain shooting down his arm. Pffft..for $25 bucks. Man, talk about wishing we had someone with that skill in our group.

  4. It’s NOT unbelievable the cop was that ignorant. I hope you’ll get a kick out of my little story, too.
    I ran into an Omaha cop early this year who didn’t know that Iowa and Nebraska have reciprocity for concealed carry. Funniest part of it is that I stood in front of him with a .45ACP Para-14 for several minutes, and he didn’t even realize it was there until I turned to leave and the pistol leaned out a little. THEN comes the “Big Show”: Are you carrying a pistol? Yes–GIVE IT TO ME. BY THEN I DIDN’T KNOW WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY!! I didn’t really hear him the first time, even though these $5,000 hearing aids have done some good. Traffic, wind, my back to him–it just sounded like mumbo-jumbo. So he raised his voice, and then I realized—-this punk kid doesn’t know the law. From the age of the other officer, I’ll bet you a 6 inch blue Python he was fresh on the street, with a trainer-babysitter. So as not to embarrass him, I didn’t pull out the computer and bring up the Nebraska Code, or the State Police site. But I did leave a message on somebody’s voice mail at the main PD office they’d better get these people educated – some hot-headed fool could instigate a nasty situation because of his ignorance. I was so nice I didn’t leave his name, badge number, or where it happened. Covered his ass and he didn’t even know it.

    Folks, most cops know very little about guns, which is why they like the “Idiot’s Gun” – a Glock – for a handgun. Hell, all you have to do is pull the trigger to make it work. It actually has no safety. Once your finger is on the trigger, it just needs a little tug and it’ll go bang. A Government Series 80 has 4 safeties, and will not fire unless all four are activated. So which is the safer gun? The one with the little bitty lever that depresses at a feather’s touch, or one that has two internal safeties and two external safeties? And is designed and built to be carried cocked and locked, requiring only a sweep of the thumb and a pull on the trigger? The average street animal’s love Glocks too – you don’t have to know anything, just point and shoot,

    For most cops, a gun is just a weight they have to drag around. Their other interests don’t include guns. They shoot enough to qualify, and that is all. Why waste money and time doing something that most likely you’ll never do on the job? The probability is very high they’ll never even un-holster the gun , let alone fire it. The blue uniform, the badged hat, badge on the shirt, and gun are enough to calm most people down. Mostly it’s Sociology 101, a little Psych 101, talk ’em down, except with the confirmed criminal and the street animals. They may require a little whack with a baton, but I’ve never, in the 50 years since I turned 18, ever heard of anybody that wants to get shot. I know some men who took some rounds in Viet Nam. They didn’t like it, or want any more of it.

    Rourke Try some Arnicare (white tube) and see if it does any good. I had had pain in my left leg for several days about a month ago, and a friend suggested it. Whatta ya got to loose except a few bucks and some pain? I rubbed it on from mid-thigh to mid-calf on the leg, and on the third day the pain was gone. At 68 I’ve used lots of different OTC treatments, but if this doesn’t help, e-mail me your sales receipt and I’ll pay you for trying it. By the way, the only time I gamble is when I play chess, or I know I’ve absolutely got a sure thing. I ripped both my right and lefttotater’s a good 40+ years ago, and they hurt for a while. It’s just been very recently the right one started acting up. Better see if thay stuff will help this, hmmm?? By the way, when you realize the Chinese have been practicing medicine for 5,000 years, you’da thought they learnt sumptin,’ wouldntya?

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